Garbandal: Message of hope

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    Published: Friday, 30 September 2016

    "They don’t want to kiss Him?"


    During their ecstasies, the visionaries always carried a crucifix that they would offer to those present. They would stretched out their hand to whomever Our Lady indicated in order for that person to then kiss the crucifix. This is an anecdote from the night of October 17, 1961.

    Conchita fell into ecstasy in her little kitchen. She offered the crucifix to be kissed by those who were present. Still in ecstasy, with her head thrown back and her gaze fixed on something high above her, she skillfully passed her hand through the window bars, so that those who were outside could also kiss the crucifix. When it seemed as though everyone had had the opportunity to kiss the crucifix, the crowd observed with astonishment that the girl still remained with her arm extended, as if she were waiting for someone else to draw near. Then, those inside the house heard her exclaim, “Ah! They don’t want to kiss Him? Why?”
    In spite of the crowd, both inside and outside the house, suddenly an absolute silence fell. A few moments later, a man who had stepped out of the kitchen discovered a couple hiding from the only light that came from the window. He approached them, and they confessed their fear: they considered themselves unworthy. The man answered, with great simplicity, that even though they considered themselves great sinners, God was waiting for them. This was clear, given that the girl, in her rapture, was standing there with her arm stretched out toward the darkness, offering the crucifix… to them, the only ones who hadn’t kissed it yet! The couple finally gave in, and, after having kissed the crucifix, the girl withdrew her hand from the window. A few minutes later, the ecstasy ended.

    Anecdote taken from the book: "Garabandal: Message of hope", by José Luis Saavedra
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    Thank you for this, karnala. The story is typical of so many wonderful lessons that the Virgin Mary taught at Garabandal.

    And thank you for introducing us to this very good new Garabandal website. The homepage is at:

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