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    Not what I would think very reverent. They get us coming and going. Oh Dear!

    Jeff Buckley
    Well I've heard there was a secret chord
    That David played and it pleased the Lord
    But you don't really care for music, do you?
    Well it goes like this:
    The fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift
    The baffled king composing Hallelujah
    Well your faith was strong but you needed proof
    You saw her bathing on the roof
    Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya
    She tied you to her kitchen chair
    And she broke your throne and she cut your hair
    And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah

    But baby I've been here before
    I've seen this room and I've walked this floor
    You know, I used to live alone before I knew ya
    And I've seen your flag on the marble arch
    And love is not a victory march
    It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah
    Well there was a time when you let me know
    What's really going on below
    But now you never show that to me do ya
    But remember when I moved in you
    And the holy dove was moving too
    And every breath we drew was Hallelujah
    Maybe there's a God above
    But all I've ever learned from love
    Was how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya
    And it's not a cry that you hear at night
    It's not somebody who's seen the light
    It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah
    Songwriters: Leonard Cohen
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    I enjoy listening to all the Catholic musicians who are included in the Rome Reports. There's a Catholic man in Australia who started the "Choir of Hard Knocks" to support the homeless, and the Hallelujah hymn is one of their original songs.

    Choir of Hard Knocks travel around Australia to support homeless
    14 Aug 2016

    Photo: Soprano Deborah Cheetham performs with the Choir of Hard Knocks in Melbourne. (ABC News: Joanna Crothers)

    Related Story: Choir singing for their supper

    Just a decade after the Choir of Hard Knocks began changing lives of homeless people, 40 members are travelling around the country for the choir's first national tour.
    Founded by artistic director Jonathon Welch in 2006, the choir is made up of people who live on and off the streets, have suffered addiction problems, or are disadvantaged.
    To celebrate 10 years, the choir has performed in Brisbane, Perth, Alice Springs and Sydney, and sung in Melbourne today along with 250 other singers.
    Welch said music helps people find meaning in their lives, and inspires them.
    "We're there to make music and have fun. You can see the confidence and self-esteem that singing together builds with the choir members" he said.
    "So many of the members have gone on to full time study and work."
    Welch said the regular contact hours and rehearsals with choir members helped those making changes in their life to stay on track.
    Over the past 10 years, exposure of the choir has grown dramatically and has inspired other street choirs across the country, and overseas.
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    I cannot allow a thread with the title Hallelujah not to include my favorite song, hymn of all time. As a reserved englishman of advanced years, I can nevertheless hardly stop my arms being raised.....

    Hallelu Et Adonai Ted Pearce

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    Wonderful...Sacred Music hymns are so inspiring I am not a great singer but listening to sacred music really helps me raise thoughts to higher things...and helps inspire the much needed virtue of Hope

    Since readiong TLIG
    I have enjoyed exploring the other great traditions Anglican, Russian, Greek, Ethiopian etc...

    I feel refreshed listening to this devotional music from Greek Orthodox

    Dont know the words, but just listen and lift heart up to the Lord...............

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    I've never listened to Greek Orthodox music before .... except for Gregorian Chant. Its a lot slower and contemplative compared to the Christian music they play on the community radio. Which is why its called sacred and sounds more like a contemplative prayer. I've responded to a "call for volunteers" for the TLIG Radio and they replied asking for my skills in radio :) I only just emailed them yesterday about the work I've learnt in radio production, and waiting to hear from them again.

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    What has God in store for you karnala? Something special no doubt....!
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    Radhe, I asked the team at TLIG Radio where their studios were located and he told me they didn't have any .... everything is done from home by 50+ volunteers. He said I was a God send – here is some of what he wrote:

    We are in great need of someone to assist with the audio files editing using, so you are God sent! the job we do is very simple and you’ll provide all the need guidelines. By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ the radio keeps growing day by day, so we also need someone with experience to join the program production team.
    ....We have no studios in Australia or anywhere else, all the work is done by volunteers (more than 50 so far) at home and that those volunteers are based in different countries in the world working for TLIG Radio is joy and happiness, all is done with love for Love, with heart for Heart.

    In Christ,


    Who’d ever think I’d be working for the production team of TLIG Radio, and it sounds like very basic editing (compared to what I’m doing at Fresh FM).
    I’d be happy to teach anyone else who’d like to learn .... the more volunteering the better!

    I have a prayer card of St Mary MacKillop (Australia's first Saint) at work because the words of this prayer help me to focus on New ways of living the gospel through the radio:

    HOLY GOD, source of all goodness
    You show us in Mary MacKillop a woman of faith
    Who lived by the power of the cross.
    Teach us to embrace what she pioneered;
    New ways of living the gospel
    That respect and defend the human dignity of all in our land.
    We ask this through Christ our Lord.

    I don’t have any say about what goes on air at Fresh FM, and TLIG Radio will be a new way to spread the messages instead.
  9. Radhe

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    ... great news karnala - God Bless you in your endeavours...

    Who knows where God will lead you with this!!
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    Thanks Radhe ..... because its work from home, I could start anytime once they send me the guidelines. You can listen to their or I should say our radio online, because its for all TLIG believers and anyone searching for God. They also have a list on their website of many of the albums and artists you listen on TLIG Radio and that we are happy to provide the convenient links for purchasing their music if you wish:


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    I found out about this version of Leonard Cohen's Alleluia, with lyrics that make it perfect for Christmas.

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    That's a beautiful rendition .... it seems this hymn can be an interpretation of any Bible story. The pianist is expressing a lot of emotion whilst he's singing.

    It always brings tears to my eyes - whether its the performance of a musical score or a dramatic piece about baffled kings, temptations, war causing a broken Hallelujah.
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