"...I am an Abyss of Mercy..."

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    Let Your Prayers Reach Heaven
    Be My Heaven

    November 29, 1989
    My heart is ready, my God, to receive You. I am listening, here I am.

    (Message for the prayer group for December)

    My Vassula, I am well pleased for allowing Me to use you; listen and write;

    peace be with you; I am your Saviour, the King of Peace, I am your Consoler,
    I am Love and it is to Love you are lending an ear, and it is for your King of Peace you have travelled from far to come and listen to, and it is your Saviour who redeemed you that you shall hear today;

    it is Peace that you come to seek, and I tell you: I give you My Peace; is it consolation that you seek, My beloved ones? come, I shall lavish on you consolation; is it Love that you are thirsty for? oh come! fall into My open
    Arms; I am Love! My little children, do not let your hearts be troubled, I have never abandoned you; I, Jesus, am always by your side;

    the reason, therefore, why I descend in this way, is to console you and
    to remind you of My Law; I want to call you all back to Love, to Peace and to Unity; I do not come to judge you nor do I come to condemn you; I come out of My Infinite Mercy to remind you that I am Holy and that you ought to be living holy;

    I am a God of Love, not a God that drives you to despair; I am a God of Hope and I come to give you hope; blessed ones, I am He who loves you most, I am He who laid down His Life for the sake of His Love to you; will I then not take all possible means to come in these days of darkness to warn you and draw you away from evil? and to pull you closer to My Heart and show you that your Abode is indeed My Sacred Heart?

    I come to ask those who have still not reconciled with Me to reconcile and make Peace with Me; all I ask from you is LOVE; My Spirit is being outpoured lavishly upon your generation, all out of My Infinite Mercy, and it should not seem incredible to you that I should speak in this way, since I Am the Almighty; My Messages are to bring many of you who have strayed back to your senses and remind you of the Truth; and for those who still do not believe in these Divine Works of Mercy I shall ask the same question I had once asked the Pharisees: which of you here, if his son falls into a well, or his ox, will not pull him out on a sabbath day without hesitation? 1

    beloved ones, I am an Abyss of Mercy; I am Infinite Wealth and My Voice shall be heard all around the globe and even underneath, in the dark belly of this earth where lie the dead, My Voice shall be heard, and I shall go to them and raise them, making columns of light out of them; and to those who continue to condemn My Works, I say: seek the Lord in simplicity of heart;

    My priests, My priests ... all you who are the reflection of My Divine Image, allow Me to remind you at this end of the year to come to Me and draw from My Heart which is an Abyss of Love and fill up yours; listen to My Words and act upon them; do not be like a house built only on soil and with no foundations, then with a gushing of a river upon you, would collapse! be firm, and put into action the lessons learnt from Me; I shall draw all men to Myself and the Spirit of Love shall reveal to you all, My Holy Face;

    I come to you to encourage you, My beloved brothers; remain in My Love, continue to shepherd My people with love for Love; walk in My Light and I shall guide you; I am the Light of the world and you are My friends; My chosen ones, enter into My Sacred Heart, enter into this Furnace of Love and allow Me to enkindle your heart so that you, in your turn, go and inflame other hearts;

    come to Me, imperfect as you are and share My Great Love; your love should not be just words or mere talk, but something real and active; repay evil with good ... repay injustice with righteousness ... repay hatred with love ... forgive, forgive ... let love be always present in all your acts;

    children of My Sacred Heart, in these days, you are living in difficult times where My foe has stretched out his dominion like a veil; this is why I come to ask you to double your prayers; prayers of the heart that reach Me;

    come, repent ... confess your sins, My child; do not come unworthy to receive Me in this little white Host; come and drink Me, come and eat Me, and remember Whom you are receiving in this Sacred moment, you are receiving Me, you are receiving Life; be pure to receive Me; yearn for this Holy moment as never before, yearn to receive your God; even My angels from above look at you, yearning after this Meal, desiring to be one of you! let your heart be stirred by a noble theme, say to Me: "Jesus, I, the sinner, ask to be forgiven, I am not worthy of receiving You, yet I know that by just one word from You and I can be healed"; keep saying these words, they please Me, they make Me your God run to you, they fill My Sacred Heart with Compassion;

    call out to Me: "Kyrié eleisson! Christé eleisson! forgive me, the sinner!" humble yourselves and I shall raise you ... efface yourselves, and I shall lift you to Me and hide you in My Sacred Heart; I ask you from now on to: live in constant faith, love and holiness; let My request be your motto for this coming year;

    come, be one under My Holy Name as I and the Father are One and the Same;

    I, the Lord Jesus Christ, bless all of you, leaving My Sighs of Love upon your forehead;

    Love loves you;

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    Thanks for posting .... the youtube has given me more insight into the life of St Faustina. At the start of the youtube reminds me of the TLIG saying, We us.
    Believing in God would certainly reduce suicides, and avoid the 'tunneling' of having nowhere to turn for help.

    Since Mum had her fall, I've been talking about praying more often .... thinking of divine mercy and her conversion, because I'm not certain if she believes. Sometimes she only tells me things about her medical condition, cancer, etc and my dear friend says its because she knows I will pray for her. Its getting more difficult for me to wake her of a morning because of her kidney/renal failure and today mum is more tired than usual.
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    "At the start of the youtube reminds me of the TLIG saying, We us."

    It is starting to crop up more and more!
    Keep praying the mercy chaplet for your Mother, Why not give her the Image of Divine Mercy Jesus I trust in you. Or just hang it in the room.

    My own dear Mother passed away on August 4th and I said Divine Mercy in her presence as often as I could when she was in hospital.
    She believed but had stopped going to church, (heart breaking to watch)
    disgust at the scandals and errors from the pulpit. So much of these things are in Gods hands, it is too much I hand it all to the Lord.

    I got a great sense of peace I arrived just after she died 2.00 a.m.

    I also put rosary beads in the room that had been present at the apparition in Medjugorje.
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    Sending my condolences for the passing of your mother..... It would've given her great comfort having you there praying while in hospital. It must be a great loss missing your mum, and we've just had dad's 20th anniversary. I was surprised and horrified with the extent of the abuse scandal and don't talk too much about my Catholic faith to my family - no-one would want to convert. However, I believe it's important for our generation to attend Church and support the Pope by stopping it happening again. Many priests are also falsely accused. It's a time of great confusion and your mum will be able to help more from Heaven.

    Jesus I trust in You.
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    Thank you karnala.
    Yes it is indeed a heart wrenching loss, difficult -and prayer has helped me
    get through it all.
    I must give my TLIG God book credit for so much comfort received, and the TLIG prayers.
    karnala you are in my prayers... the Blessed Mother will comfort you

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