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    I've taken on a new spiritual director who is a Benedictine monk priest. Long story short he explained that I must take anything to do with medjugorje and TLIG and either burn it or bury it. I understand obedience to your spiritual director is important but has anyone here any advice or encountered that before as in having a spiritual director who told you to do these things?
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    The advice, without question, is to change your spiritual director! On such fundamental matters, a priest with such beliefs is not going to help you.

    I found a little paragraph about ending a commitment with a spiritual director:

    Not all seekers and directors are a good fit for each other. Experienced, qualified directors are very aware of this. It is always best for both parties to be honest when one or the other senses the relationship is not life-giving or has come to a natural end because of human limitation or life changes. The seeker/guide relationship is grounded in mutual respect and so the “ending conversation” usually turns out to be a graced time that is not as difficult as one might anticipate. There is something to be grateful for in every relationship whether it has lasted a short or a long time. An individual may need different directors for different stretches of the journey. Professional spiritual directors are attuned to that reality and so ending the relationship is not taken as a personal critique.

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    This is so unfortunate and I'm sorry that you're in this situation.

    I don't understand how the clergy can allow themselves to say these things. Is one monk's opinion better than that of Bishop Toppo and Archbishop Argüelles who respectively gave the body of TLIG Messages a Nihil Obstat and an Imprimatur? And what about the many other respected Church representatives who have witnessed to its divine origin?

    I was under the impression that since Pope Paul VI abolished the old canons in the Church (forget which ones at the moment) that forbade the faithful from reading texts about apparitions, locutions, etc, we faithful can now can read about these things without Church permission as long as the books contain nothing contrary to faith & morals. And since TLIG has an imprimatur & Nihil Obstat, and since there is a long list of respected members who support both TLIG and Medjugorje, I don't see how anyone in a Church position can order material about them destroyed anymore.

    Having said this, obedience to a spiritual director matters and I wouldn't know how to close this. If the relationship was very new, were you perhaps in a period of "trial" as it were, where this monk was not yet confirmed in the position? Can you ask another priest how to close this?

    I avoided the topic of TLIG for months with my spiritual director, fearing a hostile reaction, which thank God didn't happen when the subject came up.

    I'll pray that you find the solution to this!
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    p.s. By the way David, I googled Nihil Obstat for TLIG because I was too lazy to go get my book, and the first two search results are on the anti-TLIG site, pseudomystica!!
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    Stephen all I can say is I have presented Tlig to family, a friend I mentioned it to a couple of priests
    I got negative responses from all. My friend took the trouble to read it but dismissed it. The others dismissed it without reading it....
    Once a I mentioned it to priest in confession and the good it was doing me and he said "...that is great!"

    I have been reading TLIG since the 90s! Now I must be spiritually obtuse it took me a long time to read it the right way to learn the essence of the message.
    when I first read it though, it just rang true.

    I had doubts now and then but there were too many coincidences of opening it a random ( not the right way to read it BTW!)
    and having a awesome reply to a question in my mind or something I was doing...
    Tlig has improved my conscience, improved my prayer life. Made me aware of the gift of personal relationship with God involving him and the Blessed Mother in everything..

    Obedience to God comes before obedience to man...Ask Padre Pio for a good spiritual director He is an expert and we have it on good authority
    He is watching from heaven and egging us in the Tlig posse on!!!
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    The thing is I have a spiritual problem now for 8 years. It's been a while since I've decided to do anything about it and have ignored this thing but recently I've become hostile to it now and I've decided to get rid of whatever it is. So I rang the local diocese of Armagh to find an exorcist or at least for through the whole process of that but she told me I'd have to get a priest in my parish to represent me or find someone willing. I'm lazy too and don't like telling every priest as most in the beginning dismissed me anyway so I'm careful about who I sit with to tell it to. I want to get to the bottom of it so one Irish priest on Facebook said "don't tell me your story go to Fr.Mark osb. They are a fully Latin Benedictine monastery. I arrived yesterday straight after he told me to go as I was desperate to get this sorted and have someone represent me. So I got in car and drove the 40 min journey. When I told him what it is I have wrong with me he assured me right away that "what you have definitely not from God"
    And we need to do a general house cleaning. I told him I don't think what I have is from God you see so he assured me it wasn't but then told me to get rid of all things medjugorje and TLIG And anything else like garabandal and to bury it or burn it. He also asked if I'd been to a psychologist and I said well my doctor in the beginning I went to him, in fact when my change of life first occurred my brother thought I was mad in the head and one day I got angry with him and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck screaming "THIS IS REAL" and so he called the police on me and the local doctor citing I was dangerous etc etc. I was taken to the police station only to meet the doctor who'd been my doctor all my life since I was a kid and I told him everything that happened and after two visits afterwards concluded that I was sane and told my brother to drop it and accept Stephens Catholic now and has had an encounter he claims to allegedly have.

    So this priest listened as I explained in the beginning I was naive goine around telling everyone it was God and I was totally convinced until I met someone who told me it wasn't real and since that day I gradually descended into horrible sin and now I'm convinced my current way of life just doesn't reflect the one if someone who'd have this thing from God. He agreed and said well no it isn't and you should do a general house cleaning and burn or bury all these things and come back to me tomorrow for a full confession and renounce all the witchcraft and clairvoyant I saw previous to coming home from Scotland. He said whatever it is we need to get to get to the root of the problem. So I naturally assumed he'd taken me on or something to guide me because he said "the problem is God was calling you back in the beginning and the devil got involved and as you'd nobody to guide you, these people who recommended philokalia and john if he Cross shouldn't as by trying to make sense of it yourself you dug an even deeper hole for yourself and ended up where you are today even worse off. So I recommend one decade of the rosary a day and absolutely no spiritual reading of any kind and come see me often. "

    So I came home and I was so disheartened. My wife gave out to me telling me to bag everything now and so I'm like right and I bag everything. On the last TLIG book I had a sneak peak and opened it and asked God to speak to me and help me. I know That's not how you should read them but I randomly landed on something ( not completely quoting here as it's from memory and can't remember ) "do not get discouraged we will be together again soon". And "THIS CANNOT BE" . But I close it and throw them all in a bag to be buried. But I can't bury them in my back yard because neighbours would think I'm a head case so I give to him to my dad who has just said he's coming back over with them and I told him just come back with them I need to get a different director.

    This morning you see I saw davids message just as my wife awoke me to go see this priest. She's obviously taken in by it and she forced me to go so I went and got angry at kids who were roaming around being a nuisance so I decided to just leave and take us all home. I'm in an awful mood. It's been 8 years and no matter what I can't get any help with my predicament.

    My 3 year old Joseph said to me crying "look at your picture dad" ( pointing to me holding Christian smiling ) "why can't you be happy, that was back when you were happy" and he began to cry. He sensed my unhappiness. Today I'm in the worst mood I've ever been. It's been a horrible few years for me but I will get to the bottom of it however I agree with David. I just thought I'd ask because of obedience and all that and wanted to know how to navigate this without offending.
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    Wow you've been through a tough time. I can offer you some leads, having researched this area years ago. It's not easy to find the right people, but your perseverance is God given - our Lord and Lady are with you, never doubt it!

    The first contact that comes to mind is a Catholic man that I know who lives in Ireland who has a charism for the discernment of spirits. Through prayer, he can tell you if the origin of a problem is from a curse, or other evil source or if it's psychological. This man still counsels people, but he has had some serious health problems in the past few years and his wife now limits the number of calls he gets. So I'd rather not post his details publicly, but I can send you a PM.

    In Ireland, people usually recommend Fr Pat Collins, who is a good exorcist. Is he near you? I have his e-mail address and he usually replies to queries, so I can send you that too.

    There are some wonderful Catholic resources, and also Protestant ones too. I remember discovering Derek Prince years ago, a Protestant with a charism for deliverance. I believe that his online deliverance sessions are still helping people today.

    I've got to run now but will check in later. Let me know if you want more information and I'll gladly send you a PM later tonight.
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    I'm not sure I'd call it perseverence, I gave up for many many years and just ignored it whenever it came about. I'm well used to it so I just carry on when I go to work but recently having examined how greatly I've fallen since ignoring it I've decided its got to be maclicious and so I'm intent on knowing what it is a getting rid of it. Its something thats on my head. remains there and is only ever triggered in front of the Blessed Sacrament, During prayer and spiritual conversation. the closer I move to the Blessed Sacrament the stronger it becomes. The only way I can describe it is that if you stick your head into a prickly bush and some cobwebs thats how it feels.

    I'd like you to PM me yes and I'll try himself Fr.Pat and this other man. I've never heard of Father Pat. I'm in Dundalk, Co.Louth so I'm an hour from Dublin and Belfast each way and an hour from Navan and Cavan. If he's further a field than this thats fine I can allocate some time off work and go see him.

    you can email me if you like at stephenmcelligott@hotmail.com and if there's anyone else out there with any other reccomendations sure let me know.
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    You are in my prayers you will get a solution to this Stephen.
    I am no expert - but I dont think you need an exorcism. Its sounds more like persecution. The devil kicks up a fuss around the best.
    You maybe a threat to some one, or dark force somewhere, because of some big graces coming your way. Hexes or curses are real, but by the holy name of JESUS you can overcome these

    I have had some disturbing manifestations at times, and I do know you can be free of this thing. Do get a good Holy priest -perhaps Marian Movement member would help?

    In the meantime I will ask the good Padre Pio to pray for you.

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    No Radhe, I disagree here, I'm a threat to no demon as my way of life doesn't relflect that of someone who'd be receiving anything from God and by receiving I don't mean messages but just gifts or manifestations in general.

    Whatever it is its a continual manifestation and although its been with me 8 years since the night it happened it hasn't gone away. It doesn't harm me or hurt me but its the not knowing now that's driving me mad. my way of life was good in the beginning when it first happened for the first two years but not today. Ever since ignoring it I've fallen greatly. My guess is it replicated God in the beginning or something and led me up the primose valley only to drop me down again and I ended up worse than before. I dunno and my own insights are useless. Just wanna get it sorted so I can go back to being stephen again.

    I suppose that if I've learned anything from it, that the spiritual world is definitely real thats without a doubt.

    Say a prayer for me.

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    Prayers for you Stephen...of course! God is VERY gracious and merciful...
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    When I first converted to the Catholic faith (nearly 20 years), I remember reading: you must be doing something right for the devil to be hanging around. It seemed that everything I tried to do was a constant struggle spiritually - this was besides being a single mum with four children. Its like St Augustine says, that we're in a state of unrest until we rest in God - this is what it was like when I was going through the RCIA program. My RCIA sponsor encouraged be to attend Mass even though I couldn't partake, at first I was restless and didn't think I'd be able to stay for the whole hour of Mass. But because I've always believed in Jesus (ever since attending Anglican Sunday school), I was determined to learn more about Jesus being present in the Blessed sacrament.

    The devil will do anything to take our souls away from God or anything spiritual to do with His church, including apparitions like Medjugorje etc and TLIG. If anyone was to tell me to burn all my books, I'd think they were being influenced by the devil, and would pray for them. It was after reading a book of Medjugorje that started my conversion, rather than just talking to my Catholic friend about her faith. You don't necessarily have to be possessed for the devil to be able to influence you - and Medjugorje has the five stones to combat Satan, just like David defeated Goliath with a stone from a sling shot. The best weapon is also monthly confession, and St Pio also recommends going more often to confess for this general house cleaning of our soul. Vassula had a lot of hostility from the devil too, and here's something I read online:


    When the Lord said metaphorically that He drags the souls in the desert where he shows their sins to them and fills them with remorse to hate themselves, this experience on its own brings them to realize that God is above all things. From there on nothing more will count in their eyes as before; the things they thought and esteemed important suddenly become like ashes to them. They no longer desire them as before, in fact, they become unbearable to them, for so powerful is this sort of revelation of one's true self.

    After they come to realise that God is 'all' love, 'all' compassion and 'all' understanding, and that He is our Father, and after God had brought them to a true repentance, the Devil who is a totally opposite force will show his fury to that soul that escaped him with rage and threats of destruction. He will wage war against them to gain them back by all sorts of methods up his sleeve. This is why it is advisable to be close to the Holy Sacraments of the Church and to turn our lives into an unceasing prayer. From the moment they were shown their sins and they repented they should try hard to resist temptation, in other words, to resist the Devil.

    Because I was practicing Lent during the RCIA, it gave me a lot of time for reflection and repentance before my first Reconciliation, and the Orthodox Church also refers to Metanoia:


    There is no end to one's spiritual struggle in this life. This is the nature of the earthly spiritual path. The more we examine our lives, the more clearly we see into the depth of our soul and the closer we come to God.

    Hieromonk Damascene teaches:

    "As long as we remain in the condition of metanoia, ever deeper levels of our corruption will be revealed to us, and we will be continually purified and re-created by the wordless Word in our hearts."


    A lesson well taught by our spiritual mothers and fathers is that the key to spiritual growth is a constant yearning to be more like Christ. To do this we must continually seek forgiveness and absolution for our transgressions. This is called metanoia: a fundamental shift of mind, changing our life to be like Christ's, calling on God to forgive us, and then likewise unconditionally granting grace to others.

    According to the teaching of St. Nicephorus:

    "Watchfulness is the sign of true repentance (metanoia).... It is the unreserved assurance that our sins are forgiven."

    Continuous metanoia is a lifelong process and is the path to theosis. To practice continual metanoia, one must embrace watchfulness: a state of inner vigilance, attention, and sobriety.
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    That is a very helpful post karnala..Iam sure many people would find that encouraging.
    It is something I am aware of and learning -not to be discouraged by our many faults.

    Below are Padre Pio's words about life, virtues, and himself.


    "Wait, your turn will come."
    "Love doesn't tolerate delay."
    "Life is a continual struggle against oneself."
    "Life is a struggle, which we cannot avoid. We must triumph."
    "Ahead! Courage! In the spiritual life he who does not advance goes backward."
    "Keep going forward. If you stop, the wind will blow you back."
    "Planting is less important than sowing, to have a good harvest."
    "Every year should be more fruitful than the previous one."
    "The years pass by, and eternity becomes closer."
    "In the spiritual life, the faster we run, the less tired we feel."
    "The road to perfection is as long as a lifetime."
    "It is necessary to be strong, in order to become great: that is our duty."
    "Drowning on high seas or chocking on a glass of water have death as the same outcome."
    "Guard jealously the purity of your heart and your body."
    "Make hay while the sun shines."
    "Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today."
    "Detach yourself from the world."
    "Repair the past and prepare for the future making good decisions."
    "Don't philosophize on your defects."
    "Fear is an evil worse than evil itself."
    "Let us be honest always."
    "Being attached to the things of the world brings sadness."
    "Even when reprimanding one must be courteous and gentle."
    "Gentleness doesn't mean permissiveness."
    "Vainglory is the woodworm of holiness."
    "Do not be restless, upset, and anxious in times of darkness."
    "It is easy and difficult to become a saint."
    "Let your whole exterior be a vivid image of the composure of your soul."
    "One day we will have to give strict account on how we spend our time."
    "Let us be moved by the presence of God, who is also our judge."
    "It is easier to cure a tumor than to change the heart of a person".

    Giving a religious medal: "This is the weapon which will preserve you from your enemies".

    "Blasphemy calls down malediction on your home; and, it destroys even the ashes in the fireplace."
    "The more ridiculous the order, the more willingly I obey it."
    "Ask for nothing and refuse nothing. One must always obey."
    "Duty before anything else. Even before what is holy."
    "Sadness is of no use to anyone."
    "The mom teaches the child walking by supporting him. But later he has to walk by himself."
    "Unable to take big steps be content with little steps, until you have the legs to run; or wings to fly."

    "You have respect for me because you don't know me. I am the greatest sinner on this heart."
    "Abjection is called humility, and humility abjection."
    God speaks to those who truly have a humble heart."
    "Never be pleased with yourself."
    "The tall ears of grain are vain and empty, the ones bent to the ground are humble and laden with grain."
    'When you fall, humble yourself but without degrading yourself."
    "Abjection means to be humble and powerless."
    "Be humble, tranquil, sweet, and confident in times of darkness."
    "Humility is truth. Everything good in me is of God."
    "False humility brings discouragement."
    "When Jesus sees you prostrated in humility, he will extend his hand and draw you to him."
    "Humility is the recognition of one's abjection."
    "To meet God, we must ascend and he must descend."
    "Happiness can be found only in Heaven."
    "Everything comes from God. I possess only infinite misery."
    "Self esteem is more malicious that pride."
    "Mary, the more she was filled with heavenly gifts, the more she humbled."
    "If I was reborn, I would become a Capuchin again, but not a priest."
    "I am unworthy to represent Jesus on earth, to be Christ on the altar."

    "Charity is the queen of virtues."
    "As the pearls are held together by the thread, thus the virtues by charity"
    "The pearls fall when the thread breaks, thus the virtues are lost if charity diminishes."
    "The pivot of perfection is charity; He who lives in charity lives in God, because God is charity, as the Apostle says."
    "Excuse everyone with Christian charity."
    "Seek solitude but do not lack charity with your neighbor."

    Humility and Charity

    "Humility and charity go hand in hand. The one glorifies, the other sanctifies."
    "There are two fundamental virtues of holiness: humility and charity."
    "We must always have kindness with the neighbor and humility with God."
    "Charity knows how to mix sweet with bitter, and convert transitory suffering in eternal reward."
    "Charity is the yardstick by which the Lord will judge us.""Charity is the cornerstone of perfection."
    "Charity is the daughter of Providence."


    "Tranquility is the daughter of the love for God."
    "God is our peace, our consolation, and our glory."

    "If you win a temptation, it has the same effect as in washing dirty laundry."
    "The more a soul is liked by God, the more will be proved."
    "Temptations belong to devil and hell, sufferings belong to God and Paradise."
    "The temptations come from the devil, the sufferings come from God."
    "Despise the temptation and embrace the tribulation."
    "Do not dwell on your temptations."
    "The thought doesn't make the sin, but consenting to the thoughts does it."
    "Only the free will is capable of good or evil."
    "Temptations against faith and purity are the merchandise offered by the enemy."
    "Don't voluntarily dwell on what the devil presents to you."
    "When tempted, say to God: "Have mercy on your poor weakling."
    "When the assault of the enemy increases, you are closer to God."
    "When the enemy roars around you, it shows that he is not in you."
    "The more a soul is pleasing to God, the more it must be tried."
    "Temptation is like the soap. It seems to soil but in reality cleans."
    "There is joy in the spiritual battles. Learn how to fight and you will be certain of victory."
    "If God lets you fall is to make you humble and more careful in the future."
    "The devil enters a soul only through one door: the will."
    "We must prepare for temptation if we want to approach God."


    "Pray, hope, don't get agitated. Agitation doesn't help at all. God is merciful and will listen to your prayer."
    "The more you get agitated, the sooner the Providence will withdraw it's arms from you."
    "Anxiety makes us run only to make us trip."
    "Agitation never comes from God."


    "To doubt is the greatest insult to the Divinity."


    "Suffering is expiation."
    "Suffering is necessary for our souls."
    "In suffering we give something to God, witch we cannot do in Paradise."
    "He who begins to love must be ready to suffer."
    "Suffering is a most powerful lever to raise man up again."
    "Glory will be ours on condition that we endure suffering."
    "The Angels are jealous of us because they can't suffer."
    "Bearing physical and spiritual ailments is the worthiest gift we can offer to Jesus."
    "Suffering is a sure sign that God loves us."
    "Accepting the sufferings we will perfect and sanctify us."

    Padre Pio's own words about himself.

    "I'm a misery to myself."
    "My true mission will begin after my death."
    "When I am in heaven I will be able to do more".
    "I pray constantly"
    "I'm only a poor friar who prays"
    "I belong entirely to everyone."
    "Everyone can say: Padre Pio is mine."
    "I offer myself as a victim for everyone."
    "The Mass is the complete union between Jesus and me."
    "I will never tire of praying to Jesus."
    "I want to Save souls by continuous prayer."
    "I am all aflame although there is no fire."
    "A thousands flames consume me."
    "I feel I am constantly dying, yet I'm still alive."
    "The thought of revenge has never crossed my mind."
    "The devil is trying to snatch me from the arms of Jesus".
    "The devil wants me for himself at all costs".
    "My sufferings are pleasing."
    "I suffer only when I don't suffer."
    "I want to suffer, but in secret."
    "I desire nothing else than to love and suffer"
    "Jesus, let me suffer, and let me die from suffering."
    "I suffer because I cannot win all my brothers to God."
    "I suffer everything that Jesus suffered in the Passion."
    "I suffer as much as anyone who has the whole of humanity on his back."
    "My suffering gives glory to God, saves my brothers in exile, frees the souls from Purgatory."
    "Like St. Christopher carried the child Jesus on his shoulders across a river, on my shoulders is the whole world."
    "My past, O Lord, to your mercy; my present, to your love; my future, to your providence!"
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    Well, I decided to follow through the advice from whatever lady at the Archdiocese of Armagh told me to do which was to talk to my immediate local parish priest. I was going to do this in the beginning but allowed myself to get derailed and ended up getting recommended this nice Benedictine Monk but who was obviously a little Rigid and the restorationist type. I also emailed that exorcist Andree and he promptly replied but said he has too many requests to deal with my issue but here's an article he wrote about it.

    I had a discussion with local parish priest Father X over the phone and we arranged to meet on Saturday yesterday. I again explained that if he feels strongly about it he has to go in and represent my case and find me an exorcism.

    So I took him from beginning to end and described to him what was on my head. I told him it feels as if you stick your head in a prickly bush and every now and then out of the blue I feel an excruciating pain when something like a thorn pierces my skull and it reverberates around my face the pain but I don't see any of it. He asked me what I thought it was and I said well in the beginning I thought it might be crown of thorns or something but realised its madness to assume that God would even give me this. I became depressed not knowing what it is and now I've become hostile to it and have gone back to my old self in a way whilst maintaining Confession and Mass but I sin quite a bit and I thought if I ignored it and returned somewhat to my old ways it would go away but it wont. In the beginning I thought it was physical so I went and got my head shaved like one of those mad nazi boys but when I came home it was still there and came back.

    I told him about how I went to Medjugorje and my mam was worried about me and she asked Vickas cousin Zilka to ask Vicka for advice and so Vicka asked ''Does he pray the rosary? does he go to Mass? Is he going to confession? '' and the answer to these was yes and so Vicka said ''well then....whats the problem?''

    I also told him of a redemptoristine nun who, when visiting on a live in vocation ( when I thought I had to be a priest lol ) was staring and smiling at me through prayers and afterwards in the kitchen grabbed Fr.X and me, pulling us together said ''I sense something Divine about this one''. Fr.X tried to explain and uttered ''Sister X has the gift of seeing '' but was interrupted by a flow of nuns who broke up the conversation.

    Anyway, long story short at the end the priest said, stephen you explained from beginning to end your rise and your fall and very honest about your sins but I can't represent your case because what you have is without a doubt from God. I pressed him more and I said no father it's important to get someone to pray over me and get this to go away, if you at least go in and just explain they'll find someone with loads of experience who can tell.

    He said Stephen, I can only go in if I feel strongly that you're 100% possessed by the devil, and they will only exorcise you if they feel the same. Stephen whoever told you thats not from God had no right to say these things and they should have sought you help and guidance. What you have is invisible Stigmata with the crown of thorns. you're a victim soul. Look it up, you're not the first to get it.

    I'm just upset. If I go to one priest he says it isn't from God, I go to another and he says it is from God. I tried explaining the devil can imitate things and lead us up the primose valley. I also said whats the use of it? it has no use, how does it benefit me or anyone? I was fine just praying and going to mass, why would God do it? He asked me to simply read more about St.Padre Pio and leave it at that and asked I come to him whenever I want for confession.

    He also said you're right not to telling anyone anymore as its spiritually too much for them ( in the beginning I was naive and going around telling everyone ).

    I dunno. I've yet to write a letter to that man you recommended Andree but as far as the Exorcist you recommended, didn't get anywhere with himself at all.

    God bless
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    Stephen, don't give up. I'll pray for you tonight, that you find answers from the right people. But that man whose name I gave you, that is exactly the type of thing he can help discern (what's from God and what isn't) and don't hesitate to tell him you've been getting contradicting opinions for a long time.

    Just recently, I was given the name of another person, an English man, with a charism for reading into hearts, who left England to live near Lourdes. He apparently also helps by phone, but is in high demand. I'll send you his e-mail so you can try reaching him.

    I was also reminded of a pilgrimage that is offered in Italy for people who need healing or deliverance. There are exorcist priests who participate and there are sessions for pilgrims. Patrizia Catteneo organizes these pilgrimages. See here for more information: http://www.patriziacattaneo.com/lang3/

    There should be way more people with these sorts of charisms in the Church, but sadly as TLIG says, many follow the rule but reject the Spirit. It's the tragedy of our times, that there are so many who need help, and too few out there helping.

    I'll add that I think there is someone who doesn't want me to post this information because it has taken me a looong time to post this short message, with many interruptions, plus my PC has hung twice when I tried to look up the right pages, and the screen went black which has never happened before!

    God Bless.
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    Yes andree I think someone with a little more experience in telling the difference is what's needed or people with the gifts you mention. I'm always testing the spirits myself and so at the end of our conversation I had confession and when it came to the act of contrition I pray the one I always pray ''Oh my God I'm heartily sorry for all my sins, because of them I deserve the eternal pains of hell'' but I had a mental block and couldn't finish it. he asked where I learned it? and I said the pieta prayer book. He continued ''I'm just curious as to why you'd use that one as its quite negative''. That to me was a red flag and led me to believe this priest is a good man and loved by God but perhaps a little naive so as to believe me so quickly without any testing of the spirits.

    I dunno, I've since emailed that person you just recommended now via email. will be interested to see if he responds.

    As for your computer crashing. I suppose the Devil is enjoying my confusion and doesn't want it to come to an end. Anyone who can help me determine if its God given or not doesn't matter to the devil, he just wants to keep me where I am and so I'm not surprised that happened you.

    Anyway, thanks for the help and I hope you have a lovely week.

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