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  1. andree

    andree Well-Known Member

    Has anyone read this book?

    Listen to My Prophets, Divine Mercy and Divine Justice by Edward O'Connor

    It discusses apparitions and messages, including those through Vassula.

    Author - Fr. Edward D. O'Connor, C.S.C. In our age, apparitions and messages of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary are being reported far more frequently than at any time in the past. In Listen to My Prophets, Divine Mercy and Divine Justice, Fr. Edward O'Connor provides an interpretation of our times and answers the question of what lies ahead, giving details of the final events. This book clearly lays out the messages of some of the most powerful prophets of the 20th Century concerning the Illumination, the Chastisement and the Great Miracle, including St. Faustina's message of Divine Mercy, Fr. Stefano Gobbi (Marian Movement of Priests), Luisa Piccarreta (Divine Will), Sister Mildred Mary Neutzil (Our Lady of America) and many more. This invaluable resource will help the faithful to understand the Heavenly voices above the noise of today's busy world.
  2. David

    David Well-Known Member

    I haven't read the book, andree, but a word on Fr O'Connor. I think he died a few years ago but was always positive about Vassula and attended one of her early pilgrimages. However, in his later years he supported a mission which I believe is not authentic, the 'Holy Love' mission of Maureen Sweeney.

    In this day and age it is difficult to avoid making mistakes of discernment. I have certainly made plenty of such mistakes and even Fr Laurentin made them. So also did Fr O'Carroll who traveled with Vassula in the early years.

  3. Rebecca1993

    Rebecca1993 Member

    I know and understand that you want to keep things here focused on Vassula and True Life in God.
    I can say, I have read the messages (not recently) and have been to Maranatha Springs (Holy Love) a few years ago, very peaceful, they have a wonderful stations of the cross, prayed the rosary with hundreds of people then listened to a talk given from Wayne Weible.
    Could you enlighten me more as to why "it may be not authentic" David?
  4. David

    David Well-Known Member

    Hello Rebecca,

    As with so many missions claiming messages from heaven, I followed the Holy Love messages from Maureen Sweeney for quite a time. And yes, Wayne Weible was an active supporter of her mission. I was not able to follow the almost daily messages but I eventually encountered this one below about the dangers of the 'chip'. This message dated August 5, 2004, for me, was an example of the devil shooting himself in the foot:

    "I have come to help you understand what those devoted to the world do not understand. The world economy is based on mankind's love of consumerism. Satan is taking charge of the world's finances. He is putting into place the 'angel' chip which in years just ahead all will find necessary to have in order to conduct even the simplest of business on a day-to-day basis. This 'angel' chip--so named to give it a positive image--will be inserted under the skin. It will be touted as a way of finding lost children, making financial transactions more expedient and making readily available personal data in case of emergencies."

    "Here is the truth. This 'angel' is a 'dark angel'. It will be used by Satan to seat the Antichrist upon his throne. By means of this chip--which will carry with it the mark of the beast--the adversary will be able to control minds. He will, in an instant, know the whereabouts of all who wear it. Through this little chip he will be able to ignite his brand of spirituality worldwide."

    When I then started looking at the new, daily messages being issued, I just became convinced of their human origins. And a message from this year, dated January 9, 2019, should concern any follower of these messages.

    No less than God the Father supposedly said this:

    "Children, be advised the greatest threat to your country's welfare is political separation, fueled by political ambition. You have a whole political party which opposes sound and fair reason. They do so out of ambition and greed for power and without concern for the welfare of your nation and its citizens."

    "This party encouraged the border crisis and now encourages the flames of controversy surrounding any solution. This is not a commonplace issue, but involves the welfare of thousands of people. There is no simple solution, but securing your national border is certainly the first step."

    "Once again, I urge you to set politics aside and to unite behind the sound leadership of your President."

    And finally, I will copy a link to a page that highlights the Church situation regarding the messages:
  5. Rebecca1993

    Rebecca1993 Member

    Thank you David.
    I was unaware of the "chip" message . .. ..
    So many distractions and deception everywhere ..
    Abortion has taking a turn for the worse here in the USA recently. Heartbreaking all ways around.
    Thank you again David, for taking the time to answer!
  6. Rebecca1993

    Rebecca1993 Member

    I am thankful for Our Lady's rosary, and so thankful for Jesus and His mercy to us ... ..
    this witness and The Church's standing ....
    May i say,
    Holy Love/ Maranatha Springs, The Shrine,
    Sure doesn't seem they have squandered money received .. (M) built The Grounds from the ground up ... 80 some acres, all devoted to The Two Hearts ..
    Our Mother, The Mother of God is so loved there.... LOVED there like one can feel it ..
    This is so sad to me . ..
    I have hope that no prayer is wasted .
  7. David

    David Well-Known Member

    Rebecca, I would just comment in response that the devil focuses on believers when he leads false missions. And the false 'seer' is generally going to be a strong believer as well. So these missions will inevitably involve many people with a true love for the Lord and love and prayer is NEVER wasted. The problem comes when people discover they have been misled and then are tempted to walk away from all visionaries. That is the devil's aim and purpose. To cause confusion and distrust of the authentic.
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