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    Following the post about the Vatican announcement on official Church pilgrimages to Medjugorje that I put on the 'Pope and the Special Envoy' thread, I found the following fascinating article which is worthy of its own thread. It is, however, a Google translation of an Italian article but the translation is quite good.

    From Fatima to Medjugorje: "We must convert now"

    "The anniversary of Fatima is even more important today than in 2017, when its centenary was used". And then: "The Fatima prophecy is not yet fulfilled, but the time is ripe". Again: "To understand the apparitions to the little shepherds we must look to Medjugorje and to the fulfillment of the ten secrets, which are at the gates". Diego Manetti, an internationally renowned mariologist and author of the book of the Compass "Why the Madonna appears" , helps us to understand the prophecies announced more than a century ago in the Portuguese town and how the Virgin Mary speaks to us today.


    Today is the anniversary of Fatima, when from May 13th 1917 until October 13th of the same year, Our Lady appeared to three little shepherds who came to us as Saints: Lucia dos Santos, aged ten, and her cousins Giacinta Marto, of seven years, and Francesco Marto, nine years old.

    The apparitions, recognized by the Church in 1930, prophesy an extraordinary catechesis on the main contents of the Catholic faith and are particularly important for understanding the role of Mary in modern times.

    "But those who think that the prophecy of Fatima has exhausted its task are very wrong. Fatima speaks to us today more than ever and Our Lady is continuing, without pause, her plan of Salvation". We asked Diego Manetti, an internationally renowned mariologist and author of the book of the Compass "Why does Our Lady appear" to help us understand how these supernatural facts, happened over a century ago, call each of us by name today.

    We are at 13 May 2019, we have even passed the fateful centenary (2017) of the apparitions of the Madonna at the Cova da Iria. Well, do you still have something to tell us about Fatima today?
    I believe that today the anniversary of Fatima is even more important than two years ago, the year in which the centenary was celebrated.

    What do you mean?
    In the sense that the more we go on in time, the more Fatima becomes current.

    The answer lies in the very close thread that links Fatima to Medjugorje. I think that the words that Pope Benedict XVI spoke on May 13, 2010, when he went on a pilgrimage to Fatima, are showing themselves more and more true, the closer we get to the completion of Medjugorje, and therefore also of Fatima.

    Let us take a step back and briefly recall what the Holy Father said on that occasion ...
    After commenting on the third secret at the time it was revealed (2000), Benedict XVI revised his position in a more apocalyptic sense, pronouncing words that later became very famous : "Anyone who thought that the prophetic mission of Fatima is concluded would be deceived ... May these seven years that separate us from the centenary of the apparitions hasten the foretold triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to Glory of the Most Holy Trinity".

    Are you telling us that the prophecies of Fatima are not yet fulfilled?
    Exactly, one must realize that the perspective with which one must look at Fatima is open and is not simply the memory of a past. There is a promise that surely has begun to be realized, but which, even today, awaits its final fulfillment.

    Let's go back to Medjugorje: what links these last and alleged apparitions of today to Fatima?
    When Our Lady says in Medjugorje: "I came for the last time to call the world to conversion. Then I will not appear again". And when he adds: "My children, be ready because this time is a turning point", he is just saying that between Fatima and Medjugorje there is an open project ...

    We often focus on the third part of the secret revealed on July 13th 1917, but to really understand it we must first look at the second part, when Our Lady promises: "My Immaculate Heart will triumph!" This identical promise returns insistently to Medjugorje. It is October 2, 2010 when the Queen of Peace says: "Pray for your pastors, I will triumph with them". And again: "Help My Immaculate Heart to triumph in a world of sin". It must also be said that the prospect of "triumph" always follows decisive messages that make us understand how there is an unleashing of Evil going on. I refer, for example, to the message of January 1, 2001 when Our Lady says: "Now that Satan is released from the chains,

    Manetti, you say that everything is still open, yet the Madonna had promised Lucia di Fatima, that she would not die without seeing the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. Lucia left us in 2005: how can we explain this?
    Our Lady always keeps her promises and in fact, in Fatima, a first fulfillment of the prophecy is indicated: "Russia will convert". This happens regularly: between the Immaculate and Christmas of 1991, as we know, communism dissolves and the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumphs over the empire of evil, or rather that atheistic and materialistic ideology that for seventy years had subdued the 'Soviet Union, spreading apostasy throughout the world. What I mean, though, is that this was just the beginning, Lucia saw the principle of fulfillment ...

    According to her: when and how will the prophecy of Fatima be fulfilled?
    The fulfillment will take place precisely with the secrets of Medjugorje and with their full realization, it is in Medjugorje that Our Lady herself says: "Here I will exhaust my role". This is a really important point to clarify because, if I don't look at Fatima as an open prophecy, I don't even understand our time. That is, I do not understand that between Fatima and Medjugorje there is in the middle a century of trial that will enter us in recent times. But be careful though: those who say we are at the "end of time" are wrong, because the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is not the end of the world, but is the victory of the first of the two eschatological combats described in the Apocalypse. Therefore, if anything, the opposite is true: we are not at the end of time, but we are on the eve of a long time of Peace that many of us will surely be able to see and enjoy. IS' that time between the first fight, when the Woman dressed in the Sun (the Madonna) wins and binds the devil, and the final fight. But before the Peace, the ten secrets must be fulfilled ...

    Manetti, what do we know about these ten secrets revealed by the Madonna to the visionaries of the Bosnian village?
    We know that the seven secrets ranging from the fourth to the tenth, concern terrible punishments. Where punishments are not a product of God, but are what man is producing by himself, rejecting God and sowing the hatred that he carries in his heart wounded by sin. We know that these seven secrets must be realized, but we also know that they can be changed in intensity with prayer and fasting, so much so that Vicka and Mirjana have already said that the seventh secret has been slightly attenuated. But the most important thing of all, however, is that we realize that Our Lady is giving us a time of grace so that we can hurry and convert immediately! As in Fatima, Our Lady has always urged conversion in Medjugorje. With a difference:

    In short, it seems to understand that we can no longer wait: are we in a really decisive time?
    The time, in fact, is that of Fatima and Medjugorje, which is the time of the century of trial which is closing. When I say that it is closing, I refer to the message of June 2, 2017 when Our Lady says: "Be ready, this time is a turning point". Added to this is the supplication of the Madonna who, on March 18, 2018, asks everyone to pray for the gift of faith: this will indeed be the most important gift in the time of secrets. Also in the same message, he adds: "Your struggle is hard and it will be even more", indicating exactly that escalation that will lead to the time of secrets. And finally I can add a further detail: a friend who is a guide in Medjugorje has repeatedly testified to having asked a very precise question to Vicka. It was 2001, twenty minutes had passed years from the beginning of the apparitions and from the revelation of the secrets to the visionaries, when he asked her: "If you can't communicate the date of the secrets, you can at least tell us with a football metaphor, where are we of the match?". Then Vicka replied: "The second half has already begun," thus implicitly giving 2021 as a limit. Therefore, times are upon us. Having said this, I pray to God that we can all today, now, immediately accept this heartfelt invitation to conversion that Our Lady addresses to us, as the most loving of mothers, with the will to lead us all to Heaven. And then there is one last fact, which is noteworthy ... as the most loving of mothers, with the will to lead us all to Heaven. And then there is one last fact, which is noteworthy ... as the most loving of mothers, with the will to lead us all to Heaven. And then there is one last fact, which is noteworthy ...

    Pray ...
    It is no coincidence that just yesterday, on the eve of the Fatima Anniversary, Pope Francis officially recognized the possibility of going on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. This is a permit that on 7 December 2017 had already released Msgr. Henryk Hoser, (special envoy of the Holy See in Medjugorje, ed. ), But now, even more officially, he is explicitly reiterated by the Holy Father. Further confirmation of the bridge that links Fatima to Medjugorje.
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    The key is Russia the conversion of Russia is critical, the fall of communism, Our Lady specified Russia. It is heartening to see the reopening of churches in Russia.
    Many of us remember the cold war very well the feeling of dread of communism, and the massive spread of marxist errors, which afflicts the west now more than Russia

    I never would have believed the day I would see this below. Can you imagine ANY western leader /politician partaking in a beautiful ceremony like this?:

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    Yes, Radhe, Russia is indeed central in the events taking place and which are to take place in the world. The True Life in God messages tell us just this.

    There are still many who view Putin's beliefs in a negative way, thinking he is just using Christianity to boost his hold on power. I have sometimes wondered that way but I changed when I saw how positive Solzhenitsyn was about Putin not long before he died. Solzhenitsyn was not someone who would have been taken in by a false faith. Here are two short videos which illustrate the Solzhenitsyn-Putin link:

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    And while speaking about Putin, Robert Moynihan is reporting news of a meeting between Putin and Pope Francis next month.

    The Italian ambassador to Russia, Pasquale Terracciano said during a speech yesterday at the General Assembly of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, that Russia's President Vladimir Putin will pay a visit to Italy in July.

    "Obviously, this presence of the Russian ruler in Italy will also be the occasion to be received in audience by Pope Francis, an audience already requested and in preparation," Luis Badilla, editor of Il Sismografo, a website which daily links to many news articles about the Church and the Vatican (link), then wrote today.

    "For now we do not know the exact dates of Putin's trip to Italy and therefore not even the day of the meeting with the Pope," Badilla wrote. "Some Vatican sources believe that the meeting could be at the end of the first week of July."

    But a Spanish website is saying they have received confirmation from their Vatican sources (they do not name them) that the meeting will be on July 5 (see below for the full article; link)

    It will be the third meeting between Pope Francis and Vladimir Putin. The first was November 25, 2013 and the second on June 10, 2015.

    If the meeting does take place, we maybe could then hope that Mr Putin might take the opportunity to invite Pope Francis to Russia!!

    Edited addition: A new article seems to confirm the original report from Robert Moynihan:
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