Lord, have mercy on me, the sinner!

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    The message received by Vassula just a few days ago was not a long one but somehow it seems a particularly significant one and one that needs meditation and reflection. There was no mention of Coronavirus or a virus yet we had to understand it was the virus problem to which the Lord was referring, underlined by Vassula's reference to Italy in her response. God's reference to the likely extended duration of what is happening if He does not receive man's repentance is something we need to ponder. I wonder if the longer duration of 'this evil' could be referring to the subsequent worldwide economic consequences of the virus which could be catastrophic.

    The message contains of course the words of the Jesus prayer so well known to the Orthodox, Lord, have mercy on me, the sinner. Despite the inescapable warning in the message, the Lord's kindness shows itself strongly.

    Here is the message:

    March 13, 2020

    summon the people and tell them: without repenting and truthfulness in your prayer this evil will last longer than you think; turn to Me, your God and repent; a sincere and universal prayer will reach Me, your God; fasting will cast away demons; any sacrifice is acceptable to Me; cast away your lethargic spirit and renounce your evil ways, and make peace with Me, your God; let Me hear: “Lord, have mercy on me, the sinner!” and I will show compassion; and I will rain blessings on all of you; come, do not fear; I am listening… ic

    God will listen if we repent and change our life from being tepid towards God, and He will be gracious to grant us peace; we will be praying for the world; ask Him to uncover His Face and shine on us; plead that He may be gracious to our supplications… we should also pray that His message of TLIG may spread quickly, and be received humbly as it was received by you; pray especially for Italy, as the TLIG messages had, as I had explained in the past, fallen on totally deaf ears and persecuted;

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    Is anyone interested in joining together to pray the Orthodox Jesus prayer?

    (EDIT) David, thanks for the information below. Conchita's suggestion seems the best thing we can do.
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    I think communal prayer activity on the internet is more likely with Facebook and similar platforms. This forum gets only a few visits.

    Probably most know by now that Mirjana from Medjugorje has announced that she will no longer be seeing Our Lady on the 2nd of each month. Our Lady has told her that she will still see her on her birthday (March 18).

    I've just seen that Conchita of Garabandal has given a response to one of her helpers who asked her if she had any word for people in these difficult times. She replied with:

    "God is detaching us from the securities of this world. In the silence of the Church or in our house, we are now able to make an examination of conscience so we can clean what prevents us from hearing the Voice of God clearly. With sincerity we can ask God to tell us what He wants of us today, and continue to do that every day. And spend as much time as possible with God at church or somewhere in your home or where you find the silence. He is all we need."

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    Thanks for proposing the online prayer, your suggestion reminded me that there used to be an online TLIG prayer group at one time. I don't know what technology was used, but people would call in and pray together.

    David, do you know where we can find the details about this prayer group?

    Otherwise, we should all be paying attention to prayer initiatives in our respective diocese and country and pray in unity with others. Many BIshops have asked for novenas and other joint prayers. The pope has called for two rosaries since the current crisis, and one was last night in unity with the Feast of St Joseph.

    May God bless you & protect you & your loved ones.
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    Andree, I know there have been attempts to set up online rosary prayer but I don't know how successful they have been and where they can be found if they still exist.

    I know that different people have different needs in connection with community prayer. For myself, Conchita's words above describe perfectly my own approach. But there is no doubt that the current state of the world where the public celebration of the Holy Mass is being forbidden is an extraordinary development. As a response, I sent out a message today to TLIG people in the UK with details of a website which provided live streaming of the Mass from many churches in the UK and Ireland but also some in America. This is part of what I sent out:

    The website providing these broadcasts is very user friendly and the overall quality of the broadcasts is good.

    The website address is:


    A link to the different broadcasts available NOW is at:


    A full weekly schecule of broadcasts is at:


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    THanks for those links David, they are very useful.

    Mark Mallett has another good article today and makes this very serious observation about the recent Medjugorje news:

    That the apparitions ceased at virtually the same time the public celebration of Masses were being canceled in many countries is hardly coincidence. Jesus said to St. Faustina that her recourse to His Divine Mercy had, in fact, stayed the hand of justice.

    I also withhold My punishments only because of you. You restrain Me, and I cannot vindicate the claims of My justice. You bind My hands with your love. Divine Mercy in My Soul, Jesus to St. Faustina, Diary, n. 1193

    But Christ’s Divine Mercy flows from His Sacred Heart, which is the Eucharist! What greater reparation is there than for millions of Catholics to daily receive the Eucharistic Sacrifice? What holds back Divine Justice more than for Christ to dwell physically within us? For the Eucharist is the very “source and summit of the Christian life” and thus, the Divine Will itself.
    All the more reason to continue to invoke God's Mercy on all of us sinners. I feel a particular need these days to invoke that Mercy on our priests and bishops. May the Holy Spirit infuse them with strength and love to persevere in these times (see Mark's latest article here)

    It's also a blessing for us all that Vassula is still sharing Messages from time to time. Is she also confined in her home in Greece? May God Bless and protect her.
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    The situation playing out now in the world is so extraordinary! We have all been wondering how everything we were anticipating might play out. The prophecies from the Garabandal children about communism returning when events begin seem suddenly to become understandable. Overnight we find ourselves without being able to attend Holy Mass in person. And the governments that will emerge when the current crisis is over are likely to be very like communist states. Godless and authoritarian.

    Yes we are fortunate to have Vassula still with us. It is very unclear which of the journeys she is due to undertake this year will be possible.

    But we are also fortunate to have access to the Holy Father, Pope Francis with the technology available to us. His daily Mass in the Santa Marta is now broadcast live each day along with an English commentary. But because it is not altogether straightforward to find the relevant link each day I have prepared a standalone page which I will update each day. It can be found at:


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    I know that a lot of people think like this David, but there have been many, many voices crying in the desert for decades now about the encroaching communist ideals upon the west, but the Church and hence the world are so divided that all these voices are not heard. Just yesterday I read this wonderful speech given in 1983 to the west by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

    As for the agenda, so many others have been screaming about the dangers, the plans (UN) and the corruption that is allowing all of this for decades and it's been quoted often in so many places, even in Mallett's latest article: "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order. —David Rockefeller, Sept. 23, 1994" There is also the quote attributed to former CIA director William Casey, "We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    There have been so many voices screaming about so many topics over the years, I could not even begin to list them all (ex Kennedy assassination (a pivotal event in recent US history), Iraq war (an illegal invasion), GMOs, big pharma corruption, government corruption, big Ag corruption, financial corruption, the truth about technology and the internet...) The list is could go on forever, but what is very clear on all these topics: most people don't want to know the truth and they kill the prophets, aka the voices seeking the truth and justice. They prefer to listen to the people in charge instead of the voices shouting the truth in the desert.

    As for using viruses to move the agenda forward, there have been thousands of voices over the years clamouring about endless scandals and lies in science, virology, etc (think of Nobel prize winner Pr Montagnier who was a star but was quickly marginalized when he stated that a healthy person would not become affected by AIDS, the virus he apparently discovered. He has also spoken out about vaccines too).

    As for using viruses in the agenda, I think that the writing has been on the wall for decades on that one too. Over the past few years, hundreds of farmers in France and elsewhere have been forced to slaughter their entire flocks or livestock because of the fear of a virus. I remember the last scare a few years ago in France, that targeted duck farmers. I saw farmers sobbing on the news because they had to kill perfectly healthy birds because of a fear of whatever virus was circulating then. Many went out of business after that or were bought out by big business (because by the way, that is part of the agenda: to put small farmers out of the picture so that Big everything will take over). There was very little sympathy and support for these farmers in the public. Our generation is not only not God fearing but is so selfish and disrespectful that we forget to be grateful to the hands that feed us.

    I tell you now that they are coming after our pets next. Didn't our Lord say in some revelation, perhaps it's Maria Valtorta, that Satan hates dogs because they are good companions for man? The press is already putting out the suggestion that robot dogs would be better pets for us than real ones. And the fear of the virus will just hammer that nail in the pet's coffin.

    This will easily move forward because people aren't thinking about much of anything, least of all their souls and eternal Life.

    Doesn't the Lord tell us in TLIG that we will lose everything? We will lose it all out of fear and end up living in some modern-day version of Auschwitz, cloistered in small apartments owning very little personally (ownership is bad, cause it's destroying the planet you know), getting our (GMO, pesticide ridden, manufactured synthetic) food from the local big chain stores allowed to survive because they will funnel crap food to us all. And maybe we'll have jobs if machines haven't taken over everything or maybe just that universal revenue all countries are talking about, which is just barely enough to live on.

    In the end time warnings in the Valtorta books, Jesus says that man wants this so he'll get what he is asking for (Mark Mallett quotes her here "It seems as though My angels are the ones bringing the plagues. In reality, you are the ones. You want them, and you shall get them.") Can you not see what He means by this? It's our will to accept all of this, so we will get the consequences of it.

    I can totally see why we need a warning or illumination because people are so asleep that it's going to take that to shake us all up.

    There is nothing else to say except “Lord, have mercy on me, the sinner!”
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    I just wanted to share this British documentary from 2015 about the various viral "outbreaks" that led to the slaughter of millions of animals and the closure of villages, loss of farms, suicides, unemployment... The great majority of the animals slaughtered were in perfect health and evidence was collected showing many cases, the lack of evidence, the shady political-business practices, use of media to control the narrative, refusal to include people with opposing views in meetings, interviews etc.

    Insight: Slaughtered on Suspicion

    The documentary doesn't get into an important factor, however : there is a huge business model based on plant-based meat substitute and that by many accounts, meat is slated to disappear to be replaced by manufactured protein meat-lookalike (which is total crap and very unhealthy). Bill Gates, the man telling governments what to do in these times, owns a lot of shares in the fake meat industry. And since he seems to be running the world lately, we should read his opinion on the future of food.

    Don't they test things on the poor and on animals (eg microchip) before deploying them on the population at wide? How many people truly cared about the collateral damage from those animal events? I know that killing an animal is not comparable to abortion, but listen to the horrors of the culls. Where were the animal activists for this? It's just like now, most people accept these measures because they believe there is a need to isolate, but they don't seem to truly care that millions of people are suffering and will suffer great, great economic (so health, moral and spiritual) harm from these events. And not only that, because we've allowed this, what is the next event that will be imposed on us?

    Michael Brown has posted a few times a prophecy from an anonymous source that talks about rancor being the cause of much evil. How do you think that farmers and others embittered by the unfair and corrupt practices of the past will feel about the financial ruin of middle and upper class individuals and mid-sized businesses in other sectors? Do you think they'll be supportive and understanding? Or do you think they'll say that no one defended them and so now it's our turn.

    I often think of the subject of lack of unity in not just the "religious" sense, but in a broad way. If people had more compassion, maybe they would see the connections in everything that is going on. It is true in a spiritual and material way that the evils that affect others also affect us. But we don't see it. As Our Lord says, Love is missing.
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    And now I just have to add a 'little' testimony that is so moving on many levels.

    Look at the subtitle at the bottom of this picture. It is the title of this thread:


    The picture is a frame from a very moving video testimony by a pastor who recovered from a severe case of Covid-19.

    The testimony is copied below. It is titled "God sent a cleaner":

    I was moved by the testimony and thought Vassula would like to see it so I sent it to her.

    This what she replied:

    Thanks for sharing! Very touching. Guess what, just yesterday after our prayer meeting I’ve opened a bag of prawn cocktail crisps !!!

    And these packs here in Rhodes they are not to be found easily in supermarkets. Its the first time I bought these here, it just happened to find them and so I bought them 2 days before our prayer meeting but when the prayer group who liked them asked me from which shop I bought them, I tried hard to remember and I simply couldn’t remember from which shop I bought them!!

    In Christ, Vassula


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