Message of October 22, 1986

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  1. Stephen

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    In this message Jesus predicts to Vassula that in less than two months she will be hearing him distinctively. Vassula has a footnote which says " prediction which came true. After six weeks I could hear his voice clearer. "

    My question here is what does it mean ? Was his voice a little muffled in the beginning like when you hear the muffled voices of people talking in another room and then it became clearer?

    If that is the case why do you think that would happen, does it have something to do with her unworthiness in the beginning and each step she took to holiness his voice became clearer?
  2. Radhe

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    I cannot speak for Vassula. I am not sure this bears scrutiny.
    All I would say - as someone who struggles with faith it may be that, remember in scriptures when Peter walked on the water
    and then started to sink? God likes us to accept, be trusting and have faith. Blind faith! perhaps this is a sign the more we trust the more we hear!!!

    God gives us such a faith!!!

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