Freemason service at Canterbury cathedral on 18th February

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    Freemason service at England's Mother Church on same day as consecration to Our Lady


    Justin Welby, the Church of England's Archbishop of Canterbury, is allowing a full Masonic service to be conducted in Canterbury cathedral on the same day that Cardinal Nichols reconsecrates England and Wales to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Westminster cathedral on the 18th February 2017....
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    ....speechless.... karnala... The Blessed Mother WILL end this I dont know how.. But Does not Our reading of TLIG expose the scheme of the beast...
    masonry exposed..

    I read that book some years ago.
    I have always been a aware that talented people good people have been "set aside" while mediocrity the bland the "politically correct" have flourished ..Why?
    The mystery of iniquity. It used to be big deal - something I agonised over. What True Life in God showed me is this nonsense is more to be pitied I mean this I hope with christian charity...they need our prayers
    May God Have Mercy on them!

    "I tell you solemnly, the man who will thrust himself voluntarily at the Beast's feet, worshipping him and accepting his kingdoms of the world, will be cast into the fires of hell; I want you to pray for these souls, daughter, for they are as precious as you are to Me; see, daughter, although they are your enemies, you must pray for them to be delivered; they do not realise that making the world their friend is making Me, their God, their enemy, this is why My Law, My precepts and My Tradition do not appeal to them ....

    when I was led by the Spirit out in the wilderness to be tempted by the devil, and the devil showed Me from a very high mountain all the kingdoms of the world, offering them all to Me if I worshipped him, I replied: "be gone Satan! for Scriptures say: 'you must worship the Lord your God and serve Him alone;'"

    today, to My great sorrow, a huge population from every country is being drawn to worship the Beast and he has become for them their ruler and their god, for they have accepted his kingdoms and their luxury; they have become the traders of the earth; yes! they have set their hearts on the fruits of the world; deceived by Satan, they promote error, obsessed with their sins, they promote liberalism and the like, defying the Truth and the Tradition of My Church; the Lie is defying the Truth ...."

    The Good Lord will prevail his Dear Mothers Immaculate heart will triumph...
    Why settle for the counterfeit the false when you can have the real Living God why submit to the shabby materialistic beast - whose reign in this world will soon end...
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    I can't believe it either - and there was no build-up to it (probably cause I'm not following Anglican media).

    this is the reason why I am sending a power to delude them and make them believe what is untrue, is; to condemn all who refused to believe in the truth and chose wickedness instead; the power of the Rebel 6 is such that he has without any fear appeared openly now to everyone; this is the one of which the prophet Ezekiel 7 spoke of, the one swollen with pride, the one who claims to be God, the one who apes the Truth, the one who considers himself as My equal and says that he sits on My Throne; the Rebel is indeed the Enemy of My Church, the Antichrist, the man who denies the Holy Trinity;

    Treat Your Natural Desires Of The Flesh Hard
    The World Has Exchanged My Divinity For A Worthless Imitation
    April 19, 1992
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    A quote From the karnalas link:

    "Cardinal Nichols' reconsecration of England and Wales to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Westminster cathedral on the18th February 2017 inaugurates the celebrations of the centenary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima. The Mass at Westminster cathedral includes the crowning of a specially commissioned statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

    There is a violent history of Masonic hostility to Our Lady of Fatima since the original apparitions in 1917 in Portugal. Father John de Marchi’s account of the miraculous events at Fatima, personally verified by Sr. Lucia, recounts the hostility of local freemasons towards Our Lady and the three visionaries at Fatima. Arthur Santos, the mayor of Vila Nova de Ourem who persecuted and psychologically tortured the three children, was a member of the Masonic Lodge of Leiria, and founded a new lodge in his native Vila Nova de Ourem. The Masonic Lodge at Santarem, a neighbouring town to Fatima, became the rallying point to atheistic opposition to Our Lady of Fatima. In September 1917, men from Santarem joined up with men from Vila Nova de Ourem to attack the makeshift shrine at the site of the apparitions.

    In view of this history of masonic anti-Catholicism, is it more than an unhappy coincidence that a major Masonic service is being conducted in the ancient mother Church of the Catholic faith in these lands on the very same day that England is reconsecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in honour of Our Lady of Fatima? Even if it is coincidence, it is a conjunction of events that is profoundly significant and meaningful. " (my emphasis)

    I think in Fr Gobbis book The Blessed Mother mentions she will dismantle masonry the way she dismantled communism in Russia. I think the masonry in Europe has a left wing flavour anti monarcy etc.whereas in Britian it would be seen as more
    conservative. In Stephen Knights book however he exposed how Labour politicians and Conservatives met in the same lodges. Which given the way people often say" it does not matter who you vote for" demonstrates the paucity of politics..

    I recall many years ago Padre Pio advised one of his Spiritual Children not to enter politics." My son politics teach one to steal"

    Masonry within the church would be a destructive force working in a hidden way to empty the sacred truths of all divinty, meaning turning the Gospels into a materialistic man made ideas.Where in we try to reduce Gods teachings to fit our puny statures, man trying to be God...
    Dullness and apathy prevailing.

    Wait till we get unity though...! I am no prophet, I dont know but I have a hope that this year the 100th anniversary of Fatima will be special -please God!
    Will God say to the devil "Your time is up"?
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    Also, Fr Adam (MMP from Poland) has just posted an article written by a former Freemason - can be translated using google Chrome:

    I was a Freemason - Interview with Burkhardt Gorissen

    Is it a coincidence that most of the modern revolution Freemasons were involved?
    In fact, the French Revolution was planned and executed by the masons, as well as the so-called struggle for freedom in Italy, then the most ardent opponents of young visionaries of Fatima were Masons, and looking at the Bolshevik revolution - its moving spirit, Trotsky was also a Freemason. Revolutions have always characterized the spirit of the anti-clerical. French revolutionaries murdered priests, the Bolsheviks murdered the clergy, the Italian freedom fighters removed Pope from the Vatican. Italian mason and Nobel Prize-winner for literature Carducci wrote the "Hymn to Satan". In this hymn sung Satan is a rebel who refutes the crown and miter. Do such verses can be interpreted only as a metaphor? This would lead to schizophrenia. But perhaps thinking Masons is schizophrenic. Masonic US President Harry S. Truman gave the order the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: is it not the greatest contradiction to the Masonic ideal of tolerance and humanism?

    Fr Adam also posts a lot about St Pio - and unpublished stories you may not have read about:

    That certainly did not know about St. Padre Pio - unpublished stories from the life of holy stigmatic

  6. Radhe

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    Freemasons imprisoned the Fatima children and persecuted them -Why? Odd coincidences and that there is a hidden confrontation it is subtle and spiritual in nature buts it is there.
    I think that he United Grand Lodge of England is celebrating 300 years anniversary
    which is startling too..

    "Justin Welby's and Canterbury Cathedrals decision to allow a Masonic service is controversial among certain groups of Anglicans in light of the 1987 summary of the deliberations by the General Synod of the Church of England, Freemasonry and Christianity: Are they compatible?:

    It was "clear that some Christians have found the impact of Masonic rituals disturbing and a few perceive them as positively evil." Some believed that Masonic rituals were "blasphemous" because God's name "must not be taken in vain, nor can it be replaced by an amalgam of the names of pagan deities." It noted that Christians had withdrawn from Masonic lodges "precisely because they perceive their membership of it as being in conflict with their Christian witness and belief. The Synod's primary theological objection centred upon Freemasonry's use of the word "Jahbulon," which is the name used for the Supreme Being in Masonic rituals, and is an amalgamation of Semitic, Hebrew and Egyptian titles for God."

    The use "jahbulon" is therefore a clear blasphemy.

    "....The Spirit of My Father is constantly blasphemed and ridiculed by many of My ministers; has this generation not yet heard an uproar from heaven? have you not yet heard from the highest heaven a lamentation from the saints?... " TLIG

    There are quite a few references to masonry in True Life in God- which got my attention when I first started to read the book - in the 90s

    The beast will fall...!!!

    "What does all of this mean? It means that the enemy (Satan) is soon to be routed completely and that the Lord has begun to crush his power with the breath of his mouth (i.e. the Holy Spirit, cf. 2 Thes 2:8 and Jn 20:22) The purification which Vassula speaks of on September 15, 1991 has not yet arrived, but as a spiritual equivalent of the atomic bomb, the destruction of Satan's kingdom cannot be far away. In short, Vassula's writings confirm the hope and the promise raised by Our Blessed Virgin in the writings of Fr. Gobbi that the era of peace is truly at our doorstep."

    -this quote comes from here

    The consecration to Our Lady:

    Gosh I am cheering up after all this there is hope for us all!
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    Cardinal Nichols consecrates England and Wales to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    by Staff Reporter
    posted Monday, 20 Feb 2017
    Cardinal Vincent Nichols crowns a statue of Our Lady of Fátima (mazur/

    Thousands attended the consecration in Westminster Cathedral

    Cardinal Vincent Nichols has crowned a statue of Our Lady of Fátima in the centenary year of her appearance, and re-consecrated England and Wales to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    At a packed Westminster Cathedral, filled to its 3,000 capacity and with large crowds spilling into the plaza, Cardinal Nichols led the prayer of consecration, which includes the sentence: “To you and your Immaculate Heart, in this centenary year of the apparitions of Fátima, we re-consecrate ourselves in union not only with the Church, the Mystical Body of your Son, but also with the entire world.”

    The cardinal was renewing a consecration made by his predecessor as Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Bernard Griffin, in 1948.

    Catholics offer devotion to Our Lady of Fátima (mazur/

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