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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by David, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. David

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    Ok, this is a first item to post on this new forum. I'm hoping it will be able to operate without problems. As an illustration of one of the nice properties of the software, I will copy, below, an item I posted today on another forum I participate in (and which uses the same forum software):

    A new interview with Emeritus Pope Benedict is not an everyday event so it seems a good idea to post a thread here about the interview published today in Osservatore Romano with a translation in Robert Moynihan's newsletter. The full interview is not yet available on Mr Moynihan's 'Inside the Vatican' magazine but I copy the introduction from the newsletter below:

    March 17, 2016, Thursday -- Emeritus Pope Benedict Grants an Interview on Justification and God's Mercy

    What the human person needs for salvation is the intimate openness to God.” —Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI, in a 2015 interview with Jesuit theologian Father Jacques Servais. The interview was conducted during 2015 for a book on the doctrine of justification, and it was read out to a conference in Rome in October of 2015 by Archbishop Georg Gaenswein. This week the book itself was released in Italy, sparking a number of newspaper articles. The full text of the interview is being published today, March 17, in Italian, in the Vatican's newspaper, the Osservatore Romano

    “Faith is a deeply personal communication with God, which touches my very core and places me in direct contact with the living God so that I can talk to Him, love Him and enter into communion with Him. At the same time, this highly personal experience is inextricably linked to the community: becoming one of God’s children in the community of pilgrim brothers and sisters is part of the essence of the faith." —Ibid.

    "No, the Church was not made by herself, she was created by God and she is continuously formed by Him." —Ibid.



    On December 8, 2015, the first day of the Jubilee of Mercy, Pope Francis, before opening the Holy Door (seen behind him), went up to Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI and embraced him. Ratzinger had wanted to be there despite his aching legs.

    "Paul teaches us that faith comes from listening (fides ex auditu)," Emeritus Pope Benedict tells us in a recent interview which has just been published in a book in Italy.

    Since Benedict has spoken very little in public since his resignation three years ago, it seems important to consider what he said on this occasion.

    "Listening," Benedict said, "involves having a partner... In order for me to believe, I need witnesses who have met God and make Him accessible to me.”

    We sometimes forget this fundamental fact -- a fact which the common wisdom of our time opposes: that we come to a relationship with God, and to faith in God, by means of witnesses.

    It is almost as if life is a great courtroom, and we are each members of a jury trying to discern truth from falsehood, right from wrong, justice from injustice, reality from illusion.

    And we must listen to the testimony of witnesses in order to form our judgments and come to our conclusions. Therefore, we need to listen intently to the witnesses we see before us.

    One such witness is precisely Emeritus Pope Benedict himself...


    (On Deember 8, 2015, after Pope Francis (left) passed through the Holy Door in St. Peter's Basilica, Emeritus Pope Benedict followed, helped by his personal secretary, Archbishop Georg Gaenswein)
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    Thank you. I'm enjoying the new forum and looking forward to the new polls :)
  3. David

    David Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you 'made it' on to the forum! I hope 'Radhe' manages to get here as well ...

    As for the 'polls' facility, yes it could be useful or interesting but I think polls only 'work' on big forums with a lot of contributors. I am assuming this forum will remain very quiet unless something 'happens' that make Vassula and TLIG suddenly newsworthy. But I set it up so that if or when that happens, the infrastructure is in place. I think most TLIG people who are active on the internet use Facebook to do their 'chatting'. Personally, I hate Facebook!
  4. karnala

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    Did you want me to remove my poll - I was browsing all the new content and wanted to make use of all its facilities.
    I've found on other forums, that the polls tend to make you want to read the article more, so you can make an informed decision.

    I don't have facebook either and prefer to use this forum to meet other TLIG believers :)
  5. David

    David Well-Known Member

    I think it might be good idea to remove the poll because it will currently serve only to highlight our lack of registered users! Also, I think the topic of SSPX is not particularly important at the moment whereas the message you quoted is particularly important with regard to what is happening with Pope Francis. I anticipate needing to add items to that thread in the months ahead!
  6. Radhe

    Radhe Well-Known Member

    Hello David and karnala yes David I made it...! I love the new website I have been mulling over (for too long) how to get creative for TLIG looks like we can post a lot of content here in an attractive way!
    Facebook -I got on it on the advice that it would increase chances of work. ..Not a big fan of it and only signed up reluctantly. (It feels like an ego echo chamber) I find posting on it like I am talking to myself!
    Nothing new there!:D
  7. karnala

    karnala Well-Known Member

    thats good news Radhe, you found the way - lots of news feeds to read too.
    David, I don't know how to delete the poll.... so I 'edit' to close the polling. It might be something you have to do as administrator ?

    Also (thinking of facebook), Pope alerts priests of the virtual worldliness that is opened or closed by a click:

    In keeping with the topic of shame, Pope Francis then made a list of some seemingly harmless temptations that plague Christians today.

    "We feel that our soul thirsts for spirituality, not for a lack of Living Water which we only sip from, but because of an excessive "bubbly” spirituality, a "light” spirituality. We feel ourselves also trapped, not so much by insurmountable stone walls or steel enclosures that affect many peoples, but rather by a digital, virtual worldliness that is opened and closed by a simple click.”
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