Mary Most Holy - The Mother of God, The Assumption

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    Something the Lord asserts most forcefully in TLIG is the Honour,respect and devotion that should be shown to his Mother..

    Padre Pio's tribute to the Assumption

    Dormition; Fra Angelico
    After the Ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven, Mary was continually on fire with a most intense desire to be reunited to Him. And Oh! The burning sighs, the pitiful moans that she addressed to Him constantly, that He would call her to Himself. Without her divine Son, it seemed that she found herself in a most hard exile. Those years in which she had to be separated from Him were for her a most slow and painful martyrdom, a martyrdom of love that consumed her little by little. But behold, finally the longed-for hour arrived, and Mary heard the voice of her beloved, which called her from on high. “Come sister, my delight, my spouse, come! [cf. Cant. 4, 8ff.] Come O beloved of my heart, the time of your groans on earth is finished; come O spouse, and receive from the Father, from the Son, and from the Holy Spirit the crown that has been prepared for you in Heaven!”

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    I didn't realise She suffered so much ....

    Magnificat, The Canticle of Mary

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    thank you! beautiful..that music lifts the soul

    karnala I know there is so so much I did not realise. I think I underestimated how much she suffered she had spiritual agony under the cross
    imagine a Mothers concern worry for her children x multiply it by the whole world...In spite of being a church goer all my life. I had an idea that
    really only the very holy really reach God. (an idea the Lord refutes in TLIG) but somehow I always knew Our Lady was very very special, merciful Mother and that devotion to her was some kind of key to the Lords heart. Padre Pio had massive devotion to her and has many awesome insights. She appeared to him many times.

    Padre Pio used to tell a story:
    "One day Our Lord making rounds of Paradise saw some strange faces. He asked Peter: 'Who let these people in?' Peter:
    'There is nothing I can do.' The Lord: 'But you have the key.' Peter: 'There is nothing I can do, and you can't do either.' The Lord: 'What do you mean?'

    'It's your mother. She has another key. She let's them in.' "

    Padre Pio said of the Mother of God: "The Madonna is the shortcut to get to God."

    Padre Pio advises: "Love the Madonna, and make people to love her."

    "Abandon yourself in the hands of Mary. She will take care of you."

    "Let's pray the Madonna of Graces. She will heal you." After: "Mary healed you, not me."


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