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    Episcopalis Communio gives the Synod Of Bishops teaching authority:

    Wake up and smell the newest apostolic constitution from the Holy Father: Episcopalis Communio. Released Tuesday morning, it re-writes some of the rules for the Synod of Bishops. The stand-out feature is that it for the first time invests the Synod with formal teaching authority. Instead of simply submitting recommendations to the pope (usually but not always publicly), the Synod will produce a final document, co-signed by the pope, that will of itself constitute "ordinary magisterium".....
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    Although the website article above is a good one, I'm not too happy about the wording at the beginning! Needless to say the anti-Francis brigade are already denouncing the latest document from the Holy Father. But I was particularly interested in the authority aspect of what the document says about Synods. Did the new document give more authority to Synods at the expense of the Pope?

    The answer to this could be given as 'yes' and 'no' but this comment, taken from an item in the Catholic Herald, says it much better:

    If the new document makes anything clear, it is that Francis — whose “synodal” approach to governance has been the subject of much discussion — meant what he said when he told the participants in the III Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops that “synodality” means being with Peter, and that “being with Peter” means being under him.
    Edited. I'm just going to add a comment here. I initially thought the above quote had captured well the new document's position on synodal authority but on reflection, I think the final part that suggests 'being with Peter' means being under him is misleading and inaccurate. I think 'being with Peter' means just what it says. It means not being against Peter.
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