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    I am an avid reader of the Maria Valtorta books, which, like TLIG, are manna given to us from Heaven for these times. This TLIG forum isn't for those books, but since I think David is ok for us to post excerpts here, I wanted to post a few passages.

    I was surprised to read in the Notebooks recently that the ancients in Israel gave the Messiah the title of "Orient". Since there are many references in TLIG to the Light coming from the East, I wanted to share these passages because they shed a light on what is meant when Jesus speaks of the East or the Orient.

    These passages from the MV Notebooks are dated December 4, 1943 (the italics are in the text):

    "The title of 'Orient' given Me by the ancient people of Israel is not mistaken. As beautiful as the appearance of the morning star is, My appearance in the world, and for that world, like a Sun, I have brought the Light by beginning God's day, obscured in its formation by the first sin, a day which shall have its shining sunset at the final moment to rise again afterwards eternally with all his chosen ones in the Kingdom of God.

    I am the Orient of God, the one announcing Him to the peoples: begotten by Him, I come under Him, nor, like the sun, do I experience a dusk. I remain fixed, eternal in my Divinity, around which the peoples revolve like stars drawing life and light from Me, and not I, but you experience the obscurity of the darkness, for in you, not in Me, the light fade, for you drift away from the Light by placing between It and yourselves the barriers and distances of a will not in keeping with God or of sins committed against God's law....

    "From the time I came — as the world's 'Orient' — to bring Light into the Darkness, I have called you with the power of Charity and the Word."​

    In TLIG, the words East or Orient are often capitalized, just like in the Valtorta books. In Invitation to Be One With Christ, Sr Anne Woods says that in all Jewish Bibles and literature, capital letters are used for pronouns or any parts that belong to God (eyes, arms, hands...). So I wonder if the East or Orient doesn't also refer to Jesus Himself in His second coming, after unity occurs within the Church?

    I know the Lord speaks of His Houses (East & West) referring to the split Church and also to certain eastern nations (Russia), but the notion of Jesus Himself as God's Orient seems important, so I wanted to mention it because of the fullness it can bring to the TLIG Messages.

    Since reading this, it has brought new meaning to the title is given to certain freemason sects, who ape God. (ex. "Grand Orient de France" with the following website that says it all in the way it is spelled out: www.godf.org)
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    Yes andree, I read a booklet about Maria Valorta and was very impressed by the awesome insights she had . What would you say is the best book to start with on Maria Valorta?

    Regarding the East..
    I wonder about muslims who honour and love the Blessed Mother there is a beautiful section on her in the koran, hence
    "Our Lady Fatima" is very poignant in these times. They may well come to Jesus through Our Lady and this would absolutely rout the beast!
  3. David

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    Oh, I have to quickly come in and give my view here! Definitely get the Poem of the Man God books if you can afford them. They really take you into the world of 2000 years ago for those three years when Jesus walked the earth. It brings heaven down to earth.

    The problem is the cost. It is a vast work in multi volumes which are not cheap. There is a 'cheap' way in if you buy a paperback version of the first of the 5 volume set. You can find it at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Poem-Man-God-1-Maria-Valtorta/dp/1533346097 This is a print of the PDF edition that was made by someone many years ago. The font used is a narrow one to reduce the number of pages but the cost is just 9 GB pounds so it would not be a disaster if you didn't like the print font.
  4. andree

    andree Well-Known Member

    I agree with David about getting the Poem, they are such an extraordinary blessing. Readers get to walk with Jesus for three years and get a glimpse of the holy family and Our Lady unlike anything other texts out there that I'm aware of. And the other books are just extraordinary also.

    I started with these free excerpts online before I bought the books:

    Here are several audio files that excerpts from the Poem and Notebooks which are in a book called Why is Mary Crying?

    Free Sunday Gospel audios are here.

    The meditated rosary audio files here.

    A few favourite passages can be read here and more excerpts here.

    There could be more free material out there on this site and this one too, which are both excellent sources of all things Valtorta!
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  5. karnala

    karnala Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the links - also, there's a youtube channel I subscribe to:

    A Medjugorje friend of mine gave me the first volume of the Poem of the Man God to read .... and its incredible how she received the visions like watching a film.
  6. Radhe

    Radhe Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much -andree and David I have ordered it! I read a small section from a download version and it is truly awesome...I will return later to enjoy those links andree, thanks again!

    Why are we all here receptive open to revelation and so many people out there remain closed, not even reading these works?

    I gave Tlig books out a few times to have them rejected. A person read but scoffed. Others dont even read dismiss out of hand.
    Well after watching that video karnala the answer to my question is in there.
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  7. andree

    andree Well-Known Member

    That is wonderful news Radhe, I look forward to reading future posts inspired from your readings!

    Good question! One thing that comes up again and again in the Valtorta books which had a big impact on me is the importance of humility, purity and charity. I know this is also said time and time again in the TLIG Messages, but there is something that hit me harder through the MV books in hearing Jesus speak to His apostles or disciples or reading what He says about them, in particular John, whom He insists was perfect because he had all three gifts. I noted his insistence on purity - he says John was the only one who was pure when He came to Jesus (he was young) and remained pure til death.

    It makes me so sad for others who aren't open to all this extraordinary Manna from Heaven. What a terrible loss. Why meditate on new age mumbo jumbo when we have God giving us this Bread? But sins cloud hearts, making them unable to hear the Voice of God...
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  8. David

    David Well-Known Member

    Yes, andree and Radhe, it is a good question to ask - why so few respond to these gifts from heaven. A friend who shares these gifts and frustrations believes it shows we have been chosen in some way. We have been given a gift to believe that hasn't been given to others. If that is true then we will be expected to show what fruits we have produced from being given this gift.

  9. karnala

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    Today's Gospel meditation also speaks about the "spirit of the world". Our Lord said: "You will know these spirits by the fruits" they produce in your soul (cf. Mt 7:16).
    you must not be surprised when the world today remains dead to My Call, and when it listens but does not understand; so long as they are ruled over by the evil one, clinging to this passing world, I will remain for them unknown; (TLIG: June 21, 1998)....
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