Our Lady of Sorrows

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    I just read in this morning's Lectio Divino -

    In the Pieta of Michelangelo, Mary seems to be very young, younger than the crucified
    Son, yet she must have been about fifty years old. Asked why he had sculptured the face
    of Mary as a young girl, Michelangelo replied, “People who are passionate for God
    never age!” Passionate for God! Is that passion for God in me?

    Concluding Prayer

    Yahweh, how abundant is the goodness You have in store
    for those who fear You,
    and bestow on those who make You their refuge,
    for all humanity to see!
    Safe in Your presence You hide them,
    far from human plotting. (Ps 31:19-20)
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    I never knew Michelangelo said that...It seems fitting that Mary would be exempt from aging as
    she was sinless. There are Saints who were incorruptible How much more then would the Queen of Heaven be exempt
    from decay and death...The world,sadly still does not know about her. How awesome she is!!!

    She is so persistently concerned and maternal, Padre Pio who saw her said she makes you feel you are the most important person in the world so great is her love.
    I recall a saint who saw her often said he dreaded seeing her because having experienced the unbelievable joy of her presence -her absence was hellish.
    My awareness of her has grown greatly after reading tlig. I was never gospel greedy but I always had a weakness for her.
    My primary school was called Our Lady of Lourdes I remember as a child singing with great joy the Ave.
    As for that Glorious Title Our Lady of Sorrows is it possible to even imagine her anguish looking at the state of this world as it is now...?
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    Also, the Pope spent Our Lady's feast at Palermo which reminded me of the anguish and Sorrows nowadays - 25th anniversary of the murder of Blessed Father Pino Puglisi:

    Blessed Father Pino Puglisi wasn’t surprised to see the hitman who came to visit the eve of his birthday on September 15, 1993. He is reported to have smiled at his visitor and said, “I’ve been expecting you".....

    Speaking to the faithful in Piazza Armerina Pope Francis acknowledged the scourges the faithful are afflicted with and urged them to build an ecclesial community that is lively and prophetic.

    The Holy Father names the many challenges the people face:

    • Social and cultural underdevelopment
    • Exploitation of workers
    • Lack of decent employment for young people
    • Migration of entire families
    • Usury
    • Alcoholism and drug addiction
    • The disintegration of families
    The Pope admitted that in the face of all these problems, the ecclesial community can seem confused, even tired. But it also can be lively and prophetic. And the Church continued to seek new ways to proclaim mercy....


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