Strange times indeed, just like in Exodus

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    Thank you David for posting that excellent article from Robert Moynihan in the thread about Pope Francis (

    Quote from the article: " In my next email, I will consider several theories which attempt to explain what Francis is doing
    and why. (to be continued)"

    Pope Francis is the pope desired for our times and I look forward to reading the next article that he promises to write.

    It's interesting that Moynihan says that we should "...enter the “desert” of the senses, and to reflect on our predicament." I have been reading through the Old Testament for months now and so often, it really feels like I'm reading the newspaper! It's like watching history replay itself in our times all over again, but this isn't something that I would have seen nor understood had it not been for TLIG.

    Brexit and the election of the US president remind me of Moses' repeated pleas to let Israel go. And pharaoh's response was to call up his so-called "wise men" and magicians to pray against and stop the signs that God was sending. And with every failure of magic, pharaoh's heart grew harder and harder - in this I see the parallel with the recent news of witches and other occultists uniting to pray to curse the US president, his family and supporters while Christians are uniting to pray for their protection. Many signs from Exodus are happening all around us with massive animal die-offs, plagues of locusts in south america, hail, etc while the spiritual battles rages everywhere and Christians fight against the forces seeking to enslave us.

    Reading the book of Joshua last night, I see a parallel between the peoples (or blood lines) that Joshua is asked to eliminate (or dispossess) and the groups of evil that we are hearing about in the news. This seems to harken to what the Lord will do Himself soon, separating the wheat from the chaff and throwing the later into the fire while returning Canaan (earth) to His people after the chastisement. (From TLIG: "- now sentence is being passed on this world; now the prince of this world is soon to be overthrown;... he and his clan are the jackals I have mentioned to you in My previous Messages; - I have grown weary of him and his whole clan, and I take no pleasure in punishing; I wanted to redeem them, adopting them as sons of Mine, but they allowed themselves to be bought by rich merchants who will fall with them; feel My sorrow, feel My grief, feel My pain; they are idolaters of money ...)

    In the OT, Yahweh tells Joshua to " careful to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left..." (Josh 1:6) and we find these exact words in TLIG : "Moses wrote: "those who keep the Law will draw life from it"; and today I tell you: "those who keep My Traditions will draw life from Them;" and when you confess that I, Jesus, am Lord, raised from the dead, then you shall be saved;" (

    Yes, these are strange times indeed. Some would say exciting, but I can't say I feel excited about it, just profoundly grateful to have seen the Light!


    p.s. just deleted that youtube link, which I had no idea was there and don't know how it got there! that was not from me...
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    Certainly strange times! The particular point that Robert Moynihan captured in his article was, for me, in that final sentence - "A very cleverly woven web, indeed, a web woven as if by an enemy of the Church… indeed, as if woven by a sort of “superhuman” intelligence, by a “power” or “principality” not of flesh and blood…."

    Satan's fingerprints can be found all over the controversy surrounding Pope Francis. I had earlier noted some comments in Moynihan's letters that seemed to indicate he was 'buying' into the developing 'narrative' the he speaks about. But this latest letter has re-assured me. But sadly there are indications that the negativity to Francis is spreading. I have noted this happening in the Catholic Herald magazine in recent issues, perhaps connected with a new deputy editor.

    The Times today posts an article suggesting a number of Cardinals wanting the Pope to consider resigning - but whether there is much basis for these reports is anyone's guess. There is a new interview with Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia which can be read at Although the Archbishop is viewed as a supporter of Pope Francis, he here states that he thinks the pope should answer the 'dubia' questions coming from the four Cardinals. To me, those who support this view are simply not properly understanding the Faith!

    The arguments about the new guidance on the reception of Holy Communion being 'unclear' seem to me to be disingenuous. Pope Francis has made clear his preferred interpretation in various ways. I believe the four Cardinals and those who support their standpoint are actually rejecting the Pope's guidance rather than not understanding it. Rather than criticizing the Pope, they would do better to listen more to him so that they could eventually understand the whole teaching of the Holy Father. TLIG readers should have no doubts about the need to follow 'Peter':

    I tell you solemnly that you will soon be tested by fire; pray and fast so as not to be put to the test; stand firm and keep the traditions you were taught; obey My Pope no matter what comes up; remain faithful to him and I will give you the graces and the strength you will need; I urge you to keep faithful to him and keep away from anyone who rebels against him; above all, never listen to anyone who dispels him; never let your love for him grow insincere;

    soon you will be faced with an ordeal as you have never experienced before; My enemies will try to buy you for themselves with insidious speeches, the evil one is at his work already and Destruction is not far away from you; the Pope will have much to suffer; this is why you will all be persecuted for proclaiming the Truth and for being obedient to My Pope; this is also why they will hate you, because their deeds are evil and indeed, everybody who works for evil hates the Light and avoids it, for fear his actions of Destructiveness should be exposed;

    TLIG, March 17, 1993

    I am; pray for the renewal of My Church; pray for those souls who oppose Peter, pray for those who are trying to silence Peter; the days now are numbered and My Soul is submerged in sorrow; My Sacred Heart is imbued with bitterness, My Soul is yearning for them to realise their Error;

    those that oppose Peter are opposing My Church, they are opposing My Law, they are opposing Me, their Lord and God; they are condemning Peter-of-My-lambs, thus condemning My Law; blinded by Vanity himself they do not see clear anymore that by condemning Peter they are not following the Law but instead become judges of My Law! O listen to what the Spirit says to the Church! return; come back, beloved one*; it is I, the Lord, who have selected Peter, Peter who today bears the name, John Paul II; I am telling you, beloved one, My Sacred Heart has chosen him; come back, reconcile for My sake, beloved; I, the Lord, will forgive your sins and will purify you;

    TLIG, June 21, 1988

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    Yes, I also liked this sentence David, and sure appreciate Robert Moynihan for being willing to tackle this spiritual angle in writing. It seems that we are fully into the battle between Principalities and Powers now. While I agree that the fingerprints of the evil one are on the controversies surrounding the Holy Father, I am convinced that all of this is working towards the glory of God.

    Getting back to my bible reading, when I re-read Numbers 16 (the rebellion against Moses), I actually thought about all those in the Church who criticize or oppose Pope Francis. The Lord struck down fourteen thousand seven hundred men that day for their rebellion.

    The Bible doesn't tell us much about what sort of man Moses was, but I'm sure he wasn't perfect. What leader has been perfect? But he was God's chosen one. Even David didn't kill Saul when he had become evil, because while alive he was still God's annointed one. Why can't all Catholics remember that for our present pope?
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