Pope Francis in Bari

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    Pope Francis in Bari "…may the longing for peace rise higher than any dark cloud” - Welcomes Patriarchs with Full Video


    Pope Francis in Bari: ‘May the Middle East be an ark of peace, not war!’At the end of a closed-door dialogue with leaders of Catholic and Orthodox Christians on Saturday, Pope Francis greets the faithful gathered in the Square outside the Basilica of St Nicholas of Bari, and invites them to pray for peace in the Middle East.

    Pope Francis addressed the faithful gathered in the square outside of the Basilica of St Nicholas, in the Italian city of Bari, on Saturday after meeting with Catholic and Orthodox leaders. He reflected on the Middle Eastern origins of the Christian tradition, and of the commitment undertaken by the religious leaders to walk, pray, and work together “in the hope that the art of encounter will prevail over strategies of conflict”.....

    Jesus comes from the Middle East
    Middle East birthplace of Christianity
    Hope in the power of signs
    Exploitation of the Middle East
    Peace for the sake of children


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