'Huge meteor' crashes to earth in Australia

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    A 'meteor' crashed into earth causing tremors and a huge "flash of light" in the sky, it has been reported.

    The fireball was spotted at Turkey Beach and Emerald in Queensland as hundreds of locals took the social media to report their houses shaking and a "burning light" in the sky.

    Police received a number of calls from concerned residents in the Gladstone area, reporting tremors in what was initially believed to be an earthquake.

    Geoscience Australia has since officially ruled out an earthquake and Higgins Storm Chasing crew said a "meteorite impacted somewhere offshore".

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    In a Facebook post , the group said: "The light was seen as far south as Hervey Bay and as far north as Yepoon with a tremor being felt upon impact over the general Gladstone area and Boyne Island.

    Witnesses took to social media to describe a "ball of flame falling from the sky" and a "brilliant meteor flash overhead and disappear over the sea".

    One man said he saw a blinding light and felt an explosion before his house shook.

    Another added that he was sitting in his car when he saw the object in the sky.

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