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    I saw an article on Spirit Daily yesterday about the mystical phenomena of an erupting rose that occured sixteen times in Maria Esperanza. This article made made me want to re-read the chapter "The Bridal Wreath - Flowers as Virtues in Church Tradition" in Sr Anne Woods' wonderful book about TLIG, Invitation to Be One With Christ.

    If it weren't for TLIG, I wouldn't have known what to make of the above phenomena.

    But True Life in God has many references to flowers and of their fragrance perfuming the world, the cosmos, etc. Sr Anne says (as do other saints) that these are references to the Garden of Eden and the "flowers on the soil" are the virtues that God plants in us.

    Maria Esperanza, seemed like an exceptional saint, like a feminine Padre Pio given the extent of mystical events in her life. But one thing that struck me about her, is how much LOVE came from Maria and how much her family and friends loved her. In the biography that I read, her children said that they could barely keep away from her for very long because they yearned to be in her presence, since she seemed to let Christ's love come through her pores. Could the erupting rose be the physical manifestation of this virtue which was so present in her?

    There is a passage in TLIG here about a rose springing forth in Vassula.

    have My peace and be patient, come and say:

    "Father, all Merciful,
    I am slow of understanding
    your Divine Will;"

    say it; 2

    this is what I want from you: be calm, my bride, and do not overload yourself with work; a rose has sprung in you, fresh and blooming, and while you are seated in silent meditation, contemplating Us, uniting yourself to Us, the scent of your rose fragrances Us, sending Us a most delicate scent, while We watch over you, sending Our rays in you, keeping it fresh and blooming; were you to stop contemplating Us, the loveliness of your rose will fade away....

    This passage reminds me of Christ telling Martha that her sister had the better part (ie to focus on Christ and not let work get in the way of that).

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    And I'll add this passage too, which I found in searching for others that talk of roses. It specifically mentions Pope John Paul II (the footnote 1 for My Flower), but now seems to refer to Pope Francis:

    on My Return I will find My House in ruin and My Fundamental elements missing; My lambs I will find dispersed and starved to death; ah, Vassula, how much will I have to repair ... thorns and briars are replacing the lilies and roses I had planted by My Own Hand; they have choked My flowers one after the other; they have grown with Satan's help to encircle and trap My Flower; 1 they are getting closer daily and are so near now to molest him and feel their poisonous sting; those thorns will suffocate him; 2 Peter is trapped and stands helpless in their midst;

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