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    These websites have been translated from Italian using google chrome:

    A statue of the Virgin intact after the earthquake in Italy!

    Amid the ruins, a sign of hope.

    AUGUST 30, 2016

    These images seen in the media showing the damage caused by the earthquake that hit central Italy on Wednesday are terrible.Villages like amateur (Amatrice) were almost wiped out, while many rescue workers and volunteers were trying to root out people remained trapped under the rubble.The tragedy has even led Pope Francis to suspend the traditional catechesis of Wednesday to pray the rosary with the pilgrims to St. Peter's Square.

    However, in the midst of desolation, a sign of hope, simple, appeared a statue of the Virgin was found intact after the massive earthquake in Pescara del Tronto.The image was immediately shared on the Internet.

    In April, a similar sign aroused emotion (and controversy) in Ecuador, another hard hit by an earthquake country.Again, a statue of Our Lady remained intact in the rubble....
    Madonna stronger than the earthquake in Ecuador
    An image of the Virgin Mary remained intact, has become a symbol of consolation.

    APRIL 29, 2016

    This photo that went around the world arouses amazement.This is a simple window containing an image of Our Lady of Light, remained intact after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Ecuador on April 16.
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    YES!...This happens so often in disasters, and is no coincidence.....What a sign of Hope she always is...

    On the cell #5 (Padre Pio's cell) "Mary is the whole reason of my hope." (St. Bernard.)

    Padre Pio had an astonishingly unconditional, total, perennial, unwavering love for the Virgin Mary. Padre Pios great love of our Lady see below.. Pio with the Virgin Mary. The Rosary..html

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