"My Heart will Triumph" Mirjana Soldo

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    "My Heart will Triumph" Mirjana Soldo
    The story: A Memoir

    Mirjana was just an ordinary teenage girl before the apparitions began, but her claims brought persecution and suffering down upon her and her loved ones.


    Well got this book and could not put it down. It is a fascinating account of the apparitions of The Blessed Mother, communist persecution. The ups and downs of life, suffering the importance of prayer. It was a very inspiring and full of hope!

    I never experienced anywhere else the peace that is in Medugorje. When I was there I even remember seeing Vicka and her using the expression in her talk ... "True life in God"!!!

    The timing of this book, surely significant, next year (its not far off) 2017 is the 100th anniversary of Fatima!
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  2. andree

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    I also highly recommend this book, which I'm almost done reading. It is a wonderful first-hand account of Mirjana's experience.

    I also learned some things that I didn't know, like the fact that Mirjana prays a prayer alone and with Our Lady, that she cannot reveal now because it relates to the secrets. She says that she will reveal it when Our Lady allows. And also that she has been given visions of Our Lady's life, including the Nativity.

    I agree about the timing, it must be significant.
  3. karnala

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    Radhe, I was also told by my sponsor that the Immaculate Heart of Mary already triumphs in the hearts of those who believe in Her .... and Medjugorje is certainly bringing more and more people to Mary. There's also a number of Catholics wanting a fifth Marian dogma - which some are saying could be the "event" that coincides at the same time of the Garabandal Miracle.

    andree, this reminds me of Maria Valtorta and her Poem of the Man-God, where she has visions of His life like watching on a film. I've read the first volume including the Nativity, and how everything was made luminous and beautiful!
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  4. andree

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    I thought of Maria Valtorta also. What a privilege to see Mary's life in visions.

    While on this thread, I thought I'd mention the movie Apparition Hill about Medjugorje, since it is produced and directed by Sean Bloomfield who co-authored Mirjana's book:

    The production team of this film about Medjugorje have been invited to submit the film to the Academy Awards! But they need help in getting this accomplished,

    There are movie screenings in the US and one in Australia (Sydney) on October 9. You can see the screening list of the film here:

    And here is an interview on Radio Maria with Sean about his experience co-authoring the book with Mirjana.
  5. karnala

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    Thanks andree .... lots happening for Medjugorje.

    I haven't read much about the Vatican Commission lately and some people were asking what Pope Francis makes of Mirjana’s having a scroll with written ‘secrets’ given to her by Our Lady. Thinking this is the evidence the Vatican might be waiting for before approving the apparitions - even though the parchment can only be read by the seer herself.
  6. David

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    I got the book to read on Kindle and I love it. I noted one thing in it that is maybe worth mentioning. Mirjana says at one point, "It's possible you are reading this book after the secrets have been revealed". That suggests to me that the secrets are not far away. I'm quite sure that the Lord organized the book to appear now so that it is available for people to read when the secrets begin to be revealed. Similarly, the 'Apparition Hill' movie seems like a God organized thing that will be in great demand when the secretis begin.

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