International Rosary May 13th @ 3pm (Fatima, Medjugorje, Gloria Polo)

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by andree, May 11, 2018.

  1. andree

    andree Well-Known Member

    Sister Emmanuelle in Medjugorje is supporting an apparent plea by Gloria Polo that everyone pray the Rosary on May 13th, the 101th anniversary of Fatima at 3 pm.

    The intention is to hasten the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and to plead to stop the spread of evil and culture of death, to liberate people from evil (lies, materialism) and all those caught in Satan's snares.

    I only have a video of Sr Emmanuelle in French here, where she refers to Gloria Polo's plea (apparently made in tears) and Sr Emmanuelle says that if Gloria is crying about this, she must have seen terrible things that we can't see.
  2. andree

    andree Well-Known Member

    I noticed that May 13th is also the feast day of St Joan of Arc, patron Saint of France. Some Catholics say that St Joan still has a role to play in events coming for France, and given the role France is supposed to have in the world, I wanted put this out there in case others want to ask for her intercession when praying on that day.

    Famous French mystic Marthe Robin has been quoted as saying to pilgrims that the situation in France would sink quite low but that she would be one of the first nations to rise from the depths to resume her role as "eldest daughter of the Church" after things are at their worst. She said that the nation would become again a beacon of light for for the world.
  3. David

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    A word of warning about Sister Emmanuelle - she is against Vassula, which is particularly surprising in light of Fr Petar's support and also Vicka's.

    I have only recently heard about Gloria Polo but she seems an authentic witness of her 'near death' experience. I copy a couple of links about her, below:
  4. karnala

    karnala Well-Known Member

    I'll be praying as well ... Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us !!

    I worry about France having Macron as leader - he likens himself to Jupiter, the Roman king of the gods, and I remember he also had a 'rare' Congress at the palace of Louis XIV – the ‘Sun King’.

    Whereas in Australia, the State of Victoria is again pushing ahead for euthanasia laws, following the worldwide coverage of Australia Professor, David Goodall, 104, voluntarily ending his life overseas.
  5. Radhe

    Radhe Well-Known Member

    andree -Very interested in the prophecy about France as the eldest daughter of the church I think France is mentioned somewhere in tlig too.
    France converting could then be a magnificent example to the rest of Europe.
    And yes the more people that ask for St Joan of Arcs intercession the better ! There is a heavenly timetable
    we have to ask for the graces.

    Terrible blasphemies in the world are taking place, provoking justice....
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  6. karnala

    karnala Well-Known Member

    I subscribe to "A Moment with Mary" and today's email says:

    The Virgin Mary calls the eldest Daughter of the Church to wake up!


    In this month of Mary, in the context of anti-Christian legislations promulgated by several Christian countries including France, we should remember that in recent times, starting in 1830, the Virgin Mary has multiplied her visits and calls for conversion, especially on the soil of the "eldest Daughter of the Church" (i.e. France)!

    In that year, Mary appeared to Saint Catherine Labouré in her convent of the rue du Bac, to ask her to spread the Miraculous Medal. Just sixteen years later, in 1846, she again appeared in La Salette to two children, her face in tears; twelve years later she came to Lourdes, in 1858, to speak to Saint Bernadette Soubirous and to confirm the dogma of the Immaculate Conception; in 1871, she was in Pontmain visiting some children again; then in 1876, she appeared as the “Mother of Mercy” in Pellevoisin to the young Estelle Faguette, whom she charged to spread the scapular. In 1947, at Ile-Bouchard, Mary appeared to four young children and asked them to pray for their country on the brink of a coup d’état. Through her intercession France was spared from an imminent insurrection.

    Pope Saint John Paul II said, "If Victory comes, it will come through Mary." Today, more than ever, the Virgin Mary calls her eldest daughter, but also all her daughters, the nations, to wake up and convert, to bring about her victory.

    The Marie de Nazareth Team
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  7. andree

    andree Well-Known Member

    Thank you for posting that call to the Churche's "eldest daughter". I couldn't agree more and can only pray that this happens soon. Having received so many Graces from heaven through apparitions, France has been so favoured and I fear it will have to suffer a lot to repair & purify itself.

    Yes, young, childless, François Macron, groomed by Jacques Attali, who came out of nowhere, favoured by the entire mainstream media, to become the youngest French ever... he isn't exactly a reassuring figure.

    He also celebrated his 40th birthday at Chambord castle in the Loire. He was criticized for this outlandish party, so soon after his election, in a time where there are so many problems in France, but he defended himself saying he had the right to celebrate as he wanted. But the press didn't mention that Chambord, which was built by king François 1, has many esoteric mysteries, starting with many symbols in the castle, and also its dimensions and alignments with the Pyramids in Giza and other sites in France. I don't know if there is a link, but given his pagan interests, I thought it interesting that he would choose that castle.

    May St Joan of Arc and St Michael intercede for France!
  8. karnala

    karnala Well-Known Member

    Its not long to go until Macron goes, as an honorary guest, to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (24-26 May) .... and they think he'll make a bilateral visit to Moscow before that.
    All of Russia will be praying - considering what happened about the former Russian agent's poisoning, and the future of the Iran deal.

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