My Angel Daniel....and Uriel?

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    Does anyone know anything about Uriel approaching Vassula in the early years along with Daniel? See this prayer of Vassula's below (emphasis is mine).

    Yahweh in His princely way
    has stooped down all the way to us
    to reach us;
    in His Majestic manner He brought us His Word
    like broad-spreading rivers on parched land;

    He is our Judge and our Lawgiver,
    the eyes who recognized Him
    and saw Him in this Love Song
    will no longer be closed;
    the ears of those who heard His Word
    will remain alert;
    and the lenient heart that accepted Him in contrition
    will learn integrity to honour Him;

    all glory be His, for ever and ever...

    two Princely Messengers from the highest ranks of Heaven
    came to me at first to approach me
    by the names of Daniel and Uriel;

    like ambassadors of peace they came to me,
    the totally unworthy one
    to make out of this soiled and dry earth 1
    a field of lilies and daffodils
    to be fitting to receive the Word of God...
    The above prayer is taken from the Message of February 28, 2006 here:

    I've been trying to find out more about Uriel and read that he appears in Ezra in some Orthodox bibles. Has Vassula has ever spoken about him?
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    Dear friends,

    I have found some information about Uriel in the old forum that I wanted to provide a link to it here. You'll see in that post that Uriel means "the fire or light of God, enlightener (3 Ezdras 5:20)"

    Robert, who used to post on that forum, posted this reply that he got from EWTN about angels, and I've put in blue the text that concerns Uriel:

    The list of the seven archangels is a rather convoluted one -- there are many different lists, ranging from apocryphal writings (such as the Books of Enoch)to that of Pseudo-Dionysius. I prefer to use the list compiled by Pseudo-Dionysius as it is probably the best researched, even if it does date to around the 6th century. Here goes: Uriel -- Fire of God Michael -- Who is as God Raphael -- God has Healed Gabriel -- God is My Strength Chamuel -- He Who Seeks God Zadkiel -- Righteousness of God Jophiel -- Beauty of God

    Now, of these, only Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel are mentioned in the Scriptures; others are referenced in apocryphal literature, as noted. Thus, the three alone are venerated by the Church. Uriel, of course, has been very popular historically. However, unlike the best known (Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael), however, his existence is not supported in any way by Scripture. He is thus attested to only in apocryphal writings such as the ones you mention in your question. Nevertheless, he was very popular throughout Jewish and Christian history, at least until 745 and a council in Rome that removed several angels from all recognized lists. Despite the official action of the Church, there persisted a fondness for Uriel, and his name appeared as St. Uriel in some areas, although he does not appear on the Calendar. The same can be said for the other non-Scripturally attested archangels.

    Now I wonder if the Uriel who appeared to Vassula is the same one referred to above? The TLIG message that I quoted in my first post says that Daniel and Uriel were from the "highest ranks of Heaven".

    If anyone knows more about this, please do post.
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    thanks andree .... after doing a google search, most of the images of Archangel Uriel are Orthodox. Wikipedia mentions references in the Jewish encyclopedia:
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    While reading recently, I was surprised to find Enoch mentioned in TLIG:

    "- Then in buying now the book of Enoch, which I always wanted, before I started to read it I opened it at page 102. Just like that, and what do I read? The same vision Enoch had as I had, the bright round Light, guarded by thousands of angels! 1 It was too much to be of a coincidence; because this vision I saw while in Bangladesh on March 26. Then on April 11, 1987 when I was in Paris, while searching for books in a library I stumbled on a book called Metanoia and what made me look at it was its cover. The picture of the cover was exactly my vision, Enoch's, and my brother in law's. The round light with the angels guarding it. After my sister left I wrote again letting God take my hand. God gave then Strato2 a written message.)"

    (From April 9, 1987)

    It seems credible that the Uriel mentioned could be the Archangel. Also another interesting passage from July 30, 1999:

    "and as I have said to you before, for your protection I have given you a multitude of angels and archangels, princes of the highest orders to accompany you in your mission; giving them orders to remain at those regions where My seeds were sown and protect what was sown;"
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