Mirjana will reveal the secrets to this priest: Fr Petar Ljubicic

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    He also mentions Vassula!!!!! No doubt this is a repost but I thought I would I dont know about you all. I forget so much need reminders all the time!

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    Fr Petar attended a recent event with Vassula.

    "Vassula asked Fr. Petar to answer specific questions about the subsequent actions he will have to take once Mirjana tells him the secrets, which as stated above will demand him to fast and pray for seven days. After that he will announce them to the world.

    In reply, he emphasized that instead of focusing only on these imminent actions, we should listen to Our Lady and convert our lives. We should pray and turn to God. We should live the True Life in God Messages. And so, in this way, this wonderful retreat and Vassula’s visit concluded."

    Bishop Oliver was there too. I didn't realize he knew about TLIG and Vassula.

    "At 9:00am, Bishop Oliver Dashe shared with us his magnificent testimony. He is the Bishop of Madiguri, in Nigeria’s Northeast region, where the Chibok girls were kidnapped back in 2014 by the terrorist group Boko Haram. This group took absolute control of the area and the people lived in fear and terror.

    While praying in the chapel, Bishop Dashe had a vision in which he saw Jesus handing him a sword. When receiving it in his hand, the sword turned into a Rosary. Since then, every day, Bishop Dashe has the whole town pray the Rosary in procession through the streets.

    Miraculously, and without any violence, Boko Haram has left the area!

    Nonetheless, problems persist. There are thousands of widows and orphans for whom Bishop Dashe has set-up assistance houses. With donations from people around the world, he built a Chapel for Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Most importantly, there is perpetual Adoration in His Diocese! And that has lifted every person in this town.

    His message was of hope; Our Lord never abandons us and cannot resist trust-filled prayers from the heart."

    http://www.tlig.org/en/mission/reports/2019/mexico 2019/
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    Cadman many thanks I had missed a lot of that.

    "We should pray and turn to God. We should live the True Life in God Messages" that is it!
    God grant us all the graces and strength to do so!!

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