Greek Australian, now a Greek Orthodox missionary priest

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    I watched a repeated tv program last night on One Plus One (Australia) and was delighted to hear the story of an Egyptian Greek who immigrated to Australia with his parents:

    Interview With Father Themi Adamopoulo on Orthodox Missionary Work in Africa


    Over fifty years ago, a band from Melbourne, Australia called “The Flies,” won a competition for the band who sounded “the most like ‘The Beatles.’” The bassist of this band was a young Greek Australian, then named Themi Adams. Today, Themi Adams is better known as Father Themi Adamopoulo, a Greek Orthodox missionary priest in Freetown, Sierra Leon. The transition from Rock star to Greek Orthodox Mission Priest has captured the hearts of many, but Father’s work stems well-beyond his rock star past. Sierra Leon is one of the poorest countries in the world and Father Themi has been there serving its people through many of its hard times including the 2014 Ebola outbreak....

    When Father Themi began to pursue the Greek Orthodox priesthood, he was well-studied and well-versed in the language of Orthodoxy, but he felt he was missing something. He remembers looking at the life of Mother Theresa and all her accomplishments, and he realized this was the sort of work he would find most fulfilling. Being that Father Themi came from Africa, one of the most impoverished continents in the world. He felt this was the place to return to and commit his efforts to his homeland. Father Themi spent many years working in the mission fields of Kenya, but the call to Sierra Leone came into his heart. Father Themi thought to himself, “where would Mother Theresa go right now? -Sierra Leone.”

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