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    come, write:

    My Peace I give you;
    I am the Resurrection,

    and resurrection shall soon take place in My daughter Russia; do not be judge of her sons and daughters so that I will not be compelled to judge you; were anyone perfect among you, you would still count for nothing in My Perfection; soon the Glory will be given to Me in its fullness and Russia will govern the rest of My children in holiness;

    Every time I hear Jesus say I am the Resurrection, especially when talking about Russia - it reminds me of how much the Orthodox celebrate Easter and the Resurrection - and the Miracle of the Holy Fire.

    Interview with His Beatitude Patriarch Diodorus I on the Miracle of the Holy Fire....

    "Your Beatitude, what actually occurs when you enter the tomb on Holy Saturday during the ceremony of the Holy Fire?"

    "After all the lights are extinguished, I bow down and enter the first chamber of the tomb. From here I find my way through the darkness to the inner room of the tomb where Christ was buried. Here, I kneel in holy fear in front of the place where our Lord lay after his death and where he rose again from the dead.

    Praying in the Holy Sepulchre in itself for me is always a very holy moment in a very holy place. It is from here that he rose again in glory and spread his light to the world. John the Evangelist writes in the first chapter of his gospel that Jesus is the light of the World.

    Kneeling in front of the place where he rose from the dead, we are brought within the immediate closeness of his glorious resurrection. Catholics and Protestants call this church "The Church of the Holy Sepulchre." We call it "The Church of the Resurrection". The resurrection of Christ for us Orthodox is the centre of our faith, as Christ has gained the final victory over death, not just his own death but the death of all those who will stay close to him.

    "I believe it to be no coincidence that the Holy Fire comes in exactly this spot. In Matthew 28:3, the Gospel says that when Christ rose from the dead, an angel came, dressed all in a fearful light. I believe that the intense light that enveloped the angel at the Lord's resurrection is the same light that appears miraculously every Easter Saturday...
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    And the mentioning of the Holy Fire Miracle reminds me of two things. Firstly, it is such an amazing thing that this yearly miracle has taken place for so long and yet, Catholics, generally, know nothing about it which illustrates the insularity of Catholicism. The bishops would talk about it if a Catholic bishop received the flame in the Holy Sepulchre church!

    Secondly, the separation of the Churches is particularly evedent this year as we are just entered Holy Week yet the Orthodox will not do so until May!
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    Just - Imagine when the dates of Easter are UNITED Catholics Protestants and Orthodox
    all there together to celebrate this event...!
    Christians one big happy family...what the Lord wants through the gift of TLIG..

    Perhaps we on this forum could be there some day too God willing...

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