Priest dragged out of Church by Police in Paris during Holy Mass

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    In Paris, France, on August 3, 2016, at the Church of Sainte Rita, parishioners were shocked during the Mass when police arrived. The pews had been removed to barricade the entrance of the church. A group of police in riot gear entered the building. St. Rita was set to be demolished since October 2015. The people arms locked, started to sing. The parishioners were forced away. A priest who was praying the Rosary was thrown to the floor and dragged away. Fr. Guillaume de Tanoüarn, while saying Mass was grabbed from the altar by his vestments.

    This happened less than 24 since the funeral of Fr. Jacques Hamel, The priest martyred at Mass by ISIS operatives in Rouen. St. Rita was built in the year 1900 in October 2015, the building was set to be demolished and the property converted into a parking lot. Please PRAY for Priests...


    St. John Vianney - PRAY FOR PRIESTS !!
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    Yes, striking images but somewhat misleading. The group who organized the Mass in a blockaded church do not appear to own the building and it looks to me that they have been using the Holy Mass as a way of trying to stop the owners of the building from demolishing it.

    Here's a bit I found about the situation:

    Karmel explicated the somewhat confusing situation of which Catholic group had been occupying the church (and thus who had been ejected). The church had previously been operated by the Gallican Catholic Church - a quirky sect that had been in schism with Rome for over a century. Originally thought of as "liberal" (they had rejected Vatican I), they were now thought of as traditionalist (they also rejected Vatican II). To make things even more interesting, the Gallicans (or at least this particular church) became famous for having an annual blessing of animals and allowing pets to attend Mass (which was celebrated in Latin). As a result, "the animal church" had gained a following among both traditionalist Catholics as well as Catholic and non-Catholic animal lovers.

    However, alone among English commentators, Karmel pointed out that the Gallicans had recently yielded the church to another group - the Institute of the Good Shepherd, a traditionalist order that was in full communion with Rome. The priests, altar boys and (presumably) parishioners who were hustled and dragged out by police were not members of a schismatic sect but "normal" Catholics, albeit of the particularly dedicated Latin Mass variety.


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