The Final Mass of St. Padre Pio

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    The Final Mass of St. Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio) celebrated in the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie on September 22, 1968, the day before his death.
    Padre Pios anniversary 23rd September

    Ask Padre Pio
    November 14, 1988
    (Today I looked at Padre Pio's picture, a great Saint according to Jesus' words. Below his picture, in an enveloped cellophaned space, lies a piece of his clothes, dark-brown, for he was a Capuchin. By looking at him I know that I had received this picture with a small piece of his clothes because he wanted it. So I prayed to him, as he is a great Saint and asked him to improve me in what I have worst in me. Then, on second thoughts, since I'm probably loaded with evil things, I asked him to pick up at least two things from me. I suggested that he helps me efface entirely all my vanity and to strengthen my faith in the Lord.)


    I am;

    I have inspired you to ask Padre Pio to intercede for you; come, today you will write My Message without hearing Me; I will lead your hand alone:

    (Now Jesus dulled my hearing.)

    "repent often, bring to Me all your faults that I may forgive them; come to Me as you are and I will perfect you; Glorify Me, by loving Me, praise Me all the time; I am the Lord;"

    (This was written as the Lord wished.)

    My beloved, whom I sanctified, take My Hand and proceed with Me; I will instruct you with Wisdom;

    (Suddenly, I felt the Lord's presence vividly.)

    Vassula, do you know how I delight in you when you believe fully? 1

    (Jesus was so very happy! I too...)

    discern Me, it pleases Me so much;
    come; we, us?

    Yes; we, us.

    1 In the actual Presence of Our Lord.

    .....Amazing how Vassulas own words are prayers when you read tlig !
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    Happy Feast day for St Pio - thanks for posting his last Mass. The people in the congregation were so fervent then, and I haven't seen such devotion (as a whole) in any church I've attended.
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    No worries karnala.. Yes the reverence is noticeable, a lot of fallen a way folks attended his mass and were blown away by the intensity and sincerity of
    the mass as said by Padre pio. I love the fact that he has a mention in tlig no doubt he will help us all along the way..
    I see a lack of reverence in church talking, less respect for the Blessed sacrament moved to one side and a chair, that looks a lot like a throne
    taking the place of the Blessed Sacrament...reading anything about Padre Pio is a great antidote to all that.

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