Earthquake in Japan dries up centuries-old Kumamoto water source

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    We've just been posting about the Ten Plagues of Egypt because of the worship of their false gods too.

    April 2016MINAMI-ASO, Kumamoto Prefecture (JAPAN) — For hundreds of years, the sacred Shioisha spring here has provided water for drinking and irrigation in this village in the shadow of Mount Aso. But the fountainhead, which gushed about five tons of spring water a minute, has dried up since the magnitude-7.3 earthquake struck the prefecture early on April 16. Its disappearance has local residents baffled. “I was absolutely flabbergasted to hear that Shioisha spring has dried up. It turns my world upside down,” said 95-year-old Natsuko Goto, who was taking shelter at an elementary school after the earthquake. “What will happen now?”
    Shioisha spring is located on the premises of Shioijinja shrine. According to Sachio Hirose, the 63-year-old parish representative, there are many fountainhead springs in Minami-Aso, which has been dubbed “the village where water is born.” However, Shioisha spring is the one that has been worshiped by local residents as the sacred spring where the “god of water” dwells. Its abundant waters have been a blessing for local rice farmers.


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    Its certainly true about "the earth will spew out from within it rivers of fire" because of the amount of volcanic activity.

    Earth changes intensifying: Volcanoes across the globe go ballistic as 2016 arrives

    February 2016MEXICO – A volcano eruption in western Mexico has sent a spectacular plume of smoke and ash high into the air. Colima volcano is one of three that make up the Colima Volcanic Complex, near the west coast of Mexico. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the country and has erupted more than 40 times, including several times in the past few years. The volcano is permanently monitored by the University of Colima. –ABC

    Kilauea VolcanoHawaii: (Jan 10, 2016) Nature’s fury was on full display as a rock fall in Hawaii cause an impressive explosion at Kilauea volcano. Volcano watchers recorded the massive explosion on Friday morning, when rocks splashed into the lake of lava at Halemaumau crater. These types of explosions are likely to occur when the lava lake level is relatively high, as it was on Friday, scientists say.... –ABC 13

    Mount Egon
    Indonesia: (Jan 19, 2016) More than 1,200 people were evacuated from their homes when a volcano in eastern Indonesia spews clouds of ash and toxic gas into the air on January 19, 2016. Officials said they had distributed thousands of gas masks to villagers around Mount Egon in eastern Flores Island as the choking fumes from the volcano intensified. All residents within three kilometers of the volcano were ordered to evacuate and roads were also closed. The volcano began rumbling in December of 2015 but has become more active in recent months.... –ABC

    San Miguel – El Salvador: A new phase of eruptive activity began at the volcano on January 11, 2016. Accompanied by a spike in volcanic tremor, weak to moderate ash emissions have been occurring from the main crater. This activity, the 22nd eruptive phase since Dec 2013 according to MARN, has been slowing waning since the eruption.

    MomotomboNicaragua: A strong vulcanian explosion occurred January 12, 2016 at 12:10 local time at the volcano. An ash plume rose approximately 3 km from the summit and it generated a small pyroclastic flow.

    Mount Makaturing Philippines: (Jan 22, 2016) Authorities in Lanao del Sur are investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed the mountain forests of Butig town near Cagayan de oro City, in the Philippines on Thursday night, with the nearby Mount Makaturing volcano high on the suspect list. The magma mount is one of the most active in the Philippines and sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire.... –Express

    Popocatepetl VolcanoMexico: (Jan 25, 2016) Ashes from the Popocatepetl volcano have rained down on the airport of the central Mexican city of Puebla, prompting authorities to temporarily shut down operations.

    Four explosions and 39 low-intensity exhalations of ash were recorded between Sunday and Monday at the 5,452-metre volcano, according the National Disaster Prevention Centre. Puebla state civil protection department director Jesus Morales said airport operations would be closed for three hours so workers could remove ash from the runway.... –ABC

    Turrialba VolcanoCosta Rica: On Saturday afternoon, geologists at the Observatory on Volcanology and Seismology at the National University of Costa Rica (Spanish acronym: OVSICORI) reported a new eruption at the Turrialba Volcano, the most active colossus in our country. The volcanic event took place about ten minutes before 2:00 pm during a warm, yet extremely windy, afternoon. The seismographic sensors of the OVSICORI began stirring after 1:50 pm, at which time the scientists on duty activated their crater cameras to capture the eruption.... Some ash fell on the vegetation and crops of the massive Finca La Picada farm near the volcano. Elsewhere, a strong smell of sulfur was detected by neighbors in Concepcion de Heredia.... –Costa Rica Star
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    Indeed karnala ...Our Ladys prior warnings, and now;

    In a recent message during an apparition at Medjugorje, the Blessed Mother said:

    "My children, my words are neither old nor new, they are eternal.
    Therefore, I invite you, my children, to observe well the signs of the times
    -- to 'gather the shattered crosses' and to be apostles of the revelation."

    Notice the mention of Russia below how much of this corresponds to tlig revelations
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    Radhe, Our Lady of Medjugorje has also been saying in April about Her Immaculate Heart - which reminds me of the Fatima message:


    "Dear children! My Immaculate Heart bleeds as I look at you in sin and sinful habits.

    I am calling you: return to God and to prayer that it may be good for you on earth.

    God is calling you through me for your hearts to be hope and joy for all those who are far away.... "

    A message of good counsel...


    Yesterday was the Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel. Who can say that her latest message is not one of good counsel?
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    "I, in My Trinitarian holiness, had chosen this humble Maiden to become in Her perfect virtues and graces, the Woman who would challenge, by Her virtues and graces, the entire kingdom of Lucifer, who constantly flies into a rage and who trembles with fear at the sound of Her Name;

    I tell you, no less than the height of heaven over the earth is the greatness, the power and the splendour of Her Name; let all who live on earth revere before the Queen's Heart; She has never ceased protecting Her children from the ambushes of the Evil one, who, in your times, has 5 set out openly to give battle to My Sacred Heart, and to all the army of My saints; but soon, the empire of the Evil one will be broken up and his sovereignty will be uprooted by the powerful Hand of Mary; 6
    5 The Evil one.
    Fatima's message: "In the end My Heart will triumph."

    The dignity and power of the Mother of God I have always known, it cant be fathomed by mortals..

    Look at the authority in the Lords words. The Blessed Mother is going to triumph at the end of this wicked vile chapter in human history. PRAY HOPE and DONT Worry!

    karnala P.S. I know the priest in the photo on the crown of stars site very well! Please say a prayer for him ........He belongs to the Mother of God

    Our Lady's network never ceases to amaze me! are clearly in it so please say a prayer for me !!!
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    Radhe, what is the Priest's name, as I have a friend who is on pilgrimage in Medjugorje for two weeks. Do you know him from Ireland or is he always in Medjugorje.
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    karnala ..
    He is from Ireland.

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