"I am Your Redeemer"

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    I Am Your Redeemer

    September 27, 1986

    Peace be with you; (PUT YOUR NAME HERE),
    come to Me, I am your Redeemer, your Peace;
    I lived on earth among you, in flesh; I am
    God's Begotten Son; come to Me
    and lean your head on Me; I am your Consoler; when you feel miserable remember, I am near you;

    recite with Me this Prayer:

    help me Father
    and lead me to Your pastures of repose,
    where everlasting pure water flows,
    be my Light to show me the Way;
    with You by your side will I walk;
    with You illuminating me will I talk;
    Father, Beloved, remain within me
    to have Peace, to feel Your Love;
    I will follow You in Your footsteps;
    with You I will remain;
    enlighten me, love me,
    be with me here and forever after;

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