Devotion approved in Italy. Another case of hieratic writings?

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    This article about an apparition in Ghiaie di Bonate in Italy was posted on SpiritDaily today.

    There were apparitions and locutions also in this case which started when Adelaide Roncalli was 7 years old. This website has more information about the apparitions. It's a beautiful story of a genuine case that was given a negative ruling (ban) by the church but that has now thankfully been overturned.

    I thought others would be interested in seeing the diary of the seer, Adelaide Roncalli, where you can see the handwriting that changes when the girl writes the words of the Virgin Mary.

    This strikes me as being very much like what Vassula experiences which Fr Curty called "hieratic writing".
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    Yes, these apparitions are completely new to me. It is an illustration of how back then (1944) we simply never heard about these things. The internet has certainly changed all that!

    But I find myself having to disagree with you again, andree, on the nature of Adelaide's writing in her diary. When she writes the words of Our Lady, her writing becomes bigger but its style does not change significantly. I don't believe that this larger handwriting could be considered 'unusual' as the handwriting expert used by Fr Laurentin to analyze Vassula's special writing described it. Even less would I view it as 'hieratic' as Fr Curty described Vassula's special handwriting.
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    I'm finally replying here David after some hesitation, because I don't want you to think that I'm ignoring your post ;) but I don't know what to make of your comments, which often strike me as oppositional.

    Do you have something to teach us about this subject? If so, I'd love to know more about hieratic writing in general and what the church teaches about it.

    Obviously anyone can disagree that it's hieratic, and maybe it isn't. The Italian seer was seven years old at the time of the apparitions and I was able to find somewhere (but am not sure if this is true) that the diary was written when she was sixteen.

    But I am genuinely interesting in knowing more this type of writing and how it manifests itself. The study of this must be very rich indeed.

    But to each his or her own gift as Christ says Himself, and I'm not asking for comparisons between the written texts here and those of Vassula, which are described here by Fr Curty. Fr Curty asks in his article, the question that I have too: "why is it that, in these messages which he entrusts to Vassula, the Lord has chosen to use this hieratic writing, which, as far as I know, he does not use in identical situations. In fact, so many souls are also receiving revelations from the Lord without this way of writing."

    Along these lines, I wonder what the writing will reveal, if ever we can see it, on the Medjugorje parchemin or on the Mosaic tablets with the writing of the finger of God. These are the only two writings that I am aware of that are directly from heaven.

    I've looked and cannot find much on the internet about it, but I hope to find more some day in a book because the subject is interesting.
  4. andree

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    Just wanted to a few thoughts about this subject.

    Fr Curty is cited as a specialist on this subject, but says himself that he knows of no other cases like this one. He describes the writing in detail ascribing qualities of the writing, including that "There is no sign of any egocentric regression at this time. Nothing, indeed, indicates a falling back to the self;"

    This is an interesting idea and maybe his analysis is true, especially since it seems to be the only sort of divine writing that father Curty has analysed. He must be comparing it to what is known of writing analysis in general.

    On that subject, I wanted to point out that Fr Curty is French and in France, learning cursive writing is a very big deal and it is still common practice today to analyze people's writing. I have a friend of is a highly paid HR specialist and she still is asked to analyze writing for managers and execs, because handwriting says things apparently about personality and weaknesses. So in a way, it doesn't surprise me that the priest who is a specialist is French, since this sort of analysis is a big part of the culture, especially among those over 30 (it's losing steam today because of all the technology usage and other reforms at school).

    I was also reminded of the story that Vassula tells in HIR about bringing her notebooks to a priest hermit in the middle of the jungle and who declared after looking at them for a while that they were of divine origin. I was going to say that he didn't analyse them but seemed to meditate on them before proclaiming them to be divine, but then I remembered that that hermit priest is French too!
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