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    As a layman I observe often with welcome reassurance the wonderful mercy of God displayed in the writings of TLIG. I certainly need to read it.
    In the church today catholic and protestant however I notice a tendency to play down sin as if its ok it does not matter you will be forgiven no matter what...

    Now as a sinner myself I get very uneasy during homilies that seem to depict God as all merciful without mention of his.... JUSTICE!!!

    TLIG writings speak of , mercy they also include justice and are insistent on reforming our lives living holy
    cutting out what offends God

    Vassula humbly admitted thinking that as she got these messages she would be exempt from confession.
    She was quickly made aware that ..this was not so I remember the pen flew out of her hand having this thought!

    Well I know I need confession regularly Padre Pio mentioned that its like the continual effort needed to dust a house to keep it clean. He recommended confession weekly!
    Padre Pio mentioned That we need fear and trust like two crutches.
    there is a balance to be struck too much fear is a lack of love to much over confidance,presumption needs some healthy fear....Some sobering words from padre Pio on various sins below..We must make reparations..

    In Notebook 17 of "True Life in God", in the message given on Oct 13, 1987, Jesus said;

    "I get no pleasure in punishing you, I wish that my creation returns to Love, tremendous reparations have to be done, amend those that can amend for others, My creation has to change, daughter My creation has to learn and believe in my Spiritual Works, My creation will have to accept me as Omnipotent, My sacerdotal souls must understand how wrong they are denying My works of today"

    What Does Christ's Return Mean?
    Satan's Lie To Eve Repeated

    June 1, 2002

    "....tell Me: who of you would risk his life had he discovered he had swallowed poison and remained inert and done nothing about it? to be cured of this deadly potion you will have to lower your head and admit you are a sinner, offering Me your repentance, then all the bitterness of the poison will be purged out including the serpent itself which you had been nurturing inside your entrails all through your life, 9 and being set free, I will replace those evils by My sweetness ... yes, once those evils out, you will recover, and once recovered you will not be an alien to My Law; willingly you will turn your back to the world because in front of you, you will see My Glory and My Splendour; the sight of My radiant Presence will be shining within and without you;

    it is written: "you were dead, through the crimes and the sins in which you used to live when you were following the way of this world, obeying the ruler who governs the air, 10 the spirit who is at work in the rebellious ..." 11 but now after your repentance and through grace shown to you I brought you to life in Me ...

    I will reveal then in My smiles, the path of life to you; you will not be walking on hot coals anymore but on sapphires; the inexpressible and inaccessible God you once thought, will give you unbounded joy in your heart while expressing His Joy to you: "once you were like a field that grew nothing but brambles and thistles, practically uninhabited and cursed; but now, with Me, you will be like a field of My choice, watered by the springs of the Holy Spirit and you will give the crops that are acceptable to Me;" 12

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