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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Radhe, Oct 10, 2018.

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    Perhaps this was posted before, sobering thought that was 5 years ago, surely unusual, and interesting to note messages from St Michael in tlig and of course this took place in Rhodes which is mentioned in tlig if I remember correctly...
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    I just tried to watch: St. Michael Icon Crying: "Something Big is Going to Happen" 2013-11-05, but it's not available.
    Does anyone know if it's still online somewhere else - can't find it on christianunitynow.com either.

  4. David

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    Thanks karnala, I've just edited that page to change the YouTube link to the working one. I don't think the non-working link was of a different video.

    Here are two pages I found about the icon and the tears:


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    I was staying in Ialysos in September, a 10 minute walk from this Church. I'd photographed this icon and had no idea of it's significance. I remember this story somewhat but I don't recall the Icon at least not at the time. I didn't even think the photograph I had of the Icon was all that significant or interesting and so I never posted it. It was not until I posted the actual interior of the Church on FB did one of my Greek Orthodox tlig friends tell me what icon was inside. I posted the icon and said ''was this it?'' and it was. I said if I had have known that I would paid closer attention to the icon (which I probably should have been doing anyway whether miraculous or not.)
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    David this must be another sign for the authenticity of the TLIG messages
    that this took place in Rhodes ...and I am sure many other things.
    For those who are willing to see!

    I know you did photography, along with musical talent Stephen!!
    I studied Graphic Design, have always had an interest in art especially religious art.
    It is I think an affirmation that God approves of Images and statues that point to or remind us of heavenly things. This is mentioned in TLIG...
    Using these talents to bring glory to God is important. There has been a decline and at times a tendency to empty churches of these images
    Sometimes they were replaced with crudely painted and downright weird art...but never mind that! Isnt this an inspiring picture below of the Blessed Mother by Murillo!

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  7. Stephen

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    I think with art whether it's painting, music or in the last 150 years or so photography, the idea is always to be able create something that is timeless. In essence the painting, photograph or music may look or sound like it was 100's of years old but the very essence of it remains in the present and without time. Simplified you could say every time you look at it you're not thinking any time period you can just enjoy it.

    We must not forget that this type of art of it's time was considered modern and whether or not it was a hard pill to swallow for some I don't know. Today's art however there are some modern paintings that are quite good such as Vassulas (not trying to score points with tlig members I'm being honest) as it's timeless. But there are other forms of so called art where you can visibly recognise and put a date on it. It looks dated and uninspiring. I often call such types art ''lazy'' art. There will always be an eccentric side to humans when it comes to expressing our art and ideas that is just crazy altogether. For example just recently an ''artist'' held an ''invisible exhibition'' in which he displayed ''invisible'' works of art. So you go in and it's just loads of people walking around looking at empty walls. He sold one for 10,000 euros or something. And this person walked away with a lovely piece of ....invisible....art.

    You look at these modern churches that were built which do not belong to Irish culture and look like someone stole the ideas of a North Korean architect and you do wonder what direction the Churches have taken and they look dated. You can immediately just say ''70's'' or that was built in the ''80's''. It isn't timeless. Some days we just have to admit that if it isn't broken don't try to fix it.

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