Pope appoints Special Envoy to Medjugorje

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    Although this is already being widely reported, I thought I should include this announcement on this forum.

    Vatican appoints pastoral envoy to Medjugorje
    February 11, 2017 8:21 AM

    Archbishop Henryk Hoser​

    Vatican City, Feb 11, 2017 / 09:21 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis on Saturday appointed Archbishop Henryk Hoser of Warszawa-Praga as a delegate of the Holy See to look into the pastoral situation at Medjugore, the site of alleged Marian apparitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    “The mission has the aim of acquiring a deeper knowledge of the pastoral situation there and above all, of the needs of the faithful who go there in pilgrimage, and on the basis of this, to suggest possible pastoral initiatives for the future,” stated a Feb. 11 communique from the Vatican Secretariat of State.

    “The mission will therefore have an exclusively pastoral character,” it added.

    Greg Burke, the Holy See press officer, strenuously reiterated the pastoral, and not doctrinal, nature of Archbishop Hoser's mission, while speaking at a press conference.

    “The special envoy won’t enter into the substance of the Marian apparitions, which is a doctrinal question in the competency of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,” he said.

    The alleged apparitions originally began June 24, 1981, when six children in Medjugorje, a town in what is now Bosnia and Herzegovina, began to experience phenomena which they have claimed to be apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    According to these six “seers,” the apparitions contained a message of peace for the world, a call to conversion, prayer and fasting, as well as certain secrets surrounding events to be fulfilled in the future.

    These apparitions are said to have continued almost daily since their first occurrence, with three of the original six children – who are now young adults – continuing to receive apparitions every afternoon because not all of the “secrets” intended for them have been revealed.

    Since their beginning, the alleged apparitions have been a source of both controversy and conversion, with many flocking to the city for pilgrimage and prayer, and some claiming to have experienced miracles at the site, while many others claim the visions are non-credible.

    In April 1991, the bishops of the former Yugoslavia determined that “on the basis of the research that has been done, it is not possible to state that there were apparitions or supernatural revelations.”

    On the basis of those findings the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith directed in October 2013 that clerics and the faithful “are not permitted to participate in meetings, conferences or public celebrations during which the credibility of such 'apparitions' would be taken for granted.”

    In January 2014, a Vatican commission completed an investigation into the supposed apparitions' doctrinal and disciplinary aspects, and was to have submitted its findings to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

    When the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith will have analyzed the commission's findings, it will finalize a document on Medjugorge, which will be submitted to the Pope, who will make a final decision.

    Pope Francis visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in June 2015, but declined to stop at Medjugorje during his trip.

    During his return flight to Rome, he indicated that the process of investigation in the apparitions was nearly complete.

    When journalists noted this point at Saturday's press conference, Burke responded that the doctrinal question of the alleged apparitions “are still being studied … this is neither a recognition nor a negative judgement. That is always a doctrinal question separate from this, which is pastoral. If you read [the communique], you can’t read any doctrinal judgement” in the pastoral appointment of Archbishop Hoser.

    Rather than being involved in the doctrinal questions, Archbishop Hoser's mission is a matter of “people’s needs,” Burke emphasized: “pastoral life, liturgy, catechesis, sacraments and the experience of devotion they have there,” but not the management of local parishes.

    “It’s important to note that it’s not an apostolic visitation,” Burke concluded. “Look at the words. This is more 'for' than 'against'. It’s for the life of the pilgrims who go there.”

    Archbishop Hoser will remain Bishop of Warszawa-Praga, and is expected to complete his role at Medjugorje by the summer.

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    Archbishop Hoser: "I believe in Mary, in all of her manifestations"

    Following his appointment as the Holy Father's ''special envoy" to Medjugorje, Archbishop Henryk Hoser has given a short interview to the Italian website LaFede Quotidiana.

    He was asked if he had expected his commission and replied that he didn't know the reason why Pope Francis assigned him the post. "Of course, I am grateful," he continued "I 'will give it all my comittment. The mission does not alarm me."

    Questioned about being defined a 'conservative' bishop Msgr Hoser said, "I do not define myself in that way. Rather, I am a man of the Church who seeks to be faithful to the Word, to doctrine and tradition, to all the documents . If this means 'conservative', then I'm conservative."

    The Polish prelate then agreed that the people of Poland generally nourish a positive feeling towards Medjugorje and added: "The Catholics of this nation, which is deeply Marian, have a positive view about Medjugorje and a lot of them go there, as from other nations, so this means something. But I will not deal with theological aspects or apparitions, only with the Pontifical commission. My task is pastoral."

    Archbishop Hoser is noted for his defence and promotion of family values and confirmed the Virgin's role in this. It's true. It is very important to invoke Mary for the protection of the family, formed by a man and a woman united by the sacrament of marriage. At Medjugoije we find the Rosary, Eucharistic adoration, fasting and penance are present, and these encourage the development of faith.

    Asked about the 'fruits' of Medjugoije the 'special envoy" reiterated that his role is confined to pastoral issues and not doctrine, :"not to the issue of truthfulness". He added. 'With regard to the fruit in souls. I find positive. By fruits I mean the practice of the sacraments, conversions, change of life, participation in the Mass. This is what happens at Mediugorje - we cannot deny it or do without it pastorally.

    Asked about his recent recovery from maleria and the rumour that he had prayed to Our Lady of Medjugoije, archbishop Hoser responded: "I contracted maleria in Africa. I have prayed to the Virgin. I believe in Mary, in all her manifestations.

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    High number of pilgrims at Medjugorje is a challenge to the Church says Pope's special envoy

    In a telephone interview with Vatican Radio on Monday, Archbishop Henryk Hoser explained his "special envoy" appointment as an example of the Holy Father's concern for the situation in Medjugoije to be clear and orderly, and as the Pope's envoy he is able to assess the situation on the ground and recognise any opportunties that arise. "Above all", he added "it is about regular, pastoral reception of the millions of pilgrims coming to Medjugoije. This high number is a challenge for the Church and a call to improve the reception if possible."

    Msgr Hoser also spoke of two crucial aspects regarding Medjugoije. "On the one hand are the phemomena and are the messages of the Mother of God genuine? This was the subject of the investigation by the special commission led by Cardinal Ruini. The second aspect is that which has been entrusted to me: it is about organising pastoral care, in agreement and harmony with the ecclesiastical hierarchy on the ground."

    "Yes, I know there is opposition - or rather, we say, disagreement - but I cannot say anything in detail because I have never been to Medjugoije. This is where I can appear as someone who is neutral in this conflict."

    Asked if his proposals might include the appointment of an apostolic administrator for Medjugoije, the Pope's envoy said "Yes, this is not impossible. Perhaps one will have to supplement the structure of the hierarchy on the ground so that initiatives can be better coordinated and thus more effective. I must confirm that these are only hypotheses."

    Msgr Hoser added that he did not know when his report to Pope Francis, or any other, would be published.

    Prayer answered says parish priest

    Medjugorje's parish priest Marinko Sakota responded to the the news of the appointment of a special envoy saying: "This is an answer to prayer, a moment of grace and joy, and also a time of great responsibility for the parish of Medjugorje."

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    Archbishop Henryk Hoser: We should not be worried about Medjugorje!
    [​IMG] Konrad Sawicki | Mar 15, 2017

    “If Marian devotion has flourished in Medjugorje, if such multitudes arrive there, it is therefore a place where veneration will continue, since Our Lady can be venerated everywhere, especially in those locations where this veneration is so fruitful, as we hear it has been from so many testimonies.”

    This is the affirmation offered to Aleteia from Archbishop Henryk Hoser, a special envoy sent by Pope Francis to investigate the situation surrounding the reported Marian apparitions in Medjugorje, a small town in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, close to the border with Croatia.


    Pope Francis appointed the archbishop in February to be the Holy See’s special envoy to the site, where millions of pilgrims have visited since the apparitions were said to begin, in 1981.

    The archbishop told Aleteia some of the details of his mission.

    Konrad Sawicki: When will Your Excellency leave for Medjugorje?

    Archbishop Hoser: I have recently heard that I am allegedly there and that I have been miraculously healed by the Holy Virgin Mary… Joking aside, my first visit to Medjugorje, an orientation one, will start at the end of March.

    I will meet first with the Apostolic Nuncio to Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Archbishop of Sarajevo. Then, naturally, I will meet with the local Bishop of Mostar and the Franciscan friars who work in the shrine. First of all, however, I will listen intently to different opinions and examine the local pastoral situation.

    This will be Your Excellency’s first visit to the shrine. Yet this is not going to be Your Excellency’s first special mission, is it?

    It is true I have never visited Medjugorje myself, but a lot of the faithful from my Diocese of Warsaw-Praga go there and I am well-familiar with their accounts.

    It is also true that this is not going to be my first mission as a special envoy of the pope. I have so far held three such missions. Two apostolic visitations were short; I have spent two weeks in Togo and Benin, respectively. I looked into the questions of seminaries there. The third mission was long; I spent one and a half years in Rwanda immediately after the genocide. This experience gives me courage to embark on another visitation, to Medjugorje.

    Your Excellency’s mission concerns not only the apparitions themselves; it is pastoral in character. However, not everyone understands why a Polish archbishop received a special mission from Francis. One website announced that Your Excellency is to “examine the conflict concerning Marian apparitions.”

    The mission entrusted to me is auxiliary to what the doctrinal commission has accomplished. Every year the shrine is visited by 2 to 2.5 million pilgrims from across the world. It has become a charismatic place. The fact that Medjugorje is visited by so many faithful, who are no doubt spiritually enriched there, is something to be borne in mind.

    A demand for pastoral care in this place is huge. Imagine – there are 50 confessionals on the premises. The problem is that often there are not enough confessors speaking different languages.

    My mission, as has been stipulated in the communiqué released by the Holy See, is to closely examine the local pastoral situation, in particular the needs of the pilgrims. I am also supposed to indicate possible new pastoral initiatives. The underlying objective is to enhance pastoral outreach and to better coordinate local pastoral actions.

    After the nomination of the special envoy and the publication of a letter by the local bishop, which contests the authenticity of the apparitions, many faithful around the world are concerned. Was their pilgrimage to no avail? Were their prayers untrue? – they ask. Could Your Excellency as a papal pastoral envoy explain the current situation to them and dispel their worries?

    We should by no means worry! The Church has not yet spoken on the authenticity of the apparitions. We should calmly wait for the final position. This is by no means the first situation when the Church is slow to take a decision, especially given that the form of the Marian apparitions in Medjugorje significantly differs from that of earlier well-known apparitions.

    Besides, this issue will not change anything in the teaching of the Church concerning Marian veneration. If Marian devotion has flourished in Medjugorje, if such multitudes arrive there, it is therefore a place where veneration will continue, since Our Lady can be venerated everywhere, especially in those locations where this veneration is so fruitful, as we hear it has been from so many testimonies.

    The Holy Father is aware of it and therefore would like to examine not only the pastoral situation in Medjugorje, but also, if necessary, find methods of improving the pastoral care provided to the pilgrims in this place, so strongly dedicated to Our Lady.

    Let me take this opportunity to greet Your Excellency on behalf of the editors and readers of Aleteia and wish you a complete and fast recovery. Would Your Excellency like to address our staff and readers?

    I would like to ask the Aleteia readers to pray for the success of my mission in Medjugorje. I embark on this mission on behalf of the Church, entrusted to me by the Holy Father. I want this mission to come closest to objective truth and to produce very good and concrete results.

    I am an emissary of the Church but the Church should pray for me, as She prayed at one time for St. Peter and St. Paul. After all, prayer is the driving force of our actions in the Church, both the tangible and the invisible ones.

    Henryk Hoser, Bishop of the Diocese of Warsaw-Praga, was born in 1942 in Warsaw. A graduate of a university school of medicine, in 1968 he entered the Society of Catholic Apostolate (the Pallottines). Having obtained degrees in philosophy and theology and having been ordained to the priesthood, he left for Paris and then for a mission to Rwanda (1975–1996). In 1978 he established a Medical and Social Centre in Kigali and led it for 17 years. He also set up the Family Formation Center (Action Familiale). After the civil war in Rwanda, the Holy See appointed him apostolic visitor in Rwanda. In 2005 John Paul II appointed him archbishop and auxiliary secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and Chairman of the Pontifical Missionary Works. In 2008 Benedict XVI named him Bishop of the Diocese of Warsaw-Praga. On 11 February 2017 Pope Francis nominated him a special envoy of the Holy See to Medjugorje. At the beginning of 2017 Archbishop Hoser revealed that he is suffering from malaria.

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    A short video of the arrival of the papal envoy in Medjugorje is available at:


    Upon his arrival, the Papal Envoy to Medjugorje addressed all those gathered in St. James Church:

    “We are in the place that gathers many pilgrims. Let us all together pray for the intercession of the Mother of God, so she would open our hearts to the grace of God, so she would open our minds to the grace of God, to the teaching of the Church and to the Word of God. Our life is the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit is the soul of the Church. We seek for God’s truth, God’s truth about ourselves, but we also seek for the truth about man. This place of prayer is now famous in the whole world, and the Holy Father is very interested in the development of devotion of the faithful that takes place here. This is also part of my mission – to evaluate the pastoral activity that takes place here and to suggest some guidelines that should be accomplished in the future. I come from the country that has special devotion towards the Mother of God. Mary is the Queen of Poland. My wish to all of you is to make Mary the Queen of your lives. For the time being, this is what I have to say.”

    At the end, Archbishop Hoser invoked the blessing of God upon all those gathered in the church.
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    On Saturday evening in Medjugorje, Archbishop Hoser celebrated the 6pm Mass in St James'.

    There have been so many arguments about whether the church was going to close down Medjugorje etc yet here we have an amazing confirmation that the Holy Father is happy with what is going on there. This is a much more important development than I had thought possible just a month or two ago. It is a personal 'thumbs up' from Pope Francis.

    Here is a report of the Archbishop's homily:

    Archbishop Henryk Hoser, appointed as special envoy to Medjugorje by Pope Francis, celebrated his first Mass in St James church on Saturday evening.

    In his homily, spoken in French, the traditional diplomatic language of the Church, the Polish prelate said, "Let us pray for peace because the destructive forces are immense, the arms race is on the rise, people are torn apart, families are torn apart, societies are torn apart. We need an intervention from heaven! And the presence of the Blessed Virgin is this type of intervention. It is an initiative of God. And so, I would like to encourage and comfort you as a special envoy of the Pope.

    "Protect the world with peace through conversion of the heart; the greatest miracle of Medjugorje is the confessions here. The sacrament of forgiveness and mercy. It is a sacrament of the Resurrection. I thank all the priests who come to confess here, about fifty- today, in the service of the people.

    "I have spent many years in the West where confession has disappeared and personal confession no longer exists except here and there. The world dries up, hearts are closed, conflicts multiply.

    "[...] Let us be the apostles of the good news of conversion and also of peace in the world. [...] Whoever touches the love of God, his Mercy, sees something irresistible and cannot resist.

    "We are witnesses of what saves life. We are witnesses of what saves the world. The Franciscan friars said that there are pilgrims who come from more than 80 countries from around the world. This call can spread to the ends of the Earth as Christ said by sending his apostles.

    "Mary is with us and shares in our suffering and pain. She helps us, helps to bring us to repentance and to feel its spiritual presence. We call her, especially here, the Queen of Peace and invoke this title when we pray the litany of the Blessed Mother. [...] She participates in the reign of her Son. [...] We thank her for her constant presence with each of us. The Queen of Peace brings peace to our hearts, and so to our families, our country and society.

    "You are therefore witness to Christ's love of his Mother's love and the love of the Church. May God bless you and strengthen you. Amen.

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    A video of the hour long press conference in Medjugorje with the papal envoy can be viewed at


    The video has a running English translation. There are some very interesting questions towards the end!

    It is amazing (actually not so amazing!) that the religious (and secular) press who have happily reported negative 'news' about Medjugorje seem to have little interest in this new and remarkable development in the Medjugorje story.

    Here is a further report on some of the press conference:
    Archbishop Hoser began the conference with a prepared message.

    The Papal Envoy first spoke of the comparison of Lourdes with Medjugorje saying that Lourdes, after 150 years, has about 6 million visitors a year and Medjugorje has 2.5 million visitors after just 36 years.

    “It is important to grow Medjugorje. People discover something extraordinary at Medjugorje There is an atmosphere of peace and reconciliation. An atmosphere of peace of the heart – an inter peace of the heart. At Medjugorje there is a huge space for spirituality. People rediscover something sacred, something holy There is something divine when we honor Our Lady.

    “Our Lady is always showing us back to Christ. When we look closely at Medjugorje we see at the center is the Holy Eucharist. We see Adoration where the real presence of Jesus Christ is found. People at Medjugorje discover the Holy Rosary. People at Mejdugorje pray the ‘Way of the Cross” and experience the passion of Jesus Christ. Of course the Holy confession and reconciliation with God is also at the center. ‘

    Archbishop Hoser made an interesting point about the commercialization of Medjugorje. He said that Lourdes, outside of Paris, has the most hotels in France, so it would be natural for Medjugorje to have many shops and hotels. He said Medjugorje will continue to grow.

    The Papal Envoy then spoke of the fruits of Medjugorje.

    “Medjugorje transforms people. In many countries individual confessions do not exist. No adoration of the Holy Sacrement, no “Way of the Cross” , no prayer of the rosary. In many countries there is a dryness of sacred space which leads to a crisis of the faith. At Medjugorje people come to the source. The discovery of prayer all takes place with the help of the Virgin Mary.”

    “Medjugorje emphasizes the title of “The Queen of Peace” The Holy Father, Pope Francis has said “we are in a piecemeal third world war. We see this in the cruelness of civil wars . I have lived the genocide in Rwanda. Syria has been destroyed. Syria has the oldest Christian presence in the world. Chemical weapons are now used. There are so many political conflicts, this is the reality of the today’s world. So now to evoke the Queen of Peace, the Mother of God in prayer for peace is important. The specific role of Medjugorje is utterly important .

    “You can say to the whole world that there is a light with Medjugorje and you can find the light again. We need these spots of light in the world that is going down to darkness. So friends, be carriers of this joyful news.

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    Pope Francis has often mentioned God being "a God of surprises". Well, Pope Franis himself is full of surprises and in his latest interview on the plane coming back from his visit to Fatima, he shows himself to be a far from convinced believer in Medjugorje:

    In Fatima we have seen a great testimony of popular faith, the same one that is also found in Medjugorje. What do you think of those apparitions and the religious fervor that they have generated, in the light of having decided to appoint a bishop delegated for the pastoral aspects?

    “All apparitions or alleged apparitions belong to the private sphere; they are not part of the ordinary public magisterium. For Medjugorje, Benedict XVI set up a commission presided over by Cardinal Ruini. I received the results; the commission was composed of good theologians, bishops and cardinals. The committee report is very, very good. There were some doubts in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and the Doctrine thought appropriate to send each of the members of the Feria IV - the monthly meeting of the Congregation - all the documentation, including the opinions contrary to the Ruini report. I received the notification on a late Saturday night. It did not seem right to me; it was like putting the Ruini report, which is very well done, at auction. On Sunday morning, the Prefect of the Doctrine of the Faith received a letter in which I asked that instead of sending those opposing views to Feria IV, they should be sent to me personally. These opinions have all been studied - I would like to stress, all of them. The Ruini report states that the first apparitions when the seers were young must be distinguished from the others, and says that investigation should be done on those first ones. The report presents its doubts on the current alleged visions. Personally, I’m meaner: I prefer the Lady Mother, to the boss of telegraphic office, who sends a message every day. And these supposed apparitions do not have much value: I say this as a personal opinion. There are those who think that Our Lady is saying: Come, on that day I will give a message to that seer. Thirdly, there is the spiritual and pastoral fact, the core of the relationship: people who convert, who meet God, who change life. And this is not thanks to a magic wand. This fact cannot be denied. Now to see this, I have appointed a good bishop (Monsignor Hoser, ndr) who has experience in dealing with the pastoral side. In the end, you will hear some words.”
    I have no doubts about Medjugorje and I have no doubts about Pope Francis either. I rather suspect he has been strongly influenced by the flood of non-authentic 'messages' that have emerged from South America over recent years. But note how gentle he has been in dealing with events that he finds difficult to accept. It is a lesson in itself.
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    And here is the video of Pope Francis on the plane saying what I've quoted above.

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    With any apparitions - prudence, and patience. The Pope has to be these things and then some...

    I will never forget my pilgrimage to Medjugorje
    The joy outside that beautiful church after mass. The devotion of the people there
    from all over the world..was awesome. I felt the Blessed Mother brought me there in the most indulgent way possible.

    Popes in the past got some confirmation on apparitons from the Blessed Mother herself, witness Fatima. I am confident she will do the same again.
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    I was very surprised by this development. But somehow it makes Francis more human for me!

    He really has got it wrong and I’m surprised that he seems able to recognize the fruits but not the tree producing it!

    He will protect Medjugorje I believe, but I also believe he is going to be very surprised and humbled one day....
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    And now a further development in Medjugorje which I wonder whether it might be the final development before the secrets start to unfold...

    Pope Francis expands mission of envoy to Medjugorje
    by Junno Arocho Esteves
    posted Thursday, 31 May 2018
    A mosaic depicting Jesus and Mary, near the Franciscan church in Medjugorje (Getty Images)

    Archbishop Henryk Hoser will be apostolic visitor to the site for an indefinite period

    Pope Francis has named as apostolic visitor to Medjugorje the Polish archbishop he had initially sent to the town as his personal envoy to study the pastoral needs of the townspeople and of the thousands of pilgrims who flock to the site of the alleged Marian apparitions.

    The Pope appointed Archbishop Henryk Hoser, the retired archbishop of Warsaw-Praga, Poland, to be apostolic visitor to Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, for an indefinite period, the Vatican announced on May 31.

    “The mission of the apostolic visitor has the aim of assuring a stable and continuous accompaniment of the parish community of Medjugorje and of the faithful who go there in pilgrimage, whose needs require special attention,” the Vatican announcement said.

    Greg Burke, director of the Vatican press office, told journalists that Archbishop Hoser “will reside in Medjugorje” and that his mission does not involve investigating the authenticity of the alleged apparitions.

    Archbishop Hoser’s mission “is strictly pastoral and not doctrinal,” Burke said.

    The Polish archbishop was appointed in February 2017 as the Pope’s special envoy to study the pastoral situation in Medjugorje.

    At a news conference following his first visit, Archbishop Hoser said that although he has no authority or expertise to discuss the authenticity of the alleged apparitions, it was clear that “there is a special spiritual climate” in Medjugorje.

    “The biggest miracle of Medjugorje are the confessions” of hundreds of people each day, Archbishop Hoser told reporters in April 2017.

    In 1981, six young people claimed that Mary had appeared to them. Some of the six say Mary still appears to them and gives them messages each day, while others say they see her only once a year now.

    Diocesan commissions studied the alleged apparitions in 1982-1984 and again in 1984-1986, and the then-Yugoslavian bishops’ conference studied them from 1987 to 1990. All three commissions concluded that they could not affirm that a supernatural event was occurring in the town.

    In 2010, retired Pope Benedict XVI established a papal commission to study the alleged apparitions; the commission was chaired by Cardinal Camillo Ruini, retired papal vicar of Rome.

    The commission’s report has not been made public, although some of its points were revealed after Pope Francis spoke about the commission’s work.

    Pope Francis acknowledged that pilgrims to the Marian site deserve spiritual care and support, but he also expressed doubts about claims of the continuing apparitions of Mary in Medjugorje.

    During his flight to Rome from Fatima, Portugal, in May 2017, the pope told journalists that, regarding the Medjugorje commission’s work, “three things need to be distinguished.”

    “About the first apparitions, when (the ‘seers’) were young, the report more or less says that the investigation needs to continue,” the pope said, according to the English translation posted on the Vatican website.

    “Concerning the alleged current apparitions, the report expresses doubts,” he said. Furthermore, “personally, I am more ‘mischievous.’ I prefer Our Lady to be a mother, our mother, and not a telegraph operator who sends out a message every day at a certain time — this is not the mother of Jesus.” Pope Francis said his “personal opinion” is that “these alleged apparitions have no great value.”

    The “real core” of the commission’s report, he said, is “the spiritual fact, the pastoral fact” that thousands of pilgrims go to Medjugorje and are converted. “For this there is no magic wand; this spiritual-pastoral fact cannot be denied.”

    After the Pope made his remarks, Servite Father Salvatore Perrella, a member of the commission, told Catholic News Service, “The commission did not make a definitive pronouncement.” However, he said, in discussing the apparitions that supposedly began on June 24, 1981, and continue today, the commission opted to distinguish between what occurred in the first 10 days and what has occurred in the following three decades.

    “The commission held as credible the first apparitions,” he said. “Afterward, things became a little more complicated.”

    The Medjugorje commission recommended that Pope Francis lift the ban on official diocesan and parish pilgrimages to Medjugorje and that he designate the town’s parish Church of St. James as a pontifical shrine with Vatican oversight, the Servite said.

    Such decisions would be “an intelligent pastoral choice,” Father Perrella said, and they could be made whether or not the church officially recognizes the apparitions as “worthy of belief.” Allowing pilgrimages and designating the church as a shrine would be a recognition of the prayer, devotion and conversion millions of people have experienced at Medjugorje.

    At the same time, he said, it would ensure that “a pastor and not a travel agency” is in charge of what happens there.

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    Archbishop Hoser officially begins his ministry in Medjugorje this Sunday, July 22, with Holy Mass presumably in St James.

    MaryTV will be broadcasting the Mass.

    Here is the announcement from MaryTV:
    • Archbishop Hoser will begin his ministry in Medjugorje by celebrating Holy Mass, on Sunday, July 22 at 7 pm. (Medjugorje Time)
      We invite all our parishioners and pilgrims to participate in this festive celebration.

      This important event will be streamed LIVE, this Sunday, by Mary TV….tell your friends!

      Website: http://www.marytv.tv

      This LIVE event will start @ 1 PM EST / 7PM Medjugorje.

    The Vatican announcement can be viewed at:

    https://www.vaticannews.va/en/church/ne ... -mary.html
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    July 23, 2018
    St. Bridget

    Dear Family of Mary!

    Yesterday the Parish of Medjugorje welcomed the Papal Visitor, Archbishop Henryk Hoser at a special Sunday Evening Mass! It was a moment to behold. The Archbishop was accompanied by the Apostolic Nuncio to Bosnia-Hercegovina, Archbishop Luigi Pezzuto, who read a letter from our Holy Father, Pope Francis, commissioning Archbishop Hoser as Apostolic Visitor to the Parish of Medjugorje. Here is a transcription of the letter as read by Archbishop Pezzuto:

    Our venerable brother, Mons. Henryk Hoser, the Archbishop, Bishop Emeritus of Warsaw – Prague! As the continuation of the task of the Special Envoy of the Holy See for the Parish of Medjugorje, which you recently accomplished, and in the desire to express the particular pastoral care that this reality requires, I appoint Your Excellency as Apostolic Visitor, with the special role for the Parish of Medjugorje for an indefinite period, ad nutum sanctae sedis, with the authority, obligations, and in accordance with the modalities specified and the mandate attached to this document.

    Convinced that you will know how to efficiently carry out the entrusted task in the spirit of positive cooperation with all the interested parties, I assure you of my prayers and with my heart I impart to you the Apostolic Blessing. Vatican, May 31, 2018, the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. Signed – Pope Francis.

    We all feel such joy at the installation of Archbishop Hoser in Medjugorje as the Apostolic Visitor. It now seems that Medjugorje has a home in the Church, a bit of protection and guidance for the days ahead. The Parish has carried a heavy load, providing a place for pilgrimage and the sacraments for the millions of pilgrims who have visited there. Now they will have the support of the Archbishop, with pastoral guidance and wisdom. He will also provide communication between Medjugorje and Rome.


    The sunset during the Evening Mass in Medjugorje, July 22, 2018 – Peace
    We can all pray for Archbishop Hoser, as he assumes his role as Visitor. He truly has the heart of Our Lady. Thank you Jesus, for providing this wonderful protector and guide for all of us!

    In Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
    Cathy Nolan
    ©Mary TV 2018

    A collection of videos of the event at: https://marytv.tv/papal-envoy/

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    This report from Sister Emmanuel helps in further understanding the Pope's attitude to Medjugorje:

    Chiara Amirante, founder of the Nuovi Orizzonti Community in Italy (see PS1) is a woman who deeply loves the Church and has a privileged place in Rome. John Paul II named her consultant for the dicastery for the Pastoral Care of Migrants, then Benedict XVI named her consultant for the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, and finally she was one of the first women called to the synod. This has enabled her to meet with Pope Francis several times. After the Pope’s statements about Medjugorje when he returned from Fatima on May 13, 2017, Chiara had several encounters with the Holy Father. In one of them which lasted more than an hour, Medjugorje was at the heart of the conversation.

    I have known Chiara for more than twenty years, and I am glad to see that a person so well trained at the school of Mary had the opportunity to be heard by the Pope. Chiara has so deeply embedded the messages of the Blessed Mother into her life that she radiates the motherly light of Mary, and thus attracts many people to God, especially young people who are wounded by all sorts of addictions and wrong doings in the world. Her vocation is to bring out those who have fallen into this pit of hell and who can find no help in our society. This is a great challenge!

    The first talks with the Pope were private, and Chiara always respected the papal secret. But recently the Holy Father said to her: “Chiara, this time you can talk about what I told you about Medjugorje.” I quote Chiara here on some points from her last talk with Pope Francis:

    “I would like to share a piece of news that has given me great joy. It is true that the statement by Pope Francis on 13 May 2017 in the Lisbon plane gave us a blow to the heart: “I prefer the Virgin Mother, our mother, rather than the Virgin as head of a telegraph office who sends messages every day at a specific time… That is not the mother of Jesus… Who thinks the Virgin would say: So, come tomorrow at such and such a time, and I will give a message to such and such a visionary? No, that can’t be!”And even if Pope Francis then added: “In Medjugorje there are fruits, so many fruits”,this did not alleviate our grief caused by this assertion: “This is not the mother of Jesus”. After this statement was broadcast by all the televised newscasts in the world, I had the grace of meeting the Holy Father. Know that I have his blessing to talk about his words on Medjugorje.

    I felt the need to speak with him, because I see that some information circulating in the Vatican is not true. For example, ill-informed priests believe that Mary has already given more than 50,000 messages, which led Pope Francis to believe that she was giving several appointments each day to several visionaries to say different things. So I pointed out, “No, that’s not it at all! To date, there are only 672 messages. There is the monthly message on the 25th, given to Marija for the world, and one on the 2nd received and conveyed by Mirjana.” Pope Francis then told me that he had “saved” Medjugorje. In fact, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith wanted to issue a negative opinion, but he supported the Ruini Commission which expressed a positive opinion on the first apparitions.

    The Holy Father said “Medjugorje is very much close to my heart!”During the press conference on the Lisbon plane, he pointed out that there were fruits, that this could not be denied. He sent Mgr. Hoser precisely because he believes that the fruits are important, and that Medjugorje must be protected. He told me that he was the one who authorized the pilgrimages. He is now rallying – for the moment through his envoy, Archbishop Hoser – to keep all that is beautiful in Medjugorje.

    Let us continue to pray for Pope Francis, for the Church and for all his intentions.”​



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    I want to add a little more information about the above meeting that Chiara Amirante had with the Pope at the end of last year.

    What Sister Emmanuel did not report are the following words from Pope Francis about his position regarding Medjugorje:

    'Chiara, look, it is I who saved Medjugorje, because the Commission of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, on the basis of so much false news, had already said that Medjugorje is all false. So I saved Medjugorje myself, it is I who have Medjugorje at heart, it is I who sent Hoser because I believe, what I also said at the press conference, that the fruits are many and are unequivocal' .

    "I have the Pope's blessing to be able to say so", explained Amirante, adding that before the meeting she was "left with great sorrow for what he had said about the Madonna", that "this Madonna is not the Mother of Jesus" .

    I have used Google translate to extract the above from this Italian website:

    On the basis of the above, I think it would be correct to infer that whatever we now hear from Archbishop Hoser on Medjugorje will represent what Pope Francis himself believes.
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    And now what might be the final action of the Church regarding Medjugorje before the secrets begin to unfold. Following on from the two latest items I posted above, the Vatican News website has posted the following news:

    Pope authorizes pilgrimages to Medjugorje
    The announcement was made by the Apostolic Visitator, Henryk Hoser and the Apostolic Nuncio. Ad Interim Director Gisotti: "Attention given to favouring and promoting the fruits of good", but this does not mean "an authentication of known events".

    Massimiliano Menichetti - Vatican City

    Pope Francis has decided to authorize pilgrimages to Medjugorje, which can now be officially organized by dioceses and parishes and will no longer take place only in a private capacity which as has so far been the case. The announcement was made today during Mass, at the parish shrine which has become a destination for millions of pilgrims, by the Apostolic Nuncio Luigi Pezzuto in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Archbishop Henryk Hoser, the Holy See's Special Apostolic Visitator.

    Pilgrimages do not authenticate known events

    The "ad interim" director of the Holy See Press Office, Alessandro Gisotti, responding to journalists' questions about the announcement, specified that the papal authorization must be accompanied by "care to prevent these pilgrimages from being interpreted as an authentication of known events, which still require examination by the Church. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid creating confusion or ambiguity from the doctrinal point of view regarding such pilgrimages. This also concerns pastors of every order and level who intend to go to Medjugorje and celebrate or concelebrate there even in a solemn way".

    Pastoral attention

    "Considering the considerable flow of people who go to Medjugorje and the abundant fruits of grace that have sprung from it - continued Gisotti - this authorization is part of the particular pastoral attention that the Holy Father intended to give to that reality, aimed at encouraging and promoting the fruits of good".

    The apostolic visitator, concluded the ad interim director, "will have, in this way, greater ease in establishing - relations with the priests in charge of organizing pilgrimages to Medjugorje, as well as, safe and well-prepared persons, offering them information and indications to be able to fruitfully conduct such pilgrimages, - in agreement with the ordinary people of the place.”

    The Pope's decision comes a year after the appointment of Hoser, Archbishop Emeritus of Warszawa-Prague in Poland, as "Apostolic Visitator for the Parish of Medjugorje, on May 31, 2018.

    Both that nomination and today's announcement do not, therefore, enter into doctrinal questions relating to the authenticity of the account of the six visionaries of what has happened in Medjugorje since June 1981, a phenomenon that has not yet been concluded. Of the six visionaries, at that time children or young people, three assure us that they still have a daily apparition of the "Queen of Peace", always at the same time in the afternoon and wherever they are: they are Vicka (who lives in Medjugorje), Marija (who lives in Monza) and Ivan (who lives in the United States but often returns home). A fourth visionary, Mirjana, says that she receives an apparition every month, on the 2nd, while for the last two this happens once a year.


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