Christmas Warmth

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    ‘Enkindle in Every Heart the Warmth & Tenderness of Christmas,’ Urges Pope

    Ahead of Vatican’s Christmas Concert, Reminds Christmas is Always New, as It Invites Us to Be Reborn in Faith & to Open Ourselves to Hope

    Centesimus Annus Foundation: Registration Open for New Course

    Social Doctrine of the Church

    United States: Pope Francis’ Surprise Telephone Call

    ‘The Most Beautiful Glimmer of Hope of my Life’

    Papal Charities Invites Poor to Lunch on December 18, 2018

    Athletes of Yellow Flames Sports Group Will do the Cooking

    Pope Receives President of Slovakia

    Contribution of the Church to Society, Especially in Education, Highlighted

    Pope’s Address to Artists of Vatican’s Christmas Concert

    ‘Christmas is always new, as it invites us to be reborn in faith, to open ourselves to hope, to rekindle charity’

    Special: 2nd Advent Sermon From Fr. Cantalamessa

    ‘The Living God and the Living Trinity’

    Crimea: Authorities Return Church of Saint Clement in Sevastopol to Catholic Church

    Interview with Bishop Jacek Pyl, Delegate of the Holy See for Apostolic District of Crimea and Sevastopol

    Archbishop Auza: Faith Groups Foster Culture of Encounter, Solidarity, Brotherhood

    ‘Human Rights and Conflict Transformation: The Role of Faith-Inspired Organizations’

    Malaysia: Church Prepares for Extraordinary Mission Year

    ‘Go out to the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to all peoples’

    Archbishop Follo: The Joy of an Encounter

    With the wish to understand that to love is a virtue, to be loved by God is happiness.

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