Head of Russian Church: political correctness

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    Head of Russian Church: Political Correctness Is Used to Attack Christian Values (VIDEO)

    Here's the website: http://russian-faith.com/christian-...orrectness-used-attack-christian-values-video

    "we're very wary when under the guise of political correctness and universal rights and liberty, we glimpse signs of discrimination"


    He explains that political correctness is used to cut the West off from its Christian roots...and to stop Christians from practicing their faith openly.

    Xmas, gender-neutral pronouns, etc, directly attack the fundamental Christian values at the core of traditional European culture.

    The Russians who lived through the Soviet Union remember a government that tried to obliterate Christianity, supposedly in the name of "human rights and liberties and a better tomorrow."

    "So," the Patriarch says, "we're very wary when under the guise of political correctness and universal rights and liberty, we glimpse signs of discrimination against the people who were once open about their Christian convictions. "

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    ...100% karnala! Great Post!
    The whole facade of political correctness is falling apart as hypocritical and false.
    The Harvey Weinstein allegations, reveal a horrible culture at the heart of Holywood, and the nauseating, moraly bankrupt pc output
    of this institution has been seriously unchallenged for too long.
    Pc has pervaded everything and its counterfeit compassion does nothing but enslave to a sterile false narrative on human nature and rights.

    The beautiful simplicity and reasonable precepts of christianity are so much more than
    rules and nit picking petty mindedness of "pc"
    from here;
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    Thats right Radhe, something had to happen with Hollywood - a whole generation (or more) has been affected by predators in this industry.

    When I first read the article, I was thinking of the EU - because if Muslims aren't offended by Christmas lights etc, then its the EU wanting an atheist agenda by "directly attack(ing) the fundamental Christian values at the core of traditional European culture". There's been so much on the tv news about the EU lately. They want to be having free trade deals with Australia by 2019, yet Britain is struggling to obtain trade deals with its Brexit .... and sounds like Ireland is remaining in the EU. Then all the disruption with Spain and Catalonia .... divisions within countries breaking out everywhere.
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    my emphasis

    karnala...I cant remember where I read it but I seem to recall something on tlig website which prophecised that European Union would collapse for precisely that reason you outline above.

    Ireland has descended into apostasy and is a shadow of itself regarding faith. It is riddled with lawlessness and morally bankrupt in my humble opinion. Even here there is a growing discontent with Europe dictating so much, plutocracy is what we are living under.

    Political correctness is alive and well here and flourishing in the media. (I dont have a tv - and pay no license for that reason) The church is undermined attacked and spat upon with alarming regularity by a trendy metropolitan elite, well versed in the mores of political correctness..

    taken from here;

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    The quote is from Patriarch Kirill (from the first post). I didn't realise you needed a licence to have tv service - its still free in Australia - did the licencing start when your country became part of the EU ?
    There has also been a successful referendum in the northern regions of Italy for more autonomy for Veneto & Lombardy, considering Italy is an EU member.

    Revelation 17:12-13 seems to be a more streamlined Europe and these verses say, “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.”

    Thinking of the EU as being this beast, and written in Book of Revelation - John sees a tragedy strike the beast. One of his heads is struck with a sword and receives a mortal wound. The blow apparently kills the beast (verses 3, 14). Then, to the astonishment of people everywhere, the beast’s critical injury is miraculously healed. This bible verse from Daniel gives me an idea of how the beast could be healed . . . completely
    eradicated three other kingdoms when rising to power. "I was considering the horns [kingdoms], and there was another horn [kingdom], a little one, coming up among them, before whom three of the first horns [kingdoms] were plucked out by the roots." (Daniel 7:8, NKJV).

    I was astounded when the new French president Emmanuel Macron declared he will govern France like Jupiter, the Roman king of the gods !??

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    karnala We have had tv license in Ireland before the EU a ridiculous set up - and hefty fines and imprisonment for non payment.
    The UK have a tv license as well and there is among ordinary people in both Ireland and UK contempt for the blatant continual bias. My solution ditch the tv stay within the law but dont support
    them. I dont miss the tv either.
    Macron as Jupiter eh ? Dear o dear!
    Yes karnala people in power dont think like you and me! I have always struggled to understand revelation. I think it refers to the spiritual realm and the material realm is but a reflection of deeper spiritual realities
    Just thinking though surely the beasts time must soon be up! I hope so? Surely the great renewal revival and new era of peace is not far off now?
    Quote below taken from:

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    Radhe, I believe a lot more has to happen before the Glorious reign of Our Lord. I read things from Catholic and Orthodox prophecy to try and understand revelation, as well as Jewish Rabbis .... but the timeline can be confusing. I guess we'll understand the times more as they unfold, and there's been so much lately about the EU and division within countries over autonomy, independence. Here's an article I read last year -

    Why Are 2 Different Popes Telling Us to Read “Lord of the World”?


    When Pope Francis spoke of the book as showing the dangers of globalization and what he calls “ideological colonization,” he did so in the context of his visit to the Philippines. The “colonization” he refers to is a process in which economically and politically powerful cultures such as those in America and in Western Europe impose a materialistic and secular worldview on the developing world.

    When you read Lord of the World, it’s easy to see the prophetic character of the book, to see the technological predictions that have materialized, to see even some of the political predictions come true; we think of other stories such as 1984 and Brave New World. Indeed, in the edition recently released by Ave Maria Press, the excellent introductory essays describe Robert Hugh Benson’s vision as one that inspired the genre of dystopian fiction, and they also give background on Benson’s conversion from Anglican cleric to Catholic priest....


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