The Assumption

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    God Bless the Great Mother of God who helps us more than we know, makes excuses for us,intercedes,
    and God Grant none of us are so foolish as to overlook her.
    Hell is where i would be were it not for her help.

    Run To Your Blessed Mother
    April 3, 1996
    My Vassula, My little pupil of these end of times, I will dictate to you now a heavenly discourse on My Mother's Heart ....

    as I have said to you previously; My Mother's Heart and Mine are so united that They become One; the Virgin of virgins, the Holiest, forever now in Heaven, My Mother, continues to be proclaimed in Heaven as: My Mother; 1

    when I, God, descended to be conceived by the Holy Spirit and be born by the Virgin Mary, I came into My heaven! I descended from one heaven into the other, I left one throne to sit on the other; like the lamp shining on the sacred lamp-stand, I found Her Heart, shining from within and without;

    I have been welcomed in this Paradise to be glorified; what had been lost2 and profaned by Eve was to be gained3 and sanctified by the Virgin Mary through Her perfect obedience and humility; and through this Woman, My Reign on earth will once more come; My Reign on earth will be founded in each heart; once more there will be poured on you My Spirit, so lavishly, that this aridity of now will be transformed into a fertile land;
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