First Spanish PM sworn in without bible or crucifix on table

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by karnala, Jun 3, 2018.

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    According to royal observers, King Felipe has relaxed the protocol on such swearing-in ceremonies for officials since taking up the throne in 2014, meaning Christian symbols are now an optional element....


    And since becoming leader of Spain’s socialist party (PSOE), Mr Sánchez has taken a combative approach to the country’s Catholic Church, which enjoys a privileged position despite the Spanish state officially being secular.

    In his manifesto when running for the party leadership in 2017, Mr Sánchez promised to renounce treaties signed by the Vatican and Spain in 1979, under which the Catholic Church was guaranteed funding through a share of taxpayers’ money, exemption from paying certain levies itself and state funding for religious instruction in state schools, among other privileges.....
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    Aggressive secularism in Europe.... hence the collapse of the EU ! God wont allow evil to win.
    They are godless blind fools. The sooner this corrupt EU is dissolved the better
    I do seem to recall there is a prophetic element in tlig which predicts this!Anti christ spirit seems to be everywhere these days!
  3. karnala

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    I've just been reading "The Last Times" which is a letter written by Fr. Jacques Emily for his flock .... from three of Our Lady's authentic messages (La Salette, Fatima & Quito), Fr. Emily states: "My priestly heart wants to echo once more for your souls the words of Our Heavenly Mother...." As these messages were given us by Our Lady specifically to guide us through the present times, Fr. Emily uses them to point out the dangers that currently surround us:

    p.6 ....Can we fail to see in the construction of this Masonic One World Government the realisation of the prophecy of Our Lady warning us that: “All the civil governments will have one and the same plan, which will be to abolish and do away with every religious principal, to make way for materialism, atheism, spiritualism and vice of all kinds.”

    p.11-12 A Masonic Plan.... How is it possible that these fashions...have come to be adopted by Christian families? The little Jacinta, inspired by Our Lady, answers the question and tells us that these fashions “will be invented.” Let us be well aware, my dear Friends, that they have been invented by none other than the Masonic sects intent on serving the devil and destroy the Catholic Church. Please, pay a particular attention to what they have to say about this diabolical invention that they have fomented in their Lodges:

    “Catholicism does not fear a very sharp sword any more than the monarchies feared it. But, these two foundations of Social Order can collapse under corruption; let us never tire to corrupt them. Tertullian was right in saying that from the blood of martyrs Christians are born; let us not make martyrs; but, let us popularise vice among the multitudes; may they breathe it through their five senses; may they drink it and be saturated. Make vicious hearts and there will be no more Catholics. It is corruption on a big scale that we have undertaken…a corruption that should one day enable us to lead the Church to its grave. Lately, I heard one of our friends laughing philosophically at our projects saying: ‘To destroy Catholicism, we should do away with women’. The idea is good in a certain way, but since we cannot get rid of women, let us corrupt them with the Church. ‘Corruptio optimi, pessima’. The best dagger to strike the Church is corruption.” (Letter of Vindice to Nubius; [pen-names of 2 leaders of the Italian ‘Alta Vendita’] dated the 9th August 1838)

    This letter revealing the diabolical invention denounced by Jacinta was written only 8 years before the message of Our Lady at La Salette! We have the strong impression reading the message of La Salette and this letter of Vindice that Our Lady was, in a sense, making the latter public to warn the Church and all Catholics against the coming danger of this vicious and diabolical attack by the Masons....
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    Yes leaving out God and introducing anti life laws are "progressive"a world fashioned to suit big government and big business interests -the beast.

    That Last Times was a good read..The next referendum in Ireland...abolish the blasphemy law, bit by bit the constitution is being dismantled. There is nothing left now anyway they have "legalised" abortion.
    This pattern seems to be everywhere in Nigeria-an imperialist anti life agenda, aid from UN and others comes with "conditions".

    Obianuju Ekeocha from Nigeria has written a new book claiming that so-called humanitarian aid now almost always comes with anti-life strings attached.

    Big money backs these agendas! Evil perverse philosophies a sign of the end times...

    Yes, Lord. Yes, Holy Mother.
  5. karnala

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    I was glad to read most countries in Africa resist giving up their values: These things, she says, fly in the face of African values—which is why African countries frequently vote against UN resolutions drafted to address African problems.

    The UN are even claiming that migrants face ‘hostile environment’ in post-Brexit Britain. What's it like for Ireland during Brexit - they usually only report about England on our tv news.
    Do you live in Northern Ireland? I've been reading how Ireland needs to recruit 500 officers and reopen decommissioned police stations to protect the post-Brexit border.
  6. Radhe

    Radhe Well-Known Member

    I am from Northern Ireland live in the Republic. the impression I get is Northern Ireland is in a limbo state. Much less trouble but the future seems uncertain.
    Brexit could be problematic for me I travel back to Northern Ireland a lot. After the years of trouble there are tourists coming which is good, but Northern Ireland remains a deeply bitter and divided place.The video below is of the mural covered walls that divide catholic and protestant...

    I found out about tlig from a book shop in Belfast I could not believe Vassula had visited God gave her a message of peace, I am sure the Lord ordained that Vassula's visit was highly significant

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    St Patrick has a couple of prophecies too .... the faith he brought to Ireland will blaze throughout the island for a period of time, then gradually dim and eventually appear to be almost extinguished, with but a few glowing embers; but then will gradually resurge, beginning in the north and eventually returning throughout Ireland. Also, another prophecy from St Patrick and others Saints .... "The ocean shall inundate Ireland seven years before the End."
    I"m not certain how accurate these are, as I haven't read any of St Patrick's books.

    You've also had Great Pope St John Paul II visit Ireland, and Pope Francis will be there in August for World Meeting of Families.

    Cork, Ireland
    November 22, 1991

    (Ireland - Cork)

    beloved children, I give you My Peace; the world is falling into decay, but I have not forgotten you; I am visiting you in your distress to help each one of you reach your Room in Heaven; you are Mine and you are all very precious to Me;

    I am the Light of the world,

    so do not fear, I ask you to pray for those who have hardened their heart and do not believe in the Truth; never cease your prayers;

    I, the Lord, have passed through your cities, Ireland, and although at the moment you do not know the Plans I have designed for you;

    - remain in My Divine Love and you shall feel strong,
    - remain in My Sacred Heart and you shall prosper,
    - remain in My favour by your constancy and faith,
    - remain in Me, and you shall live;

    I, the Lord, bless each one of you leaving the Sigh of My Love on your forehead;

    remember: Love loves you;

  8. Radhe

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    karnala I was familiar with the prophecy about Ireland flooding but not about the return to faith!
    Thanks for that needed to hear that, thoroughly downcast about things at the moment.

    BTW! I listen to Orthodox music and bless my self the orthodox way yesterday said the orthodox rosary...
    In that spirit of unity learned from tlig - I feel cheered that unity will do so much.

    Will have to enlist the help of Orthodox saints too StBasil is one, also StParaskevi are there any others that could help us all?
  9. karnala

    karnala Well-Known Member

    Because I wasn't certain if the prophecy was made by St. Patrick himself, I did some more reading - it could be referring to St Malachy from Northern Ireland who restored the faith:
    Jocelyn attempts to make sense out of the prophecy by linking it to the appearance of the Viking invaders, who ravaged the coasts of Ireland in the early Middle Ages. The light in “Ulydia” (an archaic name for Ulster) which brings about the reversal of the apostasy is rightly connected by Jocelyn to St. Malachy.... St. Malachy had ensured unity of the Church in Ireland with the Roman Catholic Church by travelling to Rome to obtain pallia for the sees of Armagh and Cashel. And in his famous account of the saint’s life, St. Bernard of Clairvaux tells how St. Malachy had helped to restore the Church in Ireland, which had fallen into a terrible state of decay.

    The above prophecy is based on the story of St. Patrick lighting the Paschal Fire on the Hill of Slane circa 433 A.D., in opposition to the pagan festival of Beltane practised by Laoghaire, the High King of Tara. This defiant action was an instrumental moment in the conversion of Ireland. This prophecy attributed to St. Patrick also appears to be associated with the Great Apostasy foretold in Scripture, which speaks of a general falling away of Christians from the faith towards the end of the world.
  10. karnala

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    While I was reading about St Patrick, another Irish Saint caught my attention - because he's from Cork (and I'd just posted TLIG message given in Cork).
    Its a God-incidence - as St Finbarr restored the faith in the south of Ireland and there were many miracles:

    Commemorated September 25/October 8


    At the school-seminary that was founded at Cork Monastery, spiritual and secular sciences were taught and students prepared for priesthood. This place became known as a center of learning, a seedbed of saints, a sanctuary of Christian virtues, a refuge for the oppressed, a shelter for the sick and the poor. St. Finbarr did not stop his activities as a builder – he erected no fewer than twelve more churches in the Cork region during his ministry there. He preached the Gospel tirelessly throughout his life, and as a bishop he trained and ordained many deacons, presbyters, bishops. He baptized many people, and became known as a great wonderworker....

    The later Latin and Irish versions of his Life praise many virtues of this saint, calling him a torch of wisdom, an orchard full of apples of sweetness, comparing him with St. David the Psalmist, St. Paul the lover of truth, St. John (the Baptist) the pure ascetic, and so on. Among successors and spiritual heirs of St. Finbarr were at least seventeen saints and hundreds of pious monks. His biographers wrote that St. Finbarr was often guided by an angel. He lived for some time as an anchorite in a cave, healed many sick people, had visions of the spiritual world, possessed the gift of prophecy, and even predicted the day of his death....

    A number of schools in Ireland, England and even Australia are named after our saint. Catholic parish churches are dedicated to St. Finbarr even far away from Ireland – namely in Brooklin, New York, and in Naples (Florida, the USA), along with several parishes in Australia. St. Finbarr is venerated by many as the heavenly protector of immigrants.

    Holy Hierarch Finbarr of Cork, pray to God for us!
  11. karnala

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    Every time I listen to the news there are tragic stories about immigrants, migrant workers, refugees facing a ‘hostile environment’ ~

    Algeria has abandoned more than 13,000 people in the Sahara Desert over the past 14 months, including pregnant women and children, expelling them without food or water and forcing them to walk, sometimes at gunpoint, under a blistering sun. Some never make it out alive.... Algeria's mass expulsions have picked up since October 2017, when the European Union renewed pressure on North African countries to head off migrants going north to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea or the barrier fences with Spain.,000-people-in-the-sahara/9910034

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