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    Past couple of days neglected to read TliG prayers dropped off...
    just aware of my utter wretchedness fed up with myself was thinking The Lord must be fed up with me now that is it I am inconstant and oh well ...Look what I found on the reading for today..
    This is how TLIG lifts you up encourages sustains..."behold father...."

    I Love You In Spite Of Your Nothingness

    March 1, 1988

    I am;

    (I saw Jesus standing near me.)

    every time you see Me, smile at Me; yes, flower, remain near your Saviour; come, let us pray to the Father;

    "behold Father,
    what You have in Your sight,
    You have Wretchedness,
    forgive me Father,
    for I am not worthy to have been given all those graces,
    I merit nothing for I am Nothing,
    allow this Nothing to lean on You
    in Your fathomless Goodness,
    I love You Beloved Father
    in spite of my wretchedness and nothingness,
    I need Your Strength to be able and work
    and fulfil all that must be fulfilled with Your Grace,

    ah Vassula, seek all My Virtues, follow them and grow in them; I, the Lord, love you in spite of your nothingness; lean on Me in all times, I will support you fully; trust Me and allow Me to guide you blindly till the end; I will at times place My Cross on your shoulders to bear; I and you, you and I, I will rest in you and you in Me; I Am All Faithful and will never abandon you, ever!

    please Me more by devoting your soul entirely for My Works, you must keep true to your vow, your vow of fidelity; yes! O how I sought from you these words, I longed to hear from you these words,

    Lord help me to keep my vow,
    I do not trust myself!

    do not fear, I will always remind you since I know of your ineffable weakness; you are frail but I will annihilate your weakness by My Strength; remember My Presence; we, us, at all times, for ever and ever;

    love, hope and have faith; I, the Lord Jesus Christ, will never abandon you;
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    Yes Thanks karnala ...was at mass today this was read out

    The Holy Spirit is speaking through you..............

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