June: volcanoes & earthquake

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    Japan volcano erupts near Kagoshima.

    Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupts violently, killing 6 and injuring 20. A volcano southwest of Guatemala’s capital has erupted for the second time this year, setting off loud explosions and spewing ash nearly four miles into the sky.

    Massive volcano erupts in the Galápagos Islands. A Galápagos volcano on Fernandina Island erupted on Saturday, spewing lava and threatening wildlife, according to officials from the Galapagos National Park.

    East Rift Zone of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano. Aerial footage shot by the US Geological Survey on June 14 showed lava flowing unabated from the eight fissure in the lower East Rift Zone of the Kilauea volcano.

    6.1 magnitude earthquake kills 3, injures hundreds in Japan.
    Japan is cleaning up after a devastating 6.1-magnitude earthquake shook Osaka during Monday morning’s commute.

    Vassula refers us to the prayer our Lord gave her on November 28, 2009, which was a direct allusion to the eruption of the Icelandic volcano four months later. It seems that our prayers diminished the intensity of this phenomenon, however, worse will befall the Earth if people, who, like Pharaoh, continue to ignore the Signs of the Times.

    - address Me, Vassula in this way:

    'Tender Father, lash not Your wrath
    on this generation, lest they perish
    lash not on Your flock distress
    and anguish; for the waters
    will run dry and nature will wither,
    all will succumb and Your wrath
    leaving no trace behind them,
    the heat of Your Breath will put
    aflame the earth turning it into
    a waste!
    from the horizon a star will be seen;
    the night will be ravaged and ashes
    will fall as snow in winter covering
    Your people like ghosts;
    take Mercy on us, God, and do
    not assess us harshly;
    remember the hearts that rejoice
    in You and You in them!
    remember Your faithful and let not
    Your Hand fall on us with force,
    but, rather in Your Mercy lift us
    and place Your precepts in every
    heart; Amen'

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    JULY: Bali's Mount Agung spews orange lava in fresh eruption - A volcano on the Indonesian island of Bali erupted Monday, belching a plume of ash 2,000 metres (6,500 feet) high as bright orange lava cascaded from its summit.
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    I'd like to post about the small earthquakes in Northern Israel, because the Gog Magog war is also in Orthodox prophecy. Rabbi Haim Shvili, a 20th-century Jewish mystic, predicted that the period preceding the Messiah will necessarily be fraught with catastrophic earthquakes in Israel....



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