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    Homeless Jesus inspires 911 calls in North Dakota

    Homeless Jesus statue. Credit: Matt Hadro/CNA

    Fargo, N.D., Jul 6, 2016 / 03:06 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The Homeless Jesus statue is at it again.

    Since its installation in front of First Lutheran Church in downtown Fargo, N.D. last month, emergency crews have responded at least twice to calls from concerned residents who thought the statue was a real person.

    The Fargo Fire Department told a local news station that it treats every call as an emergency, even if they think they are being sent to the statue.

    “It’s not a common call. It just shows we have concerned citizens who are willing to make the call,” Fargo police Sgt. Kevin Pallas told local news station WDAY Channel 6. “That’s encouraging.”

    The bronze statue, created by sculptor Tim Schmalz, depicts Jesus as a homeless man lying on a park bench, covered in a blanket, with the crucifixion wounds on his feet. “Homeless Jesus” is based on the “Judgment of the Nations” scene from Matthew 25 and signifies Christ in “the most marginalized in our society,” according to Schmalz’s website.

    The statue has been installed in cities all over the world, including at the Vatican.

    Almost every time the statue is installed in a new city, it inspires unique responses.....

  2. Very beautiful, do we have one in Australia?
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    Not that I know of - here's an article from the Catholic Weekly in Australia and they don't mention any. They have a close-up photo of his feet too, with the wound marks which a homeless person even recognised as Jesus.

    ‘Homeless Jesus’ a symbol of hope
    September 1, 2015

    When Pope Francis approaches the Catholic Charities building in downtown Washington during his U.S. visit in September, he will encounter a “homeless person” covered in a blanket laying on a park bench.

    The scene actually is a sculpture. And it’s not a work of art depicting any homeless person; it’s the bronze image of ‘Homeless Jesus’.

    ‘Homeless Jesus’ is pictured in this July photo of the bronze sculpture that sits in front of a downtown Washington building occupied by Catholic Charities of the archdiocese of Washington. Photo: CNS/Chaz Muth

    “I hope Pope Francis blesses our ‘Homeless Jesus’ when he’s here,” said Roland Woody, a Washington resident who was homeless until earlier this year. “It’s kind of a symbol of hope for the homeless in D.C. If the pope blesses it, it will be even more special.”

    If the pope does bless the 2.1m statue, it will be the second one of its kind that he’ll have done that for.

    Pope Francis blessed a smaller version of the ‘Homeless Jesus’ sculpture during a late November 2013 general audience at the Vatican in front of thousands of pilgrims.

    Afterward, the pope told the sculptor, Timothy Schmalz of Toronto, that he thought it was a “beautiful piece of art” and a wonderful representation of Jesus.

    Schmalz also created the ‘Homeless Jesus’ statue in Washington, as well as similar sculptures in place in Toronto and several U.S. cities that include Denver, Phoenix and Chicago.

    The arrival of ‘Homeless Jesus’ in Washington came last winter after Washington Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl witnessed the pope’s 2013 blessing of the smaller such statue, said Mons John Enzler, president and CEO of Catholic Charities of the Washington Archdiocese.

    “It’s deceiving when you first look at it, because it looks like a homeless person wrapped in a blanket laying on a park bench,” Mons Enzler said during a recent Wednesday evening Catholic Charities-sponsored dinner for the homeless, held just a few steps from the statue.

    “When you get up closer you realise it’s a sculpture,” he said.

    On more than one occasion, a homeless person has approached the priest and told him they could tell it was a statue of Jesus, because of the holes in the feet.

    “They recognise it right away,” Mons Enzler said. “It’s very special.”

    Such reaction is what Schmalz envisioned when he began working on his first ‘Homeless Jesus’ sculpture in 2011.

    Viewers are forced to take a second look at the sculpture of a human wrapped in a blanket, face covered, with only the feet exposed, to recognise that it’s actually depicting Jesus, Schmalz said.

    “I can imagine some people walking on a city street, walking by thinking it’s another homeless person, and then they’ll realise it’s actually a representation of Jesus,” he said in 2013. “They will have that moment of reflection.”

    Mons Enzler said Washington’s ‘Homeless Jesus’ has inspired some to have a more compassionate view of the homeless and has provided the poor with a little dignity.

    “People who are homeless here say, ‘That’s our monument, that’s our Vietnam Memorial. That’s our Lincoln Memorial. That’s our place’,” he said. “They love it. They’ll come by and they’ll touch it. They’ll say a prayer by it.”


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