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    This Sunday we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, a feast recently established by Pope St. John Paul II and of great significance during this Year of Mercy. In this Year of Mercy, Pope Francis challenges us to courageously take a stand for mercy. Mercy is the “stance” towards others that we need to have as followers of Christ....

    When Jesus visits the apostles again and Thomas is present, Jesus invites Thomas to touch the wounds in his hands, feet, and side. For years, I have interpreted this Gospel passage as an invitation to faith, putting our belief in Jesus. But in this Year of Mercy, this Gospel has come to mean something else to me. By inviting Thomas to touch his wounds, I believe Jesus is inviting him to believe especially in his mercy. I believe Jesus is inviting us to come close to the wounds that his merciful love wouldn’t let him avoid....

    Each year I try to spend this time after Easter deepening my trust in God's mercy. If you need to catch your breath and re-focus on the graces of the Year of Mercy, these books below would be super companions on the way.

    Sr. Marie Paul Curley, FSP
    (Daughters of St Paul newsletter)

    7 Secrets of Divine Mercy

    Diary of St. Faustina

    Jesus, Mercy from God's Heart

    Jesus, I Trust in You

    Mercy in the Teachings of the Popes

    7 Secrets of Confession

    You Did It to Me
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    Pope Francis leads prayer vigil for Divine Mercy
    Pope Francis led a prayer vigil for Divine Mercy, recalling the many faces of God's mercy - REUTERS

    02/04/2016 20:00
    (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Saturday lead a prayer vigil for Divine Mercy, in which he spoke of the many faces of the mercy of God.

    The prayer vigil took place on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday and coincided with the 11th anniversary of Pope St. John Paul II’s death.

    Thousands of people gathered in St. Peter’s Square on Saturday in the Octave of Easter for the celebration of a prayer vigil for Divine Mercy.

    In remarks prepared for the occasion, Pope Francis reflected on the ‘vast ocean’ that is the mercy of God, saying “so great and infinite is his mercy, to the point that it is greatly challenging to describe it in all its entirety”.

    Turning to the testimony of Scripture, Pope Francis noted that the Bible expresses God’s mercy as nearness to His people and in the expression of tenderness, especially in the prophet Hosea.

    The Holy Father went on to name the many faces of God’s mercy.

    “How many expressions there are of God’s mercy! This mercy comes to us as closeness and tenderness, and because of this, comes also as compassion and solidarity, as consolation and forgiveness. The more we receive, the more we are called to share it with others; it cannot be kept hidden or kept only for ourselves. It is something which burns within our hearts, driving us to love, thus recognizing the face of Jesus Christ, above all in those who are most distant, weak, alone, confused and marginalized.”

    The prayer vigil coincided with the 11th anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s death on Divine Mercy Sunday, 2 April 2005.

    Pope Francis himself will visit the Shrine of Divine Mercy during the 28th World Youth Day to take place this summer in Krakow, Poland.
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    I note that Sunday saw the celebration of the Feast by Pope Francis in St Peter's Square. The video of the celebration is below with this description:
    Holy Mass on the liturgical feast of Divine Mercy
    Pope Francis presides at the celebration of Holy Mass on the Second Sunday of Easter, liturgical feast of Divine Mercy.

    Yet there is a marked absence of any copies of the Divine Mercy image on show!

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