Consecration of Russia to Our Lady

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    Thanks for that heads up David. I'm not a fan of any group that attacks the pope and didn't realize what group was behind that video. I don't know much about the Fatima group nor Fr Gruner for that matter.

    I chose that video because I thought it would lend the speaker more credibility since he was addressing a catholic audience, that's all. He has other interviews and presentations that are secular, like this one.

    Mr Story isn't the only person with the perspective about communism spreading. Even Mark Mallett's latest blog addresses totalitarianism and communism as coming again, as per Conchita's statement in Garabandal "When Communism comes again everything will happen.

    Of course I agree and have never contested the conversions of the people of Russia.. On the contrary, I think those conversions could save the west!

    But there are differences between the revival of faith among the people and the conversion of the nation. Repentance is essential to full conversion - has the political elite and the military machine repented for crimes of its past?

    I'm not one to argue about whether the consecration was done or not, but if the errors are out there and are still actively spreading, then that's a factor to consider, no?

    I don't have anything more to say except: watch & pray!
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    When I think of communist countries at this moment, I'm astounded we seem to be coming back from the brink of nuclear destruction .... with North Korea in talks with South Korea, and Trump agreeing to have talks in May this year. We also have to remember: The Lord predicted to transfigure Russia in a Message. The fall of the communism happened in the week of the Orthodox Feast of Transfiguration.

    The fall of Communism

    In a short time Solidarno?? as a national movement exploded and challenged the whole political system. What was moving all of us in that period was the desire of freedom and truth, more than the hope for material wellbeing. In a way, Poland inspired all communist nations, including these in the Soviet Union. Slowly, all these peoples discovered that they also want to be free. Finally, the Communism as a political system and as an ideology felled down and was finished by the beginning of the years 1990. And according to me, it was first of all the work of the Holy Spirit, His constant calling for the truth and freedom, which He inspired in our hearts.....

    Also -

    (The fall of Communism in Romania)

    My flower, I am the Light of the world; sing and be happy, sing for joy for it is I, Jesus, who performs these marvels;

    My Cross shall be erected again on every church, do you see? 1 a universal peace is soon to come; Peace is about to be born; pray for this birth of Peace and Love; today the earth feels the beginning of its birth-pangs; these, My beloved ones, are My early Signs of Love; 2 I am the Master of heaven and earth, and I shall with My Power demonstrate to every nation that I am all-powerful; I have said that I shall overthrow with My Breath all those who reduced you to slavery;

    Also, this reminds me of Garabandal and the Great Miracle -

    and Unity shall come upon you like Dawn and as sudden as the fall of communism; it shall come from God and your nations shall name it: the Great Miracle, the Blessed Day in your history; this Miracle shall be all for God's Glory, and in this day all Heaven shall celebrate and rejoice profoundly ... this is why I implore you, children of Mine, to be in constant prayer and to love one another; give your full abandonment to God and He will do the rest;

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