Holy Fire from Jerusalem to Russian parishes in London

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    Moscow, April 12, 2017

    Photo: s-nbcnews.com

    For the first time ever, the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society (IOPS) will deliver the Holy Fire from Jerusalem to Russian parishes in London, head of the IOPS youth department Maria Korovin told RIA-Novosti on Wednesday.

    The Holy Fire appears annually on Holy Saturday, descending from Heaven to light the candles of the Orthodox Patriarch Jerusalem praying and waiting in the tomb of the Lord, and from there is distributed to churches throughout the Orthodox world. This year the flame will be carried in specially-made lampada-capsules on a direct flight to London, and immediately brought to the Dormition Cathedral of the Sourozh Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, and to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia Cathedral of the Dormition and the Holy Royal Martyrs....

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    Yes, it is good to be reminded of this remarkable miracle repeated every year for centuries. For me, the 'silence' about the miracle in the Catholic world speaks volumes about the lack of unity in the Christian world. Without the internet, I think most of the non-Orthodox world would still know nothing about it.

    The excellent article by Niels Christian Hvidt is at http://www.davidtlig.org.uk/miracle.html
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    The arrival of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem this year was particularly significant in that the ceremony in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre took place without the presence of the faithful due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Nevertheless, the miracle took place as it has done each year for at least a thousand years. As a consequence of the largely empty Church, the film of this year's ceremony shows much more clearly what happens. Note how an Israeli policeman enters the chapel with the patriarch.

    The video below has captured what I believe is a very significant moment at 2 min 45 sec into the video when, very briefly, a small blue light can be seen through the side opening to the small room where the tomb is located. In an excellent article on the history of the Holy Fire written by Niels Christian Hvidt, the Greek patriarch describes how the fire first appears as a bluish light which appears over the tomb. The article can be read at: http://www.davidtlig.org.uk/miracle.html

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    Thanks for posting this David. I admit that these videos have always bothered me somewhat because of the circus behaviour and noise that I perceive of the crowd attending which doesn't seem to have the recollection, prayer and respect that commands a holy miracle. And this year, we can see the priests chatting, looking into the furnace while chatting between them, some wearing masks waiting impatiently... I find it hard to imagine Moses chatting with others wearing a face mask in the presence of the burning bush.

    But then God is so good....and I am not!

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