Mother Teresa and Francis of Assisi: Two Saints, One Spirit

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    Every day after Holy Communion, Mother Teresa and her community would say the Peace Prayer of Saint Francis. The foundress of the Missionaries of Charity carried with her a small reproduction of an old painting of Francis in which the weeping saint holds a cloth to his eyes. “He’s wiping his tears,” she said, showing the picture to the Franciscans around her. “I think he’s crying after receiving the Stigmata.”

    She treasured this keepsake, remarking that it is different from other items given to her, which her sisters and friends would sometimes “steal.” “I would never give this away,” she said, smiling.

    Why did Mother Teresa admire Francis? And why did she think that he has had an impact on her life? “I suppose it’s because Francis of Assisi tried to imitate the poverty of Christ so closely,” she said.

    The incident in the life of Saint Francis that most appealed to her is his kissing of the leper. One day, Francis had passed a leper on the road—too repulsed at first even to greet the man. “But then he came back and embraced him,” Mother Teresa marveled. “That was the beginning of Saint Francis. That act of surrender made Francis. After that he was ready to give anything!”
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    karnala been thinking about her of late ...a massive Saint

    St Francis true charity....TLIG is a call back to authentic christianity Mother Theresa was one of those front line Christians out with the poorest of the poor
    its the very height of service to God loving the poor the rejected .Muggeridge was a notorious sceptic about everything, I read some of his work he grew more
    disillusioned with politics and the prevailing ideologies of our time he was gradually more and more
    attracted to the christian faith and his life changed upon meeting Mr Theresa . Whilst making the film about Mother Theresa excerpts shown in the interview below
    Malcom Muggeridge was raised in a radical home where the Bible was banned

    Below an interview with Mother Theresa and Malcom Muggeridge
    (sound not great) but worth a look:

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    Are you having trouble calling her Saint Teresa too :)

    St Mother Teresa has such a gentle voice .... and I wouldn't think Malcom Muggeridge was an unbeliever because now he is so supportive and wrote a book about her. And the way he spoke about "the light" that is present in the Home for the Dying, saying the camera man even says its impossible.
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    LOL!! Yes I am always calling her Mother Theresa !... same for Padre Pio rarely St Pio!

    Can think of them no other way am sure they wont mind.;)

    I should mention Malcom Muggeridge and his wife both became Catholics in the end.
    No doubt about meeting Mother Theresa had a huge impact. A more powerful witness of a truly christian life, I cant think of one.
    I think even in his wayward years Malcom Muggeridge was always searching for the truth. Meeting Mother Theresa brought him
    to Jesus. He wrote a beautiful book about her

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