Days of ordeal lie ahead of you

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    I think this new message which Vassula has just published from April this year is worth its own thread!

    Unusually, the message seems to be preparing us for a specific event. Vassula's footnote (1) is particularly unusual in that she refers to something which she experienced on a particular day but which is not accompanied by a message on that day.

    April 10, 2019

    My Vassula, be in disposition to write; let Me tell you; when your life is shared with Me, immortality will be yours! do not fear, be glad! let your spirit rise and allow yourself to be in My possession, My dear soul! entreating Me with Love infatuates Me profoundly…

    Lord, inwardly I am broken, because the more You are near me and with me, all the more I want You to be closer to me;

    Your friendship inebriates me, You, by using one Word, have made me new again!

    ah Vassula! consider this Heart of your God, consider this Heart of Purity, Mercy, and Love; if you only knew how in the past I was going in all directions seeking by what means I could draw your attention and make you Mine again to show you the Truth, and bring back to your memory to whom you belonged and belong; I was pursuing you so that you may no more wander like a vagabond; then My Spirit caught up with you, and filled your spirit with His munificence, showering upon you His grace, like glitter, in His Light;

    My Father granted you Wisdom but you had to acquire Wisdom with My help…hear Me, fulfill your vows to Me, sprout lilies with your love for Me, embellish this earth, this godless earth, be My heaven!

    come to Me poor wretches who walk in the valley of death, come to Me and I shall renew you so that you may find true peace and that you may set Me like a seal on your heart; the Beast is after you filling you with his lies, hounding you in the silence of the night so as not to be revealed; like a dark shadow roaming in the obscurity he sets pit falls for you; his mouth is filled with obscenities, and with all the wrongs he has done to you, generation, and are you still not aware of his evil intentions… and his wickedness? how many more warnings am I to display?

    days of ordeal lie ahead of you; a fire (1) unlit by man will devour nations and consume what man constructed; nature will take its stand against you and floods shall sweep away multitudes; gone from your faces will be the sneer you had whenever you heard of My Holy Name being pronounced; then all that was hidden in dark corners will be revealed; veils of gloom are stored for you, unfaithful generation;

    I turn to the West then to the East and I see My House swerving, because many have abandoned to look for the Light; many move as they please with wrong decisions that lame My Body; they have, in many ways, cut Me off from their life; My Rules and My Teachings are crushed beneath the rubble of My House, thrusting My Works behind them;

    your flesh is decaying, generation, and your soul is as a parched land, waterless; I need to hear a cry of repentance; was My Sacrifice done in vain? every creature that My Father created never lasts more than a wild flower and with a gust of wind he perishes, but his soul lasts for eternity…and forever; I am the Guardian of your life; I guard you, shade you and protect you; I have given My Life for you so that you may live, what more could I have done that I have not done? rise then, now! and repent! admitting your deeds of horror (2) ;era of wickedness, turn back from your evil ways, amend your conduct and actions and I will hear you and forgive you; do not forget that I have given My Life for you; flee from sin as from a snake;

    in these last days I am using the winds as messengers sending them out in the desert, like nomads, to build up My Body (3), embellish it and unite it;

    work, My Vassula, with all your heart assembling My people; do not let anyone deceive you with foolish arguments but work hard and willingly only for My Sake and no one else’s to establish My Kingdom in every heart, teaching them to pray unceasingly for My House and for its shepherds to become loyal to Me and that this veil of lethargy and indifference that covers them, be removed; pray all the time and in every possible occasion to the Holy Spirit; love Virtue to be able to recite My deeds, and remind everyone that the Radiant Light is speaking to them today; be confident, daughter, and I will give you even more than you ask; Love loves you; be blessed… ic

    (1) on 23rd May, 2018 I had clearly heard a voice saying in French: “bientôt une explosion atmosphérique aura lieu…” - in English: “soon an atmospheric explosion will take place…”

    (2) in God’s Eyes any sin, even small sins that in our eyes we think they are insignificant, they are a horror in God’s Eyes, and He sees them ever so big!

    (3) Church

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    I think the new message is an opportunity to copy a letter Vassula wrote in 2012 after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan the previous year. She speaks of a meeting with nuclear scientist, Dr. J Rand Mcnally.

    "Rand McNally absolutely wanted to meet me and talk to me. He was a good Catholic and had experienced our Lady's warnings to him personally to stop his scientific project of a nuclear bomb that ignites the atmosphere and burns the entire earth in 6 minutes. He flew from Nashville where he resided to meet me in Indiana at the college of Notre Dame and asked me: "Am I the man?" He meant who will destroy the earth by fire? He had read the TLIG message and recognized the name of that bomb: Hurricane of Fire, that's what the scientist named it.

    Jesus was wailing for us to repent, if not we will be burnt by a hurricane of fire, warning us that Satan is preparing a great holocaust.To tell you my opinion? We will not avoid the fire from heaven if it is natural or scientific, because there is no repentance heard and after all we are destined for this fire. Read Peter * (see editor's note-below) in the bible. However, our Lady and Jesus are trying their best to at least diminish it. But the Father's wrath will say one day: "Enough!" ** (see note below)

    Do you see any changes of the people of the world to the better or to the worse? The politicians are greedy and corrupt and are governing the earth leading it into chaos, worshipping Mammon. There is no faith anymore in many, no justice any more, the justice is on the side only of the very rich and powerful. "Fastidious" was the word expressed by the Father in the past.

    The Churches are unwilling to reconcile and unite as Jesus is asking out of pride, ego and lack of humility. In their incredulity and their rationalistic spirit they turn a deaf ear to all heaven's warnings without exception, but making sure to wipe away each prophet that become a thorn in their side but who declares the truth; they never learn from their past mistakes but hold their earthly scepter tight in their hand and govern the faithful with fear and their sort of 'obedience' when they themselves are fully disobeying God's Word and their own Canon law. Many of them have become too pompous with their earthy glory and self-reassurance, abusing their power, and you want God to be silent and not burn the earth?

    God will allow man to take the wrong decisions and destroy themselves with fire, this is how he allowed Judas and the Pharisees to crucify Christ, however, Jesus Christ reassures us of his mercy and he will indeed spare those that cling to him and are his.

    In Christ,

    *see 1Peter 1:7 & 2Peter 3 6-8

    ** see April 9th 1996

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    I was thinking of Our Lady of Akita and then read this website today, which also happens to mention Dr J Rand McNally:


    Fire falling from the sky

    Our Lady of Akita had warned that “fire will fall from the sky.” John Haffert of the Blue Army has produced a video document with the help of Dr J. Rand McNally, a nuclear scientist, to show how this could literally happen.

    McNally theorized: “Should a nuclear tornado triggered by a strong nuclear explosion possess strong enough E x B drive, it might permit the ignition of the atmosphere in a powerful, annihilating nuclear fusion fire which could burn up whole nations, if not the earth.”

    When the third secret of Fatima was disclosed in 2000, it was accompanied by a commentary from Cardinal Ratzinger. Commenting on the vision of the angel with a flaming sword about to scorch the earth, Ratzinger wrote that the possibility of the earth would be engulfed in fire is no longer in the realm of fantasy, as man, by his inventions of weapons of mass destruction, has made this possible.

    Nuclear fusion fire

    McNally, using scientific methods, demonstrated how this could actually happen, that fire will literally fall from the sky as the atmosphere is ignited with nuclear fusion fire, feeding on the oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere, in a nuclear hurricane that could envelop nations in fire, even span continents.

    The present danger from Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear power station, if the radiation leaks continue unabated, may pose a similar risk as the highly contaminated waters flow into the ocean and are carried across continents. What was alarming was the report last Sunday that the radiation reached 10 million times the normal level. This was later corrected to 100,000 times, which is still cause for alarm.

    The latest reports confirm that the Fukushima contaminated waters have reached Florida and Massachusetts. As of this writing, the valiant battle to contain radiation leakage in the plant has been abandoned. The effort has been switched to decommissioning the six reactors which will take 30 years at an estimated cost of one trillion yen ($12 billion)....
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    Wow, I hadn't seen this one, thanks for posting it David.

    I will meditate on this message tonight, but a few thoughts came to mind. The first, I wonder if there is a Medjugorje secret that relates to this event?

    And the second thought was about a prophecy given by a holy French priest, père Constant Pel, who became known for many of his works including several prophecies. Padre Pio apparently used to ask French pilgrims why they were coming to see him when they had their own holy priest in Père Pel in France. In one of Fr Pel's prophecies, he saw most of France being burned with everything east of a straight line that runs between Bordeaux and Lille decimated by fire (see photo).

    The reference to the Beast is also significant. The Beast is freemasonry, right?

    I also find it an unusual choice of the word "unlit". Does that mean the fire will not be lit by man or a fire that man will attempt to put it out? Unlit usually means not lit so that would mean a fire not lit by man, but still I am left with a doubt.

    Rand McNally's admission was certainly interesting, but I've come to read about many more destructive inventions, including those that use laser weapons and others that use frequencies to cause fires , explosions or directed lightning strikes. There are many, many accounts of anomalies in recent fires in others going back decades with implications that they were started from above.

    There is so much evil, it just can't go on much longer. May Our Lady keep us sheltered from evil under Her mantle.

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    Now Typhoon Hagibis "is approaching Japan’s main island of Honshu after a rapid intensification in the Pacific and could make a direct pass over the Kanto region this weekend".

    'Explosive' Typhoon Hagibis has Tokyo area in its sights after rapidly gathering strength in Pacific:

    I found a map which shows Fukushima is nearby the Kanto region :( Pray pray praying


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    Malachi 3: 19-20a
    19 For behold the day shall come kindled as a furnace: and all the proud, and all that do wickedly shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall set them on fire, saith the Lord of hosts, it shall not leave them root, nor branch.

    20 But unto you that fear my name, the Sun of justice shall arise, and health in his wings: and you shall go forth, and shall leap like calves of the herd.

    First Reading for Sunday Mass 17th November 2019
  8. Radhe

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    andree this is just my simple interpretation "a fire unlit by man" meaning a cosmic event - not man made. Nature and the cosmos are in revolt against mans perversity. Some of the things going on are beyond diabolic, not for posting here but look at the scandals in high places.

    Tender Father
    Urgent prayer given through Vassula on November 28, 2009

    Address Me Vassula in this way:

    "Tender Father, lash not Your wrath on this generation, lest they perish altogether;

    Lash not on Your flock distress and anguish,

    for the waters will run dry and nature will wither;

    all will succumb at Your wrath leaving no trace behind them;

    The heat of Your Breath will put aflame the earth turning it into a waste!

    From the horizon a star will be seen;

    The night will be ravaged and ashes will fall as snow in winter,

    covering Your people like ghosts;

    Take Mercy on us, God, and do not assess us harshly;

    Remember the hearts that rejoice in You and You in them!

    Remember Your faithful and let not Your Hand fall on us with force,

    But, rather in Your Mercy lift us and place Your precepts in every heart. Amen”
    (12.11.19 Below)

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    Also this message from our Lady

    January the 7th 2008

    Message of Our Lady
    January 7, 2008
    Last night at 3.10 am our Lady kept me awake until 4.00 am to give me a message for all of us. Our Lady made me understand that at this time Christ is being attacked more than any hour. Our Blessed Mother spoke to me from 3.30 am until 4.00 am. I was not asked to get up and write it immediately and I was concerned I would forget what She was saying to me but She said that She would remind me when I would write it and send it to you to broadcast it. This is what the message was:

    The first part of the message concerned me personally and the rest was for the public. The first part of Her message to me was a reassurance and a consolation. Our Lady told me that She is always by my side especially in these difficult times where Satan is lashing out his anger on me and to the whole world. That God is ever so near me and loves me and that heaven is not blind to the difficulties and the pains of fire that I am going through, but that God needs these immolations and sacrifices; that God is faithful to His Word and that She would be happy to hear me praying more consistently the Rosary... then She said, "be recollected in your prayers..."

    The second part of the message is the following:

    That we are very near the events that have been foretold that are facing humanity and that they are outside our door; events that are drawn by the world's wickedness, selfishness, lack of love, events that result from the world's rejection of God's Word, their spite, hypocrisy, and godlessness. The earth is in danger and will suffer with fire. God's wrath cannot be sustained any longer and it will fall on them because man refuses to break with sin. That God's Mercy all of these years were to draw as many as possible to Him, extending His Arm to save them but few only understood and listened. That His time of Mercy will not hold much longer and the time is coming where everybody will be tested and the earth will spew out from within it rivers of fire and the people of the world will understand their worthlessness and their helplessness without having had God in their hearts. God is firm and true to His Word. The time has come where the household of God will be tested and those who refused His Mercy will taste God's Fire. (I asked here about the people of the Church who persecute us and are blind to His Works of Mercy) Our Lady said that these too will undergo what they deserve.

    Our Lady continued to speak about sacrifice. She has asked me to remind everyone that God our Creator asks us to commit ourselves more to Him and that to be converted is not enough without sacrifice and steady prayers; that if one says he or she was converted and found God through "True Life in God" they should offer more sacrifice as an act of immolation. There are various ways of showing God their love and generosity; that no one can say "we are true life in God people" without offering sacrificial love; that those who truly love God are blessed and should not fear in those days. Our Blessed Mother said that those who persevere through hardships are blessed; that She is pleased with all the priests (the clergy) who share and promote those Works of God (as those of True Life in God and who are open to the Spirit) and should remain confident because they received special graces from the Spirit of God and that through the Spirit they grew stronger in the Lord and to His plans of salvation. That Christ grants them His peace.

    If any one serves and immolates himself as an offering, the judgment that is to come by fire will not be so severe upon them for in their spirit they will be enjoying the call of God that brought them to life.

    Many have fallen away but many will be raised. Many have failed to keep the Word of God secured in their hearts and transgressed the Word given to them not only through the messages of True Life in God but through the Word given to them in the Scriptures as well.

    Then Our Lady said: "Vassula, whosoever judges you, they too will be judged severely by God. Continue to look forward in receiving the Word of God in your ear and be happy, my child, your Mother will never abandon you". (Then our Blessed Mother reminded me of the vision I had when I saw my spiritual wedding with Christ when I was very young then and how She had received me joyfully with smiles to arrange my wedding dress by pulling here and there and fixing my hair to be in perfect shape and appearance to for her Son, Jesus Christ.) "Speak fearlessly and do not fear those who oppose you. The Lord and I bless you, and we grant you peace and love."

    This is all. Please meditate and read it carefully.

    In Christ,
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