Patriarch Kirill discussed Syria with Pope Francis

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    Patriarch Kirill discussed situation in Syria over telephone with Pope Francis of Rome and Primates of Local Orthodox Churches


    ‘Today I have had a talk with Pope Francis and all the Orthodox Patriarchs in the Middle East – Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, Theodoros of Alexandria, John of Antioch and Theophilos of Jerusalem. Certainly, it was about Syria’, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia informed mass media representatives during his meeting with them on April 14, 2018, at the patriarchal residence in Peredelkino....
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    Pope Francis to visit Bari to pray for Middle East alongside other Christian leaders

    On July 7, Pope Francis will travel to Bari, in southern Italy.

    In this coastal city, the pope wants to pray for the dramatic reality faced by millions of people in the Middle East who have been wounded by wars, fundamentalism and religious persecution.

    The Holy Father has called an ecumenical prayer encounter with the region's Christian leaders, whether Catholics or not.

    The city of Bari is especially symbolic because it houses the relics of St. Nicholas, the saint who represents a bridge between East and West and who is also venerated in Russia.

    Perhaps the common interest for peace in the Middle East and St. Nicholas serve as the framework for a new encounter between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, this time in Bari.
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    Thanks for posting this, it's a good article which shows just how much our Churches are doing together.

    However, this statement surprised me: "The conflict in Syria is drawing to a close and this means that we have to thing about the country’s restoration now."

    How can this be when Assad is still in power ? Or has the US suddenly decided he can stay in power?
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    Don't believe the picture of Assad that the west has relentlessly presented. When Bashar Assad took over the presidency of Syria from his extreme hardline father in 2000, he began as a reformer. I attended the TLIG 2005 pilgrimage which included Syria. Although it was very clear that the country was a police state, I remember hearing positive hopes for the future of Syria at that time. But the civil war began in 2011 and outside countries started to push their own agendas in the country that resulted in the disasters that followed.

    Russia was the only country that had a right to come into Syria as it was invited by the Syrian government. It remains as the country with real power there and I believe is the best hope for eventual peace in the country.
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    I guess I didn't express myself well in my post. I don't believe the western picture of Assad, but my comment isn't about that. It's based on my understanding of how the US-led western agenda works. They won't give up on their positions and plans for the middle east and that involves ousting Assad. It's becuse he is still there along with the global agenda that I don't see how the conflict can be over.
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