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    There's been articles in women's magazines and books in newsagencies about adult colouring books, and in the latest emailing from the Daughters of St Paul they've also created one with a free page to download.
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    Jill, because you liked the colouring book, I thought you'd like to know about these from Garratt Publishing (again, the pictures didn't copy):

    Thousands of adults have rediscovered the restorative and calming power of colouring. These beautiful adult colouring books add a prayerful and meditative dimension to this restful and enriching activity.

    Patterns in the Psalms
    Here is a new, beautiful colouring book designed for prayer and meditation. Each of the thirty images has a corresponding bible verse providing inspiration and reflection. Not only are some of the designs extremely intricate, but some images have been left unfinished to allow you to complete the design and make the images your own.

    The Garden of Eden
    Create. Meditate. Restore

    As the name suggests, The Garden of Eden adult colouring book is filled with beautiful designs that are just waiting to be brought to life. Together with Scripture and hymn quotes, this popular pastime is the perfect way to combine relaxation with reflection. Ideal for individuals, groups or families to enjoy together.

    Pray and Color
    A Coloring Book and Guide to Prayer

    Take a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of today’s world and give yourself some inner peace. Sybil Macbeth has been showing people how to pray and connect with God through colouring since 2007 and is here to show you 14 types of prayer along with 32 stunning pages to colour.

    Inspiring Words
    30 Verses from the Bible You Can Color Colouring Book

    Immerse yourself in thirty unique and creative illustrations focusing on key verses from the Bible, allowing you to connect with the scripture through the detailed artwork. Create beautiful pieces that you can remove from the book and display to bring daily inspiration.
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  3. Thankyou Karnala,sorry to be so long in answering but I am not too good at the Internet or typing either but I try.I hope to get into the city this month no next month that is so will drop in to St. Paul's,would you like one too,no money just an address.Still praying for that job,Jill
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    You're doing very well for a person of senior years - even though you're around my mum's age, she doesn't even have a mobile phone or computer (prefers to watch TV). Thanks for saying you'll send me a colouring book - maybe if I don't have work before Christmas you can buy me one for Christmas .... because I was thinking they'd be ideal for Christmas presents.

    They've started me doing Production work at the radio station and the new manager asked me if I wanted to do a media course, because he's happy with my work - and he's going to pay for it. I'm enjoying the production, which is downloading all the programs from different Christian/Community radio stations around Australia, then editing all the sound and voice overlays, etc before transferring them to go on-air. I didn't think the employment agency were going to let me do the media course, because I'm only volunteering and there'd be no work afterwards - but they ended up agreeing to letting me stay there while I do the course. Since the manager is paying for the course, maybe he's thinking of how he could employ me (by combining a few jobs into one) ??

    Thanks for all your prayers, as they're being answered slowly but surely - Today is Medjugorje's 35th Anniversary :)
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