Notre Dame Fire

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    The fire in Notre Dame Cathedral a place named after the Blessed Mother. During + Holy Week!
    It brings to mind the 7 sorrows of Mary.
    And "in the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph"
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    This event is tragic and painful. Also painful are the many comments that appear to the right of the above video.

    Notre Dame Cathedral is "kilometre zéro" in France. It's considered the heart of Paris and of l'Ile de France, which was the territory of the ruler. All distances from Paris are measured in km from Notre Dame. In that sense, the heart of the Church's eldest daughter caught fire and burned, but the fire didn't destroy her structure.

    I can only think to pray that this fire starts a purifying fire in the spiritual counterpart of the heart of France.

    "what I am about to do grieves Me and overwhelms Me with sorrow since I take no pleasure in afflicting you; in My displeasure I will have to redress you with fire;"

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    The Archbishop of Paris, Mgr Montpetit, has announced that the head of the conference of Bishops in France will ask that the bells of all cathedrals chime at 18h50, which is when the fire started at N-D so that all are in union with the Paris cathedral.

    Also, he is asking faithful to place a candle in their windows on the evening of Easter vigil to show that the light is stronger than darkness.

    It would be nice to see both gestures spread all over the world.
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    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss and the outpour of mourning, prayer vigils in France and the whole world. Its a place of pilgrimage for generations of families, being 850 years old.

    I was also thinking about Lent and the call to repentance.... and this TLIG message reminds me of today's Bible reading about Judas being paid thirty pieces of silver to turn Him over:

    Message For France
    November 25, 1994

    .... "I shall never forget how you were My pride and My boast and of how obedient you had been; what has happened to the utter zeal you had then? I was once appealing to your heart; how could you have forgotten all the graces you obtained from Me, only yesterday? you are heiress, Daughter-of-My-Church, to My Kingdom; I have come to you, to revive your devotion to My Sacred Heart, through a promise (3 France has to promise to the Sacred Heart: Fidelity); Gift-from-My-Father! once guardian of My Interests, do not compel Me to say: "My Property has been given (4 sold) away and administrators have filled her, instead of allowing My Spirit to keep His seat, My seat is being ruled now by flesh;" come back to Me and set your heart right again; repent and acknowledge your sin in the Presence of My Father and I will respond to your cry of repentance;"
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    And how wonderful that the following recording was made in Notre Dame on Monday April 15th just one day before the fire with the simple title:

    Dernières vêpres à Notre-Dame de Paris

    I know it would be wonderful to have an Abbey of monks singing vespers but I do find this broadcast wonderfully uplifting, heightened by what was about to happen.


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