Cardinal Sarah: "Anyone against the pope is ipso facto outside the church"

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    Cardinal Sarah gave an interview on October 7th to Gian Guido Vecchi, which is in Italian. I have the translation of the interview in French but cannot find it in English yet. I wonder why ?

    Here is the link to the original interview in Italian for those burning with desire to translate and read it now. It's a wonderful interview, but I am posting it here now because he says many important things in the interview including a passage that fits beautifully with the latest TLIG Message that David just posted.

    I translate below a particularly relevant response that fits with the latest TLIG message about staying with the pope.

    [​IMG]Many have read or will read your book in opposition to the actual pontificate. Yet the book is dedicated to both Benedict and Francis, "the faithful follower of St Ignacius". Where is the truth?

    "The truth is that many write not to testify to the truth, but to create opposition between people, to harm human relationships. They do not care at all about the truth. The truth is that those who oppose the Holy Father cannot present a single word, a single phrase or a single attitude to support their absurd declarations, that are I would say diabolical. The devil divides, pits people against each other. The truh is that the Church is represented on earth by the Vicar of Christ, that is to say the Pope. And whomever is against the Pope is ipso facto outside of the Church. I understand that this human society - and the intellectual part in particular - needs contradictory debates to define its own positions, as if there are no other means to understand that the alternative between "we" and "them". It seems to me to be a gross error, if not diabolical. But the history of the Church, with the spirit of the devil who wants to divide Her, is a long history full of challenges, divisions and also always with the search for unity in Christ, that respects differences: it is a history founded on faith in one God made man Who came to share with each of us the way of life and the burden of suffering. The rest is nothing but absurd speculation. I would add that each Pope is the one that is "needed" for the times, that Providence sees quite well what it is that we need; did you know that? The quesstion is : is what you and I have received from our father still valid for our children? And if so how do we go about it so that they reappropriate this heritage? That is the truth of obviousness that we are called to rediscover with the unequaled analysis of Benedict XVI and with the great and luminous actions of Francis. There is great harmony and great continuity in [their pontificates] despite the obvious differences in their sensibilities, as we can all see in these past years. We must always interpret the words of Pope Francis by having recourse to the hermeneutics of continuity. Just as was done in their day between John Paul II and Paul VI. The history of the Church is beautiful and to reduce it to the typical political aspect and televised spectacles is a marketing operation and not a way of seeking the truth.
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    Thank you, Andree for the above most significant quote from Cardinal Sarah's book. I went in search of it on the internet in English and I confirm it seems not to be there!

    I did find a lengthy extract from the book on the Catholic Herald site, at I found other quotes on another site.

    But you are right to point out the absence of the Cardinal's words about the Pope from these quotes and this certainly illustrates the basic lack of honesty in the Catholic media regarding Pope Francis. They have an agenda which is anti-Francis.
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    I agree that they have an agenda David, but I also see many of them as having been manipulated by the media. From day 1 with Pope Francis, it was clear (to me anyway) that there was an agenda in the mainstream press about this pope. Since the popular press presented him as a Pope of the people and praised him for a number of his comments (often taken out of context) I think they were actively taunting Catholics as they do with many other false or biased stories in other areas, to divide people and pit them against each other. From the beginning I heard very conservative catholics saying about "if the press likes him that much, then he can't be good". Simple psychology really, aided and abetted by pride.

    The press created an imaginary pope, a sort of tv reality Pope (as a French theologian recently said) which trapped the traditionalist Catholic media who started to fall for the headlines instead of looking at the pope's substance in his sermons and elsewhere. They have bought the lie that he is a pope of the world when this is a manufactured image. In short, a lot of these christians with an agenda are, tragically, in the world. It's the media's greatest victory isn't it? To convince the prayerful Catholic to doubt of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Magisterium?

    I know of several mystics to whom Jesus has said "throw out the TV and stop reading the media". We have to be very careful about what voices we choose to listen to!
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    Thank you for posting that link to the article in English David.

    I wanted to add here a link to the article by Fr Iannuzi about The State in the Church Today in the most recent TLIG magazine.

    In his article, he mentions the important role of media in the evil powers unfurling against the Church. In a section called Secular and Catholic Social Media and the Instrumentalization of Occult Forces, he quotes Pope Pius XII on the important role that media plays in empowering the Antichrist. He then goes on to say:

    "Alarming is the fact that these occult forces are presently availaing themselves of the efforts of those Catholic television and social media outlets that publicly mock the Pope and demand his resignation. To the unawares of these Catholic outlets, whose demands for the Pope's resignation set a precedent for other Catholics worldwide to follow, Satan is furthering his plan to remove the "restrainer", that is the Roman Pontiffe, so as to setup his abomination of desolation in the sanctuary of God.

    To their great misfortune and when it is too late and the veil has been removed from their eyes, they will sadly realize how Satan used their public attacks on the Pope to facilitate his deposition which will lead to the end of the perpetual sacrifice and its replacement in the sanctuary of God with the abomination of desolation. "

    He quotes TLIG messages, scripture, and other mystics in this excellent article and underscores the fact that the antichrist will be aided by the actions of Catholics betraying Christ's church.

    It's an excellent article for us to memorize so we can use his points to encourage others to stay united with the Pope and all bishops and clergy united with him.
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    I wanted to add another link of support to the Pope, Mark Mallett's latest article: This is a Test

    Mark Mallett has never failed in his defense of the pope and I see that he has been having a hard time in the past few months. He has managed to support his family through income from his apostolate for years, but it has been very difficult and at times, he considered leaving the apostolate. As he continues to support the pope in the storm, I'm sure he could use support especially if his positions cause him to lose subscribers.
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