Pray Group in Queens, NY?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Star of the Sea, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Star of the Sea

    Star of the Sea New Member

    Is there an established prayer group near Rockaway Park- Queens, New York City? If not, would anyone else besides me be interested in forming one?
  2. karnala

    karnala Well-Known Member

    Glad to have a new female member too - there's an International contacts and/or TLIG Associations on the website with email addresses which might help:
  3. Star of the Sea

    Star of the Sea New Member

    Thank you for your reply! On further investigation I found that information on the TGLIG website after I posted the thread. I reached out to a member and a very nice man, Gordon, called me and told me of a group that meets in NYC. Thank you again, karnala...and God bless you.
  4. karnala

    karnala Well-Known Member

    That is good news - I hope you can keep posting here on the forum as well.
  5. Hi Karnala is it ok if I contact you this way ,Ihope I am not breaking any Forum rules.I went to Beenleigh to the prayer meeting .Mary Ludwig is the leader there.Mary wanted to know if you are part af a group at Gladstone.I am ashamed to say I couldn't tell her I never asked you did I? Mary would be happy to hear from you if you need to ask any questions or need any books pamphlets magazines or booklets she could send them to you we have a fund to cover costs.Here is Mary's Email address....all lower is your son going in Brisbane?Has he found work yet? When you come down next to see him maybe we could meet or if it's the third Saturday we could pick you up and take you with us to Beenleigh. My husband drives me but he is not a follower of TLIG but did listen to the latest message and prayed the prayer with me.I continue to pray for work for you God bless Jill Bond
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  6. Radhe

    Radhe Well-Known Member

    Welcome Jill
    Sounds like you have a great deal happening int TLIG down under may God shower you all with blessings pray for us in the northern hemisphere! That Tlig will expand and bear much fruit!!
  7. Thank you Radhe,that is my desire too let us unite in praying for an abundance of fruit in TLIG,Jill
  8. karnala

    karnala Well-Known Member

    Jill, I apologise its taken this long to reply. I'm working voluntary at the Christian Radio Station, and its been very busy because of their annual sales event next week .... and the employment agency want me to complete a Certificate III in Business, which I had to delay until after the sales event. There are no TLIG prayer groups here, and I'm not even allowed to talk about Medjugorje. God in His kindness has brought other Medjugorje believers into my life and I travel to a church about an hour and half from here (where Ivan visited when in Australia) .... a lady I know from Yeppoon also travels to this church. Thanks for the TLIG email and I'll let her know if anyone asks for them.

    My youngest son is applying for a lot of work and having interviews, but hasn't started anywhere yet. At least there's vacancies, as there was no work here. Thanks for saying I can go to the Beenleigh prayer group with you - it won't be until I start working because its a 6-7 hour drive from here. It was a thank you from Star of the Sea who has a very nice man, Gordon, to take her to a group in NYC. God bless you.

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